Guddan update Wednesday 29 June 2022

Guddan 29 June 2022: Agastya comes as the groom. DJ says where is Money? Money comes. Shona says he looks just like Agastya. Pushpa says start tilak. Shona and DJ do their tilak. Pushpa says Arushi you will do the next ritual. Shona says who will do it for money? Aarav isn’t married yet. Arushi says I will. Both brides come downstairs. Pushpa says what is this now? Now this Guddan will look like my bride? They will wear the same clothes? DJ says they are both DILs of the same house. So they will look the same. Pandit ji starts mantra. Pushpa says stop. The water shows Guddan and Agastya’s shadow together. It should be Niya. Pushpa says I hate seeing this Guddan with son. DJ says so do we.

Guddan says in heart I am doing this in a hurry. I hope things go right. Pandit ji asks couples to make each other wear garland. Niya falls. Arushi says what happened? Pushpa says are you okay? Niya says I feel weak. DJ says you should rest. She says mahorat. DJ says your health is more important. Pandit ji says we have time. He says take her to the room. Guddan says am I doing right? Pushpa says take her to room.Agastya gives Niya water. He says are you okay? She says yeah feeling weak. Money goes out and drinks. He says Jindal house, money everything will be mine.

The grooms come back with sehra. Pushpa says the wedding is delayed again because of this Guddan. DJ says this happened because of your DILs health. Shona says don’t fight, let’s start Guddan’s wedding. Money is going towards the mandap. Someone hits him. He faints. Someone takes him to the room. DJ says choti are you okay? Guddan says a little nervous. DJ says it’s normal. A groom comes. DJ says Money is here. Shone sats start the mantras. Pandit ji asks them to make each other wear garlands. They go. Arushi wipes Rashi’s tears. Pushpa says don’t do this drama here.Pandit ji asks them to sit down. DJ says Aarav our Choti is getting married. I hope she stays happy. Aarav says we are always there for her. Rashi says to idol, you have to make Choti my mom. I will lock myself here if you don’t.

She sees someone fainted there. Rashi him and screams. Someone faints her as well. Guddan is worried.She does the rituals with the groom. Pandit ji says bride’s parents come forward for kaniya daan. Guddan cries and says mama.. Aarav says I will do her kanya daan. Aarav does all the rituals. Arushi ties their knots. Pandit ji says now take rounds. Promise each other to be with each other forever. To protect her and be with each. To respect each other. The groom vows he will never lt anyone come between them. Guddan recalls Agastya fooling her. She recalls Saru insulting her. She recalls Money proposing her. Pushpa says where are Agastya and Niya. We have to start their wedding as well. Pandit ji says this wedding completed. You both are husband and wife now.Arushi says Rashi would be so hurt. She wanted Choti to become her mom. Rashi wakes up in store. Pandit ji says fill her hairline. Pushpa says Shona you’re getting a donkey in name of DIL.

Shona says let me help her for sindur. Havan fire blows. It’s all smoke. Pandit ji asks Shona to bring things for the fire. The groom makes Guddan wear the sindur and mangalsutra. Pandit ji says you’re husband and wife now.Niya comes back. Her mom says where were you? She says I wasn’t well. The other groom comes as well. Pushpa says where were you? Sit now. She says pandit ji start the mantras. We have to get the other couple married in time as well.Choti says in heart I took this decision believing in you God. Like my mom did. I hope everything works out fine.

Guddan says I hope I am able to do justice to this wedding. Shona says come take everyone’s blessings. Guddan takes blessings from Guddan and AJ. She says I hope I am able to live upto expectations and be a good wife and DIL. Shona says take our family photo. She says Money pick your bride in your arms. Money says from mandap let the wedding complete maa. Everyone I shocked. Shona says you there? Who is here then? Niya says what are you doing here? Who is with Guddan then? Agastya takes off his sehra. Everyone is shocked.Rahi says maa, finally good fulfilled my dreams. Guddan says such a big deceit. How can you do that. You stole my house, restaurant, dream and now my existence as well. How dare you. He says I can explain. Please listen once. Guddan says you fooled me every time. Why? He says let me explain. Guddan says why did you do this to me?

What do you want to steal now? What do I have left? Pushpa says if you say a word against Chiku I will pull your tongue. How can you please him. Maybe you or your family planned this. Aarav says shut up. If you say a word against Choti I won’t leave any of you. DJ says Niya and Agastya left the mandap. We are the ones who are fooled.Money says when I was leaving someone hit my head. They took me to the store. Niya says someone locked my door as well. Niya says it was all planned. Guddan you did this. Niya says why did this happen to me and Money and not you? Pushpa says forget what happened. Money says let’s get married Guddan. He says Guddan you come with me and Niya you go to bhai. Pandit ji says this isn’t a joke. This is a relationship made for lives. Aarav says choti doesn’t accept this marriage. DJ says where is Choti?

Choti walks out. She recalls her moments with Agastya. Choti keeps walking. Agastya puts a hand on her shoulder. Guddan says stay away from me. You cheater. He says I know I broke your trust. Please listen to me. Guddan shoves him and says stay away from me. You’re cheat. Please like you deserve a punishment not chance. Do you even know how important marriage is? You took that from me.Guddan cries and says how can you be so selfish. Do you even know I made so many promises to mama papa that I will make this marriage successful. You didn’t say anything there as well. Why? You’re not the Chiku I met. You ruined everything. Everything is over. Nothing is left. Guddan looks away. A car comes her away.Agastya says Guddan move, she doesn’t listen. Agastya shoves her and the car hits him instead. Guddan screams. Agastya is injured.

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