Guddan update Friday 1 July 2022


Guddan 1 July 2022: Pushpa slaps Shona. Shona says what did you do now? Pushpa says you wanted her to marry Money but now she’s Agastya’s wife. I will consider it God’s will. She could leave this marriage but she stayed and took care of Agastya. She will stay here. I know she will take care of Agaastya, she is the DIL of this house. As per the ritual, she won’t work for 21 days. Shona says who will work then? Pushpa says you will. Pick this broom. Shona cries. Pushpa says to good get ready for munh dikhai. Guddan is shocked. She says how did she become mummy ji?

Agastya gets dressed. Pushpa says it feels good to see you on your feet. But you’re still weak. You should rest. He says maa I was thinking we should tell Guddan the truth. Pushpa says I will handle it. Agastya says but it’s wrong to keep her in dark. Guddan says what’s wrong. Pushpa says what happened in past was wrong. You should start anew. Guddan says I also want to forget all that and be a good wife and DIL. Pushpa says you can do it all, I am with you. Pushpa says Agastya come downstairs with me. Guddan will get ready. Guddan says I have to look best for munh dikhai.All ladies come. Guddan comes downstairs with loose hair. Agastya looks at her. Guddan says in heart no one from my family is here, neither mama papa nor DJ or Aarav. I feel so alone but Lord Krishna is with me. Pushpa makes her wear chunri. She says meet our DIL Guddan. Women do rituals. Saru says Pushpa you do the ritual as well. Pushpa does her arti as well. She picks a baby doll and puts it in Guddan’s lap.

Shona says is it babby shower? Pushap says give us our grandson son. I am alive to see my grandson. This is my last wish. Everyone laughs. Pushpa says to Shona bring juices for everyone. The ritual is over. Niya comes in and says ritual isn’t over. She has a gift box. Niya says I felt a connection with Guddan so I had to come here for her munh dikhai. She gives Guddan gift and says it was my place. She rubs tilak on her forehead. Niya says if I was here, I won’t have let you stay here. Niya tries to put color on her face. Guddan grabs her hand and says it’s not my fault. Niya says oh so you act like this now. I will show you your worth. Niya is about to throw arti on her face. Pushpa slaps Niya and says she’s our DIL now. You can’t harm her in front of us. You will be punished for this. Guddan says it’s okay. She is hurt. Pushpa says we have to blow her fire. Pushpa says no one will stop me from punishing her. She drags Niya. Agastya says in heart how do I tell Guddan why has maa’s behavior changed. She gave me her swear. I don’t wanna keep her in dark.

Pushpa drags Niya. SHe cries. Saru comes as well. Pushpa hugs Niya. She says don’t cry. We have a bigger mission, we have to compromise a bit. We are doing this for all of our benefits. Saru says yes we have to win. You have to be patient. That Guddan won’t ever know our mission. Pushpa says never say it open. She can’t take help from anyone. There’s no one to save her and we have to take advantage of that. The day she finds out the reason of her marriage with Agastya she will faint. Niya says in the heart the weakest part of this plan is Agastya. We can’t trust her. Guddan walks there.


Guddan comes to the room. She says the room is messy again. She says these clothes are kept in the laundry basket. You’re my husband then support me. Don’t make things difficult. He says are you okay? Guddan says marriage is so pure. I feel like there’s something that is not right. I hope it isn’t related to you. I feel so alone since DJ left. There’s no one I can talk to besides you. I want our relationship to be based on truth. Is there anything you’re hiding from me? He says can you listen to the truth? Guddan feels like someone is there. Agastya says actually.. Guddan checks who’s outside.Guddan says are you hiding something from me? Rashi comes. She says let’s play. Guddan says we have to study first. I will make your schedule first. You won’t be messy like your pops. Agastya says I have been taking care of her since now. She says yeah that’s why she has no interest in studies. Agastya says I am not a kid. Guddan runs after Rashi says studies first. Agastya picks Rashi. He says we will play. Rashi teases Guddan. Niya looks at them and says I will teach them a lesson.

Guddan says you here? Agastya says go to your room Rashi. Niya says I am sorry about what happened. I got you a gift. This rose. Water it every day and take care it has pricks as well. Take care. She says in heart I will be your biggest prick. Guddan says why is Niya still here? Agastya says ma will handle. Guddan says I hope my decision to keep this marriage isn’t wrong.Pushpa says to Guddan all the jewelry is for you. Guddan says but it’s so expensive. She says you’re Birla family’s DIL now. Pushpa says this can be a new start. These are our family bangles. They are yours now. She makes Guddan wear them. Rashi says mama what’s happening. Pushpa says go away you stupid girl. Guddan says thank you for all this love. I don’t want all this. I want something else. Pushpa says ask for it. She says love Rashi like you love Agastya and now me. Will you give me that? Pushpa hugs Rashi. Rashi is shocked. Guddan says thank you mummy ji. You’ve made me so happy. Let me cook something and celebrate. Pushpa says this is your house. You can cook whatever you want. The ritual would be done as well. Pushpa says in heart my mission is so big that I have to say yes to everything. Once it’s completed I will show you.

Guddan makes vercemicelli. She makes thai noodles for Rashi. Agastya says thank you for what you did for Rashi Guddan. He holds her hand and helps her cook. Their theme song plays. Agastya says I have to tell you something. Guddan says I have to cook. I am busy. We will talk later.Saru says Pushpa I like your new way. She says to get something you have to lose something. Guddan serves the food to everyone. Niya makes her fall. Agastya holds guddan and saves her. It falls on Niya. Rashi laughs. Guddan says no Rashi.Pushpa gives Shagun to rashi and says you three should go out for shopping. rashi will get things and you will get to spend time with each other.Rashi says yay. Saru says well done Pushpa. We have to do it right now.

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