Guddan update Thursday 28 July 2022

Guddan 28 July 2022: Guddan says these people are shameless and they will always be. Their real place is out of this house. Choti says whatever she is, she will stay here with her son and DIL. I won’t be able to accept what you say. I have to go against you. Everyone is shocked. Choti says come mummy ji. SHe takes Pushpa inside. Pushpa smirks at Guddan. Guddan says she is planning something new now. Pushpa comes to Guddan’s room. Guddan says what are you doing in my room? She says we are even after today. My son is going against me, your daughter is going against me. So one points for each. Guddan says I won’t let you misuse my Choti’s innocence. I will stand between you and her. You can’t harm her anymore. I won’t give you another chance.Pushpa leaves.

Pushpa comes downstairs and sees Arushi with Aarav. Aarav says don’t worry. She says I feel a lot better. Because of you. Aarav says what did I do? She says you supported me, you gave me courage. She holds his hand. Pushpa says I ahev to stop this right. Son is lost to Guddan and now this Arushi. She calls someone and says come tomorrow. Aarav makes Arushi eat. Pushpa says I am enough for all of you alone.The next morning, some guests come over. Pushap serves them. Arushi comes, She says maa you called me. Puspha says this is my daughter. This is Mrs. Agarwal. They are here for their son’s proposal. Arushi says you didn’t even tell me? Aarav comes. He shocked as well. Pushpa says this is a good proposal and shouldn’t slip out of hands. Agastya and Guddan come as well. Agastya says you didn’t even tell us? Pushpa says I am her mother, I can decide for her. Arushi looks at Aarav. Agastya says shouldn’t you do something on your own in life? Be on your own feet.

He says you live in your wife’s house and you’re lecturing me? It doesn’t matter if I work or not, I at least live in my dad’s house. Arushi stands up and says you have no right to talk to my brother like that. Mr. Agarwal says the whole city is talking. You requested so we came here Pushpa ji otherwise I didn’t want to come here. You son is questioning my son. The guy says you’re right papa, I don’t find the girl beautiful either. Sorry, you’re not my type. Some guy next door might like you, that’s your standard. Agastya and Aarav both get angry. They leave. Aarav stops and hits the guy. Aarav says how dare you to talk to Arushi like that? Have you seen your face? Who are you to reject her, she won’t even look at you. Get out. Agastya says god before I break your face. Get out. Mr. Agarwal says why did you call us if you had to insult us like that? Agastya says you’re not worth rejecting my sister. Go and show off your dad’s money somewhere else. Mr. Agarwal says the way your son is a house DIL, your daughter won’t get married anywhere.

Pushpa says they were my guests. How dare you insult them Aarav. Agastya says it was the guy’s fault. Pushpa says it all happened beacuse of your MIL. Because of your mother our respect is gone. My daughter is rejected because my son lives in his wife’s house. Your mother is responsible for this Guddan. You’re happy in your life but who would marry my Arushi? She will stay single all her life because of your mother. Arushi says this is my life. Pushpa says shut up. My son made his decisions, and I lost everything. Choti recalls what Pushpa said. Choti leaves. Agastya goes after her. Pushpa says I will make your daughter go against you.

choti comes to Guddan and says because of your stubborness there’s so much trouble in my family. Why do you want Agastya to be a house SIL? Agastya says don’t be mad at sasu ma. We are together, only that matters. Not where we live. Those people talking are insecure. Come with me. Calm down.Aarav and money bring drinks. Money says let’s have fun. Everyone is sleeping. Agastya is reluctant. Money and Aarav convince him. They all get drunk. Aarav says sorry I couldn’t control my anger on the guy who came with Arushi’s proposal. Agastya says you should have slapped him more. Agastya says it made me so happy to see you taking standing for my sister. Money says but why did he get angry before both of us? He’s in love. Agastya says that’s why you’re taking care of her? You like her? Money says look at him blushing. He’s in love. Agasstya says today I am his BIL, tomorrow, he will be my BIL. Money says no one is thinking about me. Agstya says your time will come as well.

He says my life is being wasted in the wait. Agastya says I can’t even be with my own wife. Aarav says I know you love Choti but I can’t go against bari maa. She does what’s best for everyone. Agastya says I have an idea. I watched a movie with Rashi, I will implement that movie. Let’s go.Agastya comes to hall and says Guddan sasu maa, I want to talk to you. Come outside. Everyone comes. All three guys are drunk. Agastya says youngest, rudest sasu ma. aarav says run before you’re served with slippers. Agastya says is she hitler? She’s my colorful sasu ma. Agastya says why are you making my love life sad? You took my Choti Guddan from me. Choti comes there. Agastya says my chashmish. You have so many names, I feel like I have three wives. They all run upstairs. Aarav says Choti jeju is coming.

Agastya asks the boys to stay outside. Bari Guddan is inside. Agastya says you’re not my choti chasmish. She doesn’t look this rude. He sees Choti and says put your specs on. I don’t want to see your rude mom. Pushpa says what is happening here? Agastya says there’s an army of love haters in this house.Agastya says to Bari Guddan sasu maa, I want to make a request to you. Please don’t make my colorful like black and white. Stop being a villain in our love story. Agastya says to the boys traitors, say something. aarav says Bari maa parting lovers is a sin. Right Arushi? Agastya says your own son is saying it now. Guddan says it’s late. Go and sleep. Agastya sings a song and dances with Choti. Guddan pulls her. Guddan throws water on his face.Everyone is shocked. Guddan says in your senses now? Any lemon or med couldn’t take your hangover down like your MIL did. Agastya is shocked.

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