Guddan update Friday 29 july 2022

Guddan 29 july 2022:Guddan says done with your hangover? I don’t think you have a problem with my ways now. Next time before getting drunk think 110 times. Otherwise, I would have to throw cold water again.Arushi says to Agastya why did you drink? Agastya says I want to talk about something important. Do you live Aarav? Do you love him? She gets awkward. Agastya says say what’s in your heart. Choti says to Aarav is it love or not? Aarav says yes there is love. Choti hugs him and says I am so happy. Congrats. Arushi says maa won’t ever agree. Aarav says bari maa won’t agree. Choti says I will talk to mama. Agastya says to Arushi I will talk to ma. Don’t worry. I only want your happiness.Guddan comes in front of Agastya. They look at each other. They come to Pushpa. Choti says we were asking.. We.. Agastya says we are here to talk about Arushi and Aarav. They like each other. We think no one will be happy, so we want none of it should affect their relationship.

Arushi was worried so I told her you have remorse over what you have done. And you won’t come between them. Am I right? Choti says we were asking are you okay with it? Pushpa says no. I will never accept this relationship. I have seen Aarav’s anger. He loses his mind. I won’t give him my daughter’s hand. Choti says it isn’t like that. He’s honest, dedicated. He won’t be angry. They love each other we have seen. Pushpa says to talk to Aarav but not for this relationship. I will find a guy for Arushi. Agastya says what’s the problem? He’s a good guy. He loves Arushi. Choti says neither us nor them want to take this step without the blessings of elders. Pushpa says I have given my answer. Choti says but their marriage won’t work without your blessings. Pushpa says no means no. Agastya says let it be Guddan. If you’re not ready, we don’t need your permission. You have played with our lives. But you have to be punished for your sins. I will do that. And yes.. Aarav and Arushi will get married even if you’re not happy. Choti says she’s our mother, you can’t talk to her like that.

Every mother wants to get her daughter married. She’s Arushi’s mother. Please, it’s all very tensed. Don’t talk like this.Choti says I want to move ahead and forget everything. That’s why I brought you back. They love each other. Please say yes. Aarav will keep Arushi very happy. This tension won’t ever end. I only want to see everyone happy. Agastya says she won’t agree, let’s go. Pushpa says stop. Agastya says did you agree? Pushpa nods. Agastya hugs her. He says you have took the first right step. Please do one more thing, accept what you have done in front of everyone. Let’s start afresh. I promise you everything would be okay. We would all be proud of you. They leave.

Agastya and Money come to the house with dhol. Choto and everyone come in as well. Guddan says what is this new drama? Agastya says sasu ma.. You’re like a magnet. You keep coming to me. I was so happy being related to you one way so I thought let’s have another relationship. Guddan says what is he saying? Choti says Aarav and Arushi love each other. So we as girl’s family came with this proposal. Agastya says don’t worry about maa.. She already said yes. Agastya plays the drum and says should I consider it a yes? Choti says mama please say yes. Agastya says maa will also accept her sins. so two good news. I did all you asked, my mom is also going to confess. Please say yes. Guddan nods. Everyone claps. Choti says I want to say something. Aarav, after tonight you won’t be alone. Our Arushi will live with you. As your partner. Promise me you will always control your anger. Aarav says I promise.Choti Guddan hugs him and says congrats. Sona says to choti, our DIL is so nice. She’s making her brother promise for her SIL. We are lucky to have you. Guddan looks at Pushpa.

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