Guddan update Wednesday 27 July 2022

Guddan 27 July 2022: Niya says I will write a suicidal note and blame it on Agastya. Choti stops her and takes her inside. Choti says you can stay here. Agastya says are you mad? Aarav says this is her new drama. Choti says what if it isn’t? Arushi says she is doing a drama. Choti says what if she isn’t? Until she finds a safe place she will live here. Sona says she’s a snake. Choti says I can’t let Agastya get in any trouble.Guddan says to Choti are you crazy? You brought Niya in this house. Choti says I know what you’re thinking. Agastya is my husband. Niya doesn’t matter to him. Guddan says then let her go. Choti says I can’t let Agastya go to jail. Niya says you’re too innocent.

You can’t trust Niya. Keep people like them away from your life. Guddan says I also trusted Antra. It was a mistake, learn from my mistake. Chtoi says I trust Agastya. I will send Niya somewhere. We can’t leave her alone. Guddan says I am warning you. Choti says I will handle it, it’s my decision. Guddan says I don’t agree with it. Choti says I don’t agree with a lot of things you say as well.Agastya and Rashi do homework together. He says ask me if you have any questions. She says who is ghar jamai (house SIL). Pushpa says it’s a man who has no self respect and no respect in society. That’s what Agastya is now. He doesn’t care about our name. The respect we go in so many days, he is about to ruin it. Now it’s my turn. I will solve all your troubles in one minute. You life is yours now. You can stay here, I am leaving forever, I won’t ever come back. Everyone is shocked.

Pushpa walks out. She says in heart Agastya won’t let me go. Agastya walks past her and goes inside. Pushpa is shocked. He goes upstairs. Pushpa leaves.Arushi says to Aarav what maa left? Agastya didn’t stop her? My whole family is breaking. She cries. She hugs Aarav and says everyone is leaving us. Nothing is left. Aarav says don’t cry. Agastya is with you, Choti is with you and I am with you as well. Everything would be okay. Arushi says will you stay forever? Will you ever leave me? She holds his hand. Aarav says let me get you water.Agastya sits upset in his room. Rashi says pop sing me a lullaby. He says I will sing you the one my mom used to sing me. SHe sings her a lullaby and recalls his moments with Pushpa. Choti looks at him wiping his tears.

Agastya comes downstairs. Sona says please eat. He says I don’t feel like. Choti brings Pushpa in and says you won’t eat even now? Everyone is shocked. Guddan says what is this?Choti says I couldn’t see Agastya upset and my MIL helpless. Guddan says these people are snakes. Did you bring her back? Look in her eyes you will only see hatred.These people are shameless. They will harm you whenever they get a chance. Is your decision final?


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