Unspoken Bond update Thursday 28 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 28 July 2022: Episode starts with Nandini scolding Gunjan. She says I m doing this by my wish for Darsh and my family, I also feel bad, how dare you say about me and Ritesh, if you say anything next time, then I will not leave you. Darsh recalls everything. Shobit asks will you come for bike riding. Darsh says come, I will ride the bike. Shobit stops him. Darsh thinks sorry Nandini, I can never become your prince charming. Darsh asks how long will you save me, how long will everyone make a compromise for me. He goes. Shobit says thank God, I could stop Darsh, but he can’t stop this plan, Darsh thinks he isn’t suitable for Nandini, this is just the start.

Nandini gets surprised seeing Darsh. He says I m fine, I can see everything, I could feel you before, but now I can see you as well, its our new start. Aapki nazron ne samjha….plays… Her dream ends. Darsh comes. She asks him to sleep on the bed. Darsh says I want to sleep on this hammock.She picks his diary and finds the papers wet. She thinks was he crying, why did he feel so hurt. She says I will sleep well today. He thinks you may behave normal, I know. Its morning, Darsh goes to the horse stanchion. He introduces himself to a rider. He says I heard a lot about you, my wife has a dream that her prince charming comes to take her, I want to fulfill her dream. The man asks him to see the horse. Darsh stumbles. The man asks can’t you see. Darsh says yes, I m blind, but don’t worry, I m adjusted with this situation. The man says no, I can’t take the risk. Darsh says I m ready to pay and buy this horse, I will give you consent. The man says your wife won’t expect you to fulfill her dream. Darsh says I don’t want her dream to turn into a compromise, its not impossible for me. He gets ready. The man says Teja is furious, its hard to control her. Darsh says I have thought about it. Nandini says don’t know where did he go, he isn’t answering. Shobit comes. She says don’t know where did Darsh go.

Shobit gets Darsh’s message. Darsh writes I m planning a surprise for Nandini, make sure that she doesn’t go out. He says don’t worry, I will find him, Ritesh called you. Nandini says maybe the doctor agreed for Darsh’s operation. She meets Ritesh and asks what’s the good news, when can the operation happen. Ritesh says sorry, the operation can’t happen, Darsh isn’t fit for this procedure. She argues in anger. She cries. The glass breaks. He cares for her. She says I m hurt by the broken dreams, sorry. She gets a call. The man tells about Darsh’s payment at the horse stanchion. She recalls Ritesh’s words about her dream. She rushes. Darsh says train me that Nandini sees me riding the horse. She checks Darsh’s diary and notes down his message. The man says I will make a video of a blind man riding the horse. Nandini worries. Darsh writes I won’t let you feel that your husband is different than others.

the man making a video of Darsh riding the horse. Darsh says don’t make the video. The horse gets violent and starts running. Nandini thinks of Darsh. She worries. The horse rider asks Teja to stop. Teja runs away. Nandini says Darsh has gone to fulfill my dream. Darsh tries to control the horse Teja. She rushes away in a hurry. Shobit looks on. She reaches the stanchion. She sees Darsh on the horse and shouts. He asks what are you doing here. She says he may fall down and get hurt. She tries to remove the big rocks. He says stay aside, this horse is out of control. Darsh falls down. She moves the boulder away. The man comes and asks are you fine. Nandini also asks Darsh. Darsh says I m fine, go home and wait for me. She says that dream was my kiddishness, who asked you to fulfill my dream, think of Rajvi. He says I m hurt that you don’t expect me to fulfill your dreams, I m not normal in your eyes, it means I have failed. She cries and hugs him.She says you can never fail in my eyes, if you risk your life again, then I will fail for sure. She says I m not a teacher to test you, if there is love in a relation, then there is no place for tests. Darsh says it means you have forgiven me. She asks did you do this for my forgiveness, you risked your life to put pressure on me. He says I want to prove that you are not making a compromise to be with me. She says why are you forcing me to make a compromise, you wanted to get me back, why did you do a drama to make me your secretary, your thinking failed you today. She goes. Darsh calls her out. He goes home. He asks where is Nandini. Rajvi says she went out, what happened. Darsh cries and hugs him.

He says Nandini left me. Rajvi asks what happened. Darsh says I think she won’t come back. Rajvi says I have promised Nandini, I can’t tell him the truth. Nandini comes. Ritesh says you left in a hurry, where did you go. Nandini asks can you do some work. He says yes, tell me. Shobit says Nandini is nowhere. Darsh says its because of my stupidity, where can she go. Shobit messages Ritesh and asks is Nandini at your place. Ritesh replies, yes, she was here, she just left. Shobit says we found Nandini, she was at Ritesh’s house.Darsh asks why. Shobit asks did you feel bad that she left you and went to Ritesh, don’t think much, she knows you since some months, Ritesh is her childhood friend, she will feel more close to him. He smiles. Darsh says I can get the smell of sweets, Nandini is making sweets. He goes to see. Shobit hits his head. Darsh calls out Nandini. Rajvi says she isn’t here. He says I know Nandini made these sweets, where is she. Rajvi says you have to find clues in these sweets to know where is she. Gunjan says I m here when mom asked me to support her in this plan. Rajvi asks Darsh to touch the sweets and know it. Darsh asks is Vipul and Chetan also involved in this. Darsh goes out to meet Nandini. He gets a lovely surprise. She makes him read the message. She says My husband is perfect. Aapki nazron ne samjha….plays….

Nandini asks are you thinking that how did my anger get calmed down, you love me so much, you risked your life for my childish dream, how long can I stay upset with you. They cry.She says I know you did all that because of the feelings other put in your heart, you are always ahead of others, you saved my life, you will always be perfect, so please don’t compare yourself with others, okay. He hugs her.

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