Guddan update Friday 24 June 2022

Guddan 24 June 2022: Episode starts with Pushpa asking Agastya where you went it’s your engagement your presence should be here. Pushpa says to Choti Guddan go to check whether guests having all the facilities or not! facing any problem in our preparations and I don’t want any complaints from guests. Choti Guddan says Ji pushpa Ji I am going. Arushi calls Rashi near her and asks Why are you so dull, you always want Mother right and you are getting also so why you are not happy Rashi? Niya sees this and calls Rashi near her and says you remember what I said you on that day ( Rashi reminiscences how Niya threat her) choti Guddan get’s something is odd in Rashi behaviour.

Pandit says Pushpa Ji it’s time for adore dupatta on Daughter In Law of this house shall we start and says Guddan to bring the dupatta. Pushpa says to Choti Guddan bring it carefully if any mistake happens means you have to face the consequences so be careful.Sona says Mani it’s golden chance to impress Guddan go and help her. Mani goes near Guddan and says I will help you and tries to take tray from Guddan hand and sweet chutney falls on chunri ( dupatta) from the tray. Pushpa gets angry by seeing this another side Rashi is happy thinking God is her side to stop this event. Saru Maa thinks at last the time as come what I am waiting for. Pushpa scolds Guddan what you have done, Saru Maa thinks this had to happen since she is the daughter of Guddan who is well known for mistake and Choti Guddan is not less than her Mom and very soon she will do her second mistake and her father dream going to collapse. Saru Maa it’s not your mistake, some people are born inauspicious star, who are born to commits mistake and always fail in what ever they do.

Pushpa says it’s ok Saru Maa but from where I will bring another chunri ( duppata) now? Choti Guddan bring chunri (duppata) from Goddess Radha and gives to Pushpa.Choti Guddan says Pushpa Ji I agree I spooled your expensive chunri and I will also I can’t do any work with out mistakes but you have to believe my intention is never wrong and I know this duppata is not expensive of your golden work duppata but it have blessings of Goddess Radha and this blessings are valuable than any gold or diamond work duppata so please adore this chunri on Niya. Pandit says Pushpa Ji take decision soon as auspicious time running away, Pushpa says ok to pandit ji and asks Choti Guddan to don’t show her face till the ceremony gets complete and I have not forgiven you for the mistake you have done, go from here. Choti Guddan encourage herself nothing is happened you can do it and get back your father restaurant back and make them proud.

Agastya asks Rashi you are happy right Rashi, Rashi thinks why lord Krishna giving chunri (dupatta) to evil aunty not Choti Guddan she is so good, please stop all this and make Choti Guddan as my mother. Pushpa going to adore Niya with Chunri (dupatta) and power goes off because of problem in fuse. Rashi fears because of darkness Choti Guddan listens to Rashi voice and goes to check Rashi. Mani goes to check what’s the problem with fuse. Pandit says time is going perform ritual soon, Pushpa says Ji pandit ji and says to chant mantras, at the same time Choti Guddan comes there and by mistake Pushpa adore dupatta to Guddan, power comes and all gets shocked by what had happened.Rashi feels happy by seeing dupatta on Choti Guddan. Pushpa scolds Guddan what you have done this Guddan and Rashi are trouble makers in our life. Pushpa asks because of whom all this happened at the same time Agastya, Rashi, Choti Guddan and Arushi says it happened because of me. Pushpa says why all you are doing this and to protect whom and all of us know it happened because of whom that is Guddan.

Guddan says I came here to say there is problem in main and all this happened, Pushpa says if I come to know what you are saying is wrong then you gone Guddan including your restaurant.Electrician comes there and says what Guddan is saying is correct and Pusha asks what is the solution for this he says we have to change the entire wires of this house and will take 4-5 days of time. Pushpa scolds Guddan everything happened because of You only, Agastya says Mom stop it because of Guddan only we all are fine as she switched off the main switch at correct time or else anything may happen Mom.Pushpa says ok fine she did good by switching off the main now think where your marriage takes place, it happened all because of Guddan so you have to slove this problem.

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