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Guddan 1 December 2022: Bhushan says I hope you stand by my Guddan every moment. Guddan says I trust him. He stood by me and he will. AJ says thank you.

Saru says laxmi why are you crying? Antra came back. Oh are you crying for Guddan? Looks like her engagement would never happen. Laxmi says you’re mocking her? Be ashamed. She sacrificed her relationship for Antra’s health. I am proud of her. She leaves. Saru says look at her. Durga says Guddan’s sacrifice will turn out to be a mistake. The closer Antra gets to AJ, the further Guddan will be from AJ. Durga says time to rule this house again.

Dadi says I can’t see Guddan like this. AJ says so can’t I. Dadi says I am happy antra is alive.. But Guddan.. AJ says I am with her. She is safe in this house. Dadi says I hope Antra understands too.
Antra is about to fall. Guddan holds her. Antra says thank you handled me. Guddan says it is our responsibility. She says it’s only AJ’s. He has been handling me since so long. Never needed anyone. where is your family? Guddan says they went home. ANtra says you didn’t go? Saru says Guddan will stay here till the wedding. She wants to prepare for the wedding. Antra says better. Your husband isn’t here either. Antra says there’s just one rule. Stay away from AJ. I don’t like girls around him. Well you’re too young too and you’re married too. Saru says we will have fun since you’re back. Antra says where is my room. My and AJ’s room. Why am I here.

Guddan says you should rest. Antra says I will rest in my husband’s arms. She leaves. Guddan says saru we have to stop her. SAru says it will be a problem if she finds out. Guddan says Antra.. Antra says this is my house I can go wherever I want. No one tells me what should I do in my house. I am a little outspoken. I hope you don’t mind. she leaves. Saru says what will happen now.

Antra comes to the room. Guddan comes after her. Durga is there. Antra sees her photo. She says I knew AJ’s thoughts won’t change. His love is still alive. Thank you AJ. She hugs AJ. AJ says you need rest. ANtra says I am in my room after so long. She hugs AJ and cries. Guddan says we should go. Durga says AJ and Antra should spend time together. Antra says I missed you. AJ says I missed you too.

Guddan is taking her pillows to other room. Durga says you’re giving such big sacrifice. You can sleep anywhere. Antra will sleep in his room. Durga says dont’ you think AJ hasn’t forgotten his past? His past is with him in room and his present is looking for a place in this house. Guddan leaves. Durga says see how silent she is. She will leave this house soon. SAru says yes but Antra isn’t very nice. She is outspoken. We have to be careful of her. Durga says because of her we will get rid of this Guddan. And if Antra does something we know what to do.

AJ is leaving the room. Antra says where are you going. He says water.. She says I didn’t even do anything. She comes close to AJ. AJ gets up. Antra says why are you going away from me. Please make me sleep like you used to. She sleeps in AJ’s lap.

Guddan says he asked me not to worry and he is sitting upstairs. Her dupatta gets stuck in the table. Guddan says AJ.. She turns back. AJ comes in balcony. AJ says you on sofa. Guddan says don’t come here what is she sees. a shock can be deadly for her. She says good night. I will wait for you in my dreams. AJ puts the sheet on her. She says go sleep. AJ sees her and smiles.

Next morning, Antra does arti in the morning. Everyone comes. Antra says AJ we always do arti together. Come stand with me. They do arti together. Guddan looks at them. Antra says nothing has changed in all these years. I am really happy. One thing is different. She looks at mangalsutra and says this mangalsutra is in Guddan’s neck but as your wife it should be in mine too. She says this mangalsutra got lost. I want my identity back. Make me wear this mangalsutra. She gives a mangalsutra to AJ. Antra says once I wasn’t wearing it after shower, you got so mad. You must not like me today either withou it right? Guddan says in heart I hope you will respect this mangalsutra. Antra says make me yours again AJ. Everyone is here. Saru says to Durge now Gudan will know her worth.

AJ takes the mangalsutra. He is about to make antra wear it. AJ breaks the mangalsutra and all the pearls fall down. Antra is shocked. Guddan smiles. Dadi says its’ okay. He will bring one later. She says I waited for years. Antra is in tears. Antra says ask Guddan, wont it hurt her if her mangalsutra breaks? Any married woman would. AJ says I am sorry. Antra says I will wait more. She picks the pearls and leaves. Dadi says Guddan I will talk to AJ.

Dadi says to AJ I know you broke it intentionally. AJ says I don’t like all this. I can’t be unfair to Guddan. This can be deadly to ANtra. How do I tell her she is my past and Guddan is present. Dadi says Antra should understand. You have to tell her everything. You are doing this for her better. You have to say the truth. Think about it. AJ says Antra wont accept it easily that her AJ is someone else’.

Antra looks at broken mangalsutra. Durga says I know you are very upset. Antra says no one died. It will be fixed. AJ got so upset. Durga says yes we have to fix it. Antra says how. Durga says Guddan would. Guddan come in. She says Guddan can help you. She is preparing for Revati’s wedding. Show it to a good jeweler. antra says please get it fixed. It would mean the world to mean. She leaves. Guddan says yes durga I would o it. I help people.


Even if it fixes, AJ wont make antra wear it. Antra comes back. Durga says to Antra you have met AJ after so long. You should go somewhere with him. Durga says you’re so smart. I wish I were like you and told you that your husband and your relationship is getting boring. Don’t interfere in our relationship.

AJ hangs his shirt in Guddan’s new room. Guddan says what is this. He says so you don’t think this closet is all yours. Remember we made a deal. Are you okay? You are acting so normal. Guddan says I am not insecure. I know you will tell her once she is fine. You wont leave me alone. AJ says I will never leave you. Antra comes there.

Scene 1
AJ and Guddan put his clothes in the closet. Guddan’s saree gets stuck in his watch. AJ touches guddan’s face. Antra comes there. Antra says what are you doing in her room? Guddan says this saree got stuck. Antra picks a scissor and cuts it. she says done. Don’t be seen around my husband. Hope you dont’ get trapped. Antr says sorry if you mind I am straightforward. AJ says antra.. ANtra says you don’t need to speak between women. I know I am the only special one for you. Guddan is married I know she would understand. Antra says I have planned a surprise for you. Guddan will help me in it.

AJ says she is busy in wedding preps. Antra says she can help and she would learn too how to keep husband happy. Maybe your husband doesn’t leave you alone

like this then. He would stay like AJ. She takes Guddan downstairs.
Antra says to Guddan is this? The whole room is decorated. Antra says recalling your wedding night? Saru and Durga did all this. I want everything to be perfect. Tonight is very important for me and AJ. Plan everything for me. Durga says we can’t say no to Antra. Guddan says I can’t decorate this room. These things are related to emotions no one can do this better than the wife. Antra says you are right. I don’t need a wedding planner I need my husband’s love only. Guddan leaves. Laxmi says to Guddan I know you’re hurt. BUt you are so strong. Guddan says I trust AJ. He gves me this strength. Durga says wow guddan. How stupid are you. Antra is AJ’s first wife. She has right on AJ. Your love can’t defeat her. For how long would you stop him? Their relationship is older.

Antra brings AJ to room. She says do you like it? Durga says open your eyes. She she is AJ’s past present and future. She loves AJ madly. AJ wont be able to stop himself from going to be close to her. Tomorrow will bring you a truth. Antra comes close to AJ. She says time took our past from us but not our present. Guddan circles money on Durga. She says this isn’t for bad eye. Tomorrow will bring more trust for my husband in my heart. All your efforts would go in vain and I wont feel bad for you. Durga says AJ wont be able to stop himself. I will show you Guddan, you are the third one.

AJ comes out of the room. He stands in the balcony. Guddan sees him. Antra comes and takes him inside. She hugs AJ. AJ says this isn’t right ANtra. She says I am your wife Antra. AJ says I am sorry I can’t do this. Antra says why? I thought I was overthinking but I had this feeling You don’t love me anymore. Tell me to do you love me or not? Who is it? Who took you from me. AJ says yes there is someone. The one you called guest is my wife. She is Guddan Akshad Jindal. No one took me from you. You left my life. You were my past and she is my present. Antra faints. AJ was dreaming all this.

Durga says to AJ pray for AJ’s strength tonight. Guddan says do you have any shame you are listening to me. Durga says brought this cold milk for you. Guddan says I dont’ need anything. I trust my husband. Durga says do you know what wedding night is? How would you, you and AJ are friends only. AJ is a man how would you stop him from going to Antra. Drink this milk and sleep alone. Get used to of sleeping alone. Guddan spills the milk on Durga. She says your dirty mentality wont be clean from water so I thought I should try milk. You are the eldest DIL yet you have no shame. You are saying all this about your FIL and MIL. Let me repeat again, I trust my husband and I know he respects this relationship.

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