Guddan update Saturday 23 July 2022

Guddan 23 July 2022: Guddan says I will get you punished and I will make your son my SIL. I will give his anger in the right direction. The husband who protects his wife even from his own family. I will make your son protection for my daughter. I promise you that. I will be a perfect MIL again and make your son a perfect husband.Agastya wakes up and says where is Guddan? Agastya says where is Guddan? Pushpa comes. Agastya asks Niya to get out. Agastya says maa where is Guddan? Pushpa says I don’t know. Agastya says don’t lie. She says I am not. Niya says she must have gone to her mother’s place. I tolerated you for years, she doesn’t have to do all this. Agastya says shut up. Get out of here tomorrow.

Agastya says sasu maa. Money comes with him as well. Sona asks Pushpa you have pushed your son so far, he doesn’t even trust you. There’s no place for you in his life. Please forget everything and change. Our family would be over. Guddan is a very nice girl. She can make this house a family. You can not find a better DIL than Guddan.Guddan says to Choti, you’re doing the same mistake that I did. Better change your way otherwise you will only get pain. She looks at Choti’s picture. Bell rings. Aarav says let me check. Agastya comes in. He says where is my wife? Money says she isn’t home. Tell us where is she? Guddan says she was with you. You took her as a hero. Tell us where is she? Agastya says don’t play this game with me. I know you have hidden him. I have right on her. Guddan says she’s my daughter first. Where is she? You couldn’t even protect her for a day. He says I have done this before and I will do that. Agastya says tell her Money if she has hidden my wife that won’t be good. Guddan says Aaarav tells him as well that if he can’t find my daughter I won’t leave him.

Choti calls Agastya. She says I was in the kitchen. were you looking for me? Agastya says I am coming. Guddan says my daughter isn’t even safe in your house. He says this was a misunderstanding. I can take care of her. Guddan says if anything happens to my daughter I will hold your neck. I am not that typical MIL who will call your wrong right. Agastya says you also don’t underestimate me. I won’t ever let anything to Guddan. Guddan says it shouldn’t. Agastya touches her feet and leaves. Agastya says don’t be jealous that your daughter chose you over me.Guddan says to Aarav is it funny? He says I am not laughing. Guddan says I heard you’re an angry young man. But you get silent in front of your BIL.

Aarav says I was mad at him. I even hit him but when I saw he loves Choti. He even risked his life to save Choti, I had to trust him. The guy is strong. Guddan says I am not less either. And he has to answer. He can’t mess with me.Choti says to Agastya why did you have to go to ma? You could call me. He says your phone was off. I was scared. You should have told me at least. Choti says so I need permission to go to the kitchen. Come with me. There’s a surprise for you. She takes him to the hall and says happy birthday. She baked a cake for him. Agastya hugs her and says thank you. He says I forgot. Choti says I can never forget. It’s my soulmate’s special day. Thank you for accepting me, marrying me. He says thanks to you only. Choti says let’s call everyone. Agastya says can’t you spend time with me alone? He caresses her face. Choti says cut the cake. He cuts the cake. Choti says did you argue with mama? He says your mama started it. She’s so strict, not like you at all. Choti puts cake on his face and says don’t say anything about mama. He runs after her. Agastya kisses her and caresses her face. Choti runs. She collides with Niya and the cake in Niya’s hand splashes on her face. Agastya laughs. Niya says what the hell. I got you your favorite cake.

Agastya says my wife made me the world’s best cake already. We have cut the cake already. So thanks but no thanks. You can eat your cake before leaving. You should be out of this house before I wake up tomorrow. Niya says in her heart because of this Guddan by Agastya went away from me.Everyone comes and wishes Agastya a happy birthday. Rashi gives him a letter. He says wow thank you. She says mom gave me this idea. Sona says wow Guddan, you have taught her a lot. And this Niya is so useless. Niya says shut up. Sona says shut up lizard. Agastya cuts the cake. Pushpa gives him a cake. He doesn’t eat it. Pushpa says you won’t eat cake from your mom’s hand? He says I can’t forget what you did. You have lost all your rights. She says you forgot all goods that I did? He says what you did has no pardon. Pushpa says when you were you were so excited about your birthday, I used to decorate the whole house. Even when I was not well. I only wanted to see you happy. She gives him a cake again.

Bell rings. Agastya opens the gate. It’s a huge gift. Agastya says who ordered it? Money says not me, Sona says not me. Agastya says Guddan might have ordered? Agastya opens, Bari Guddan is in it. Guddan says do you like the gift SIL? Guddan says I realized today is your birthday, what could be a better day for a gift, I am the gift. My daughter wasn’t coming to me, so I came. I will live here. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says happy birthday. She gives him a cake and he ate. Pushpa says have some shame. Guddan says this is my house. You snatched it from my daughter. You’re living in your DIL’s house. This house will always be mine or Choti’s when I am not there. I don’t mind you all living here. Will your son live here as a house SIL? Gudadn says are you ready Agastya? Choti says, mama? How can that happen? Guddan says he loves you and can’t live without you. He can stay here. Rashi says wow two Guddans. Sona says I will live here with Guddan. Money says I will live with you mom. Hitan says I will live with my family. Now you decide. Pushpa says are you all crazy? Agastya is our son. People will laugh at us. He is Birla. Guy lives in his house, not at his wife’s place. Pushpa says pack your bags, we won’t live here. Choti asks Guddan why did you do all this? Guddan says trust me. Agastya loves you. He won’t leave you.

Pushpa packs her bags. Pushpa says you won’t leave her so stay here as house SIL? You will have no respect in society. I won’t let you do that. Agastya says we were staying here nayway. Pushpa says because her mother wasn’t here. NOw she’s here and this is your in-law’s house. People will call you useless.Choti says he loves but he doesn’t need to prove it by staying here. I trust him. Guddan says he loves his mother equally. He can change anytime to her. We have to test him. I have to know to what extent can he go for my daughter. He has to pass this test. Choti says let me talk to Agastya. Guddan says no. Until he decides, you won’t go anywhere.What Pushpa did is a sin. He has to pass through this test. He will have to stay here as a house SIL. He has to decide until he does, you can’t meet him.

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