Guddan update Monday 20 June 2022

Guddan 20 June 2022: Saru says I have to do shudhi karan. Pushpa says come with me. Guddan’s eyes are closed. She says sorry. Pushpa says I didn’t expect it to be this clean. Guddan is shocked. she opens eyes. Guddan says who did all this. Rashi says how did you like the surprise? Guddan says you did all this? She says no dad did. Rashi said to Agastya we have to help Choti to get her restaurant back.Guddan says thank you. If you didn’t help my first day would have stopped. Agastya says why are you doing all this? Guddan says do you feel guilty? he says what did I do? She says you used act cute in front of me. He says I did that all for ma. It’s not my fault if you found me cute. Guddan says I never found you cute. You made a mistake. She says you took everything from me. You took my dream for me. You cheater you took my dream from me. He says I helped you 10 years ago to save your restaurants. Guddan says it hurts more. You saved it once and you took is back. Chiku was my best friend. Agastya is my enemy. Rashi says you hurt my best friend. I won’t talk to you.

Pushpa says to Niya Chiku can’t handle that trouble. Niya says I will handle both of them. We can become good friends. Pushpa says Chiku she’s a wise girl. She will do what you couldn’t. And there’s your useless sister on the other hand.Arushi meets the guy. He says were you alone in London? She says yes. He says do you cook? Arushi says I don’t like it. He says my dad’s business works in the whole world. He says you won’t get permission to do a job or business. Or you might get it. Aarav comes and says who are you to give her permission? The guy says who are you? Aarav says mirror.You’ve never done anything for yourself, don’t give permissions to this self made girl. He says I know your dad is known, but even the dogs don’t know you. Open your mind.

Girls don’t need our permission. I was having my coffee but I got so irritated by your words. Go and cool your mind from your papa’s money. The guy says Arushi do you know him? Aarav calls DJ and says I found a good idea to break Pushpa.Niya comes to Rashi. Rashi says I told pops I don’t want to eat anything. Niya says I used to be like this in childhood as well. But when you grow you realize nothing is more important than food. Rashi says I won’t eat. Niya shouts and says eat or I will slap you. Rashi is scared. She tears paper’s from her book and says if you make me angry I will crumble you like this paper as well.

Guddan says Rashi got so upset. Where is she? I made cupcakes for her. Niya says you wanted a mom right? Now I will decide everything for you. Eat this house.Rashi is scared. Niya says if you don’t listen to me, I can hit you. You’re the condition to marry in a rich house. Eat it and take a cute selfie with me. So I can impress your useless dadi. Guddan comes there. She sees Rashi taking selfie. Niya says Guddan come. Niya says we were taking selfies. Guddan says Rashi I made pancakes for you. Niya says Rashi just ate. Her mama got her food. We were taking selfies.Guddan comes to Rashi. Niya says I will be her mom. I will handle everything. Niya leaves. Guddan says Rashi let’s eat pancakes. Guddan says why doesn’t she look happy?

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