Guddan update Saturday 18 June 2022


Guddan 18 June 2022: Guddan says DJ, SJ is Saru ma. Pushpa listens to her. Saru says it was a lot more difficult than how easily you said it. Saru ma could do it. I made Pushpa Birla bow to me. I revenge skills can never bow down. My name is Saru. I had been planning to ruin your life for so long. I made her do all this to you and I will keep doing it. I will remove the name of this Jindal family from this planet and I will start with you DJ. You kicked me out of this house and I am standing here. You don’t even have worth to ask me to leave. And you Guddan’s Choti, you can’t save your restaurant. And this side character Aarav, if you come between my plan I will hit you from your bat. DJ stops Aarav. DJ says you will get the same answer as you did 10 years ago. You will know when Guddan wins her restaurant back. You will do it, right? Guddan nods.

Saru says you’re a lost mess than your mom Choti. You will do your own mistakes. She leaves.Choti is in tears. DJ says you don’t have to be scared. You can do it. Focus on how to make food and you will win the restaurant back. Aarav says she will for sure. They are lucky that they will get to eat food from our Choti’s hands. Choti says I will do it with all my heart. And my dream, I will take my restaurant back. Choti leaves. Aarav says do you think they will return it? They are fooling us. DJ says you’re right. We can’t believe Pushpa but we have to boost Choti’s confidence. We have to do something. We have to cover up Choti’s mistake. That it never comes in front of anyone. And we have to control that Pushpa as well. Aarav says how? She says I have a plan. Let’s wait till tomorrow.

Guddan writes on chits I will do it. I can do it. I will cook very well. Agastya says how will Guddan do it. Rashi says why haven’t you slept yet? Agastya says why haven’t you? She says is our reason the same? He says what reasons? She says I look like a kid but I know my reasons. He says you will always be little for me. She says Choti chashmish is so nice. Please ask dadi to return her restaurant. It’s bad manners to take anyone’s things. Why is it happening with her now? Dadi took her dream. What would you do if someone does that to me? Agastya says some things are done because we don’t have another option.

Rashi says but dadi maa shouted at her. She’s so innocent. Guddan hears barks and gets scared. She says papa mama.. Agastya says if Chashmish keeps getting scared how will she face life? Rashi says she gets scared but she keeps moving forward. No one could speak in front of dadi. But she keeps asking her, she’s so strong. Guddan says I won’t be scared anymore. I will fight without any mistakes. I will win. Rashi says I wish Choti could live with me. I am so excited I will meet her tomorrow. And I will save her from dadi. Agastya says you know dadi ma is angry but she doesn’t have a bad heart. She makes a wish.

Agastya says what did you ask? She says I wished that Choti doesn’t mistake and everything goes smooth.Guddan comes. Pushpa is doing arti. Pushpa says you came. She says I took arti as well. Pushpa says not everyone has fate though. She says stay here. Guddan is scared. Agastya looks at her. Rashi comes and hugs her. She says good morning. Pushpa shouts get back from her. Pushpa gives a file to Guddan and says it has all rules of the Birla house. Read well and learn it. It’s shagun in two days. This file has all details of the events. Guests, food, time and everything. This is nazar batu. Put it on the gate first. It shouldn’t fall at any cost. Saru ma made it from Himalaya’s herbs. You can be nazar batu of our house. Guddan drops the file. She picks it.

Rashi says all the best to Guddan. Guddan takes the nazar batu to the door. Agastay asks his servant to give her a ladder. Guddan gets up on the ladder. She’s shivering. Saru comes and says there should be some entertainment. She throws a ball at the ladder.Guddan falls, Money runs to save her but he falls as well. Agastya holds Guddan. They look at each other. Rashi smiles.

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