Guddan update Saturday 11 June 2022


Guddan 11 June 2022: People from FIA come to inspect the restaurant. Guddan says we always took hygiene as the most important aspect. They say your restaurant wouldn’t have been flop now. She says it isn’t flop. He says you are young as well to handle a restaurant. Shona says the sweets would reach there. Don’t worry, there would be no mistake. Puhspa says I have no interest in doing anything wrong to people but some people force. That Guddan has ruined my day twice. They have bribed Guddan’s chef. The chef calls Shona and say there won’t be any mistake. He says in heart sorry Choti I have to do this for the money that is being offered.

Guddan comes and says is everything okay? He says yes I have arranged everything. Let me get them drinks first.Choti sees the spoiled food and says soemone made all this to get my license cancelled. She says inspector is still here. I have to do something. Choti fixes the food. The inspector eat the food and says this is the best food we have eaten. It reminds us of your father. They try the food and say we have never tried something so good. Why would anyone complain about this restaurant. The manager leaves a rat on the floor. Choti sees it and screams. They say what happened? Choti Guddan laughs and says I was laughing. Choti Guddan says what will I do now. The rat comes near their chairs. Choti tries to distract them. They’re about to leave. The inspector says your restaurant is A1.

We are sure you will take it to the place your father took it to. Good luck.Guddan looks at the manager and says we are a team not an employee. This restaurant is my temple and my parents are my Gods. I can’t tolerate their insult. You should leave right now. We will send you a termination letter. The assistant manager says why did you let him go so easily? She says we have to focus on our work.Durga says you didn’t tell us about the inspection? Choti says I handled it all. Durga says I am proud of you. Always tell yourself that you can do anything. Choti says I have to go. Durga says come home on time or I will send Aarav. Choti leaves.

Choti’s dupatta get stuck in someone’s watch. He pulls her. It’s someone who looks like AJ. He says waiter.. He takes off Choti’s dupatta from his face.Durga says I am proud of you. Always close your eyes and say Choti you can do this. What have you decided? She says I am looking for someone loyal. Durga says cook yourself till then. You have to find an experienced and honest manager first. Guddan says I have this board but no one comes to this empty restaurant. Durga says keep looking you will find someone. Durga says I will welcome your Rajkumar. Choti says what are you saying. No Rajkumar.


Choti goes to the restaurant. She collides with someone. Guddan takes off her dupatta from his face. Choti says yes? The theme song tere hathoon mein plays. Guddan looks at him. He says wow such a well dressed waitress. She says I am the owner here. He says impressive. My papa gave it to me as a gift. Guddan says what do you want. Guddan says go pass your time somewhere else. Guddan says what are you here for? He says you. Guddan says go from here. He says sorry. Guddan says this is a professional space. He says you called me. He says I came to become your employee. I removed that board because I am here. Guddan says are you snatching this job? He says give me this job. Guddan says looks like you don’t need this job. You would look like the owner. He says I would be don’t worry. Guddan says I want a normal employee only. He says you’re extraordinary so you would need extraordinary. Guddan says I don’t have a lot of money to pay you.

He says you have your beautiful company. Guddan says you have to give an interview test.Guddan says these are some masalas. Check and let me know which is what. Time has started. He says my time stopped when I saw you first. Guddan says stop flirting. I will kick you out. He says I am talking about work and you keep saying these things.Guddan falls and he holds her. Some goons come in. Guddan says you have to leave. Go from here. We have our customers here. They laugh. The goon comes close to Choti. The guy comes forward. He says we don’t care about who you are. We have to finish the interview first. He says Guddan you were asking the spices, This is black pepper. It can make people sneeze. The sprays it on one good’s nose. He keeps sneezing. He says this is red spices. They can blind someone. He puts it in the eyes of other. The goons try to hit him. The guy says next time learn how to talk to girls. He says should I consider this proposal accepted? Guddan says stop. He says I thought you would pull me in your arms. Guddan says your job is confirmed.There are some rules. No theft, no disrespect. This restaurant is my papa’s gift. He says I will keep it safer than my life. Guddan says welcome to the team Mr.. He says Agastya. They shake hands.

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