A new life update Sunday 12 June 2022

A new life 12 June 2022: The Episode starts with Angad and Kabir cheering Nimmo. She smiles and asks them to go for work. She asks Soni to have breakfast. Kamli says some guy has come to meet Amrita. Nimmo worries. She asks who. Umed comes. He greets. She asks did Kuljeet send someone again. Umed says yes, he gave me the address. Amrita says Umed, you surprised us. Dadi asks do you know him. Amrita says yes, he is Umed, Jassi’s fiance. They all smile. Dada ji says we have seen you on video call. Amrita introduces the family. Guneet asks Umed to sit. Soni goes to make tea. Guneet says you are like our Damaad.

Pritam checks the diary. He asks Sandy to listen to him carefully. He says I will keep your family safe, I have sent the diary copy, tell me, whose names are written, I have to reach UD. Umed talks to everyone.Umed says Amrita, where is Pritam. Kamli says he is a tenant, he stays upstairs. Umed says he is a good man. Guneet says yes, he met with an accident on his return. Umed asks is he fine. Amrita says yes. He asks can I meet him. Dada ji says yes. Soni says I will take you. Dadi says Guneet will go along. Amrita says I will take Umed. Guneet says he is a nice guy, he is thinking for Pritam so much. Pritam says no one can stop me from reaching UD. He opens the door and sees Umed. He says what a pleasant surprise. Umed says I came to meet Amrita and got to know about you. Amrita asks will you send him from the door, let him come in. Pritam says sorry, come. Amrita says I had sent Kamli to clean the room in morning, its messed up again. Umed looks around.

Amrita folds the blanket. Umed sees the diary. She asks what is this diary doing here, do you have a Gf to write about. Pritam says no. She jokes. Umed asks what do you do. Pritam says no, I m a stockbroker, I manage work on phone. Umed says you would be seeing IPO also. Pritam says of course. Umed says when you get fine, you can come to my hotel to meet. He leaves with Amrita. Amrita talks to Saroj and Jassi. Amrita says Umed came to meet me, he knows my importance. Jassi says its good, I told him to respect my family, send me Pritam’s number. Amrita says he is just a tenant. Jassi says I will send pics to him, thanks. Amrita says don’t send the pics, he is hurt. Jassi sends the pics to Amrita and asks her to see. DK comes home and goes upstairs.

Amrita laughs seeing the pics. DK enters the room and looks for the diary. He sees it under the pillow and takes it. Pritam wakes up and takes the diary. DK points gun at him. Pritam pushes him. Amrita hears the sound and says did Pritam fall again. Pritam and DK fight. DK says give me the diary, I promise to give you an easy death. Pritam tries to run out. DK attacks him with a knife. Amrita comes and sees DK going to stab Pritam. She asks who are you. Pritam asks her to go. She asks DK not to touch Pritam. She hits on DK’s head. DK falls down. Pritam says you started again. She says you couldn’t do anything. DK locks the door from outside and runs. Amrita asks are you fine, who was that man. Pritam says thief. She asks how did he come inside, why did he come. He says I don’t know. She gets shocked seeing the cut on his shoulder. She says let me see, wait. He says I m fine, you go. She asks for first aid box.

She unbuttons his shirt. He asks what are you doing. She says I m not teasing you, let me see the wound. She helps him remove the shirt. He looks at her. She does the aid to his wound. Zindagi ye safar….plays… She holds him and makes him wear a tshirt. She asks him to take rest. She checks the door. He says thief has locked it, you have to go out from the window, come, I will help. She says no, I will go. She opens the window. She falls. Pritam holds her in arms.Amrita coming to her room. She stays disturbed thinking of Pritam. Jassi calls her and says Pritam and you looked cute together. Amrita says he is just a tenant, he is no one to me. She gets angry and ends call. She goes and stands under the shower. She changes and comes. Dadi asks what happened. Amrita says nothing. Angad asks what happened. Dadi says don’t know, she just had a bath and came.

Kabir asks at this time, is she fine. They hear Amrita crying. Amrita hugs Karan’s pic and cries. Dadi, Kabir and Angad look on sadly. Amrita says I m just yours, Karan. Umed gets angry on DK. He says you couldn’t get the diary, Pritam was hurt. DK says that woman came in between. Umed asks who. DK says the one who was in Ludhiana. Umed points gun at DK and scolds him. He asks DK to go. He asks the goon to kill DK. The goon asks shall I get that diary. Umed says Pritam would have removed the diary, he would need Sandy’s help to decode the diary, kill Pritam there.

Amrita is lost. Dadi says she couldn’t forget Karan’s sorrow. Angad says she has to come out of this sorrow. Guneet says call Pritam. Kamli says he went out with Kabir. Kabir and Pritam come. Kabir says Pritam got Rasmalai for everyone, I took him out to see his movement. Pritam asks where is Dada ji. Dadi says he went out with Mansoor. He asks them to call Nimmo. Soni says this has Rabdi and Jalebi also. Kamli says you got this for Amrita, right. Amrita asks what nonsense, why will he get it for me. Angad asks Nimmo to come, Pritam got Rasmalai for everyone. She refuses. He insists. He says Amrita was holding Karan’s pic and crying, she is much worried, come for my sake, you love me right. Guneet likes the rasmalai. Amrita says I don’t want to eat. Kabir asks why.

Pritam says have it, I got it for you. Amrita gets angry and throws the sweets. She asks who are you to get anything for me. She goes. Guneet says Nimmo made her upset. Nimmo says Amrita doesn’t want to talk to me, Guneet is holding me responsible. She goes. Guneet thinks what happened to Amrita. Meera thinks of Kabir. She sees Angad, Kabir and her pic. Kabir comes with Muskaan. Meera says Muskaan is making food for Kabir. Muskaan asks any problem, I made this with love. Meera stops her. She scolds Muskaan and sends her. Kabir asks what was this, how can you behave such. Meera says she didn’t need to feed you by hands. He asks why are you possessive for me. She says I like it when you are with me, I just think of you when I go home, I feel like you always stay with me. He asks why do you think so. She says because I love you Kabir. He gets shocked.

He asks what nonsense. She says love isn’t nonsense, I love you Kabir, I mean it, what happened, are you fine. He says yes. She says say something. He leaves. She holds her head. She says what did I say. Pritam goes to Amrita and asks the matter. Amrita says let me go. He says no, you have to tell me what’s my fault, what did I do.Amrita says you know Karan was my BF more than my husband, he used to take care of me and make me laugh, he loved kids, he said we will have kids, then life changed so much, he went to treat patients and do his duty, like soldiers go in army, then he never came back, I couldn’t tell him that I m pregnant, then Karan came back as Ansh. He says I know, Dada ji told me everything, but why are you telling this to me. She says to tell you that Karan is there, between you and me. She goes.

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