Guddan update Sunday 26 June 2022

Guddan 26 June 2022: Guddan says I have put in all the efforts in this function. DJ says we are all proud of you. Aarv says Pushpa will be shocked to see all this. Guddan says I have give Rashi to Agastya before Pushpa finds out.Pushpa comes. She says where I go, I light that place. DJ does their arti to welcome them. Shona says the decoration looks prettier than the the bride. Money sas yes it looks so good. Arushi says very impressive. Guddan says DJ and Aarv helped me. Saru comes. Pushpa says go and welcome Saru ma. Guddan does her arti. She recalls Saru hitting her. Pushpa says come in Saru ma. Saru says I hope my throne is reaady. Guddan says everything is ready. Aarav says come SJ, let us show you your real place. DJ says come.

Guddan 25 June 2022

Guddan says to Agastya this should keep happening to you. He says where’s Rashi. guddan says sleeping. He says why? Guddan says she was up all night. Pushpa comes and says what’s happening here? Agastya says I was asking about Rashi. She was getting ready in Guddan’s house. Pushpa says you said she was getting ready at our place. Agastya says she is doing final touch up here. Pushpa says where is she? Agastya says playing with kids.Guddan cooks. DJ says you’re so confident when you cook. She says it’s in my blood from papa’s talent. DJ says the food tastes so good.

Guddan comes out. Agastya saves her. Money says she always falls near him. Shona says use your feet. DJ says are you okay? Pushpa says she’s never okay. If anything goes wrong today, nothing would stay right. DJ says to Saru, stay at your place before I expose you.Guddan brings the thaal. Pushpa says Agastya, Niya put your rings here. They place it there. Pushpa says see how they are responsible and you’re useless. Saru says waiting for her to do a mistake. SJ says DJ, my welcome is left. DJ says what do you mean? Pushpa says wash her feet. Saru says maa is waiting for you. Aarav is angry. DJ says relax, not now. She says I will wash your feet and when I can, I will take the land beneath the feet.

Guddan says let me do this. You’re going through this because of me. Pushpa says hurry up. DJ says to Saru don’t forget your worth, I will make you beg for a drop of this water. DJ washes her feet. Saru screams. DJ says what happened? Got back to past? You asked me wash feet, didn’t say what should be the temperature of the water. Saru is in pain as the water is hot. DJ says saru ma ki jai.Guddan says I hope everything goes right. DJ says you’ve worked so hard. Everything would be fine. Agastya says why is Rashi not up. If maa finds out, she will be so bad. Pushpa goes upstairs to call pandit ji. Rashi is sleeping inside the room. Guddan says she will see rashi sleeping there.Agastya says where is Rashi.If maa finds out she will be so mad. Niya says how do I look? I got makeup done from the best artist. He says I don’t care. I want you to have a good bond with Rashi. She says why are you saying that? Agastya says did you even ask about her once?

Aarav hits a hanging ball and says Pushpa will make my sister servant? I will teach them a lesson. Arushi comes. He hits the ball. It almost hits her.she says sorry I came here without permission. He says when did you people care about ethics? She says I am not like my family. He says I know that’s why I planned the shot to miss you. She says you look so tensed. He says it’s about my family. She says what about girlfriend? He says what? Arushi says do you have a gf? She says we will talk about it later.

DJ is cooking. Shona comes with mustache and says this is for insult I did by drawing it on guddan’s mom. DJ says you insulted her in public then go with this in front of everyone. We won’t fall for your drama. DJ says it suits you. Shona tries to remove but it doesn’t remove.Pushpa looks for Shona. She comes outside the room Rashi is sleeping in. Guddan is scared. She says what if she sees Rashi. Pushp looks inside and says who is sleeping here? Guddan comes. Pushpa says I am looking for Shona. Guddan says I will find her. All guests are waiting for you. Pushpa leaves.Agastya sees Guddan. Pushpa looks for shona and money. Niya says I am sorry again. He says the relation is with Rashi. Work on it. Niya says in heart I wont let Rashi come between us.

Guddan tells Agastya Pushpaa was going to Rashi’s room. She says we havr to wake her up. Shona comes. She is wearing ghunghat. Pushpa says what is this? She says this is to keep evil eye off Agastya.Guddan and Agastya come to room to get Rashi ready but she isn’t there. Niya looks in, she heard their conversation and took Rashi. Niya took her. She says Agstya and his wealth will only be mine. I locked Rashi and no one can get to her.Agastya and Guddan look for Rashi. Guddan says rashi please come out. Guddan collides with Agastya. Niya comes in. She says everyone is waiting. You guys looks worried. Guddan says stressed about work. Niya says all okay? Says yes. Niya says come downstairs.

Niya comes downstairs. Pushpa says where were you? She says went to get water. Pushpa says ask Guddan to serve you. She says where is Agastya. Pandit ji says if Agastya doesn’t come on time this engagement won’t work. Pushpa says where is that Guddan. Pushpa asks Shona to pick ring. She falls and the rinng goes missing. Pushpa is angry. She says find the ring. Pushpa and Money look for ring. Shona finds the ring. Her ghunghat falls. Pushpa says what is this? You got me insulted. Get out of here. Shona leaves.DJ says you took it so seriously. Money says was so guilty. DJ says so there are some nice people in this house. Guddan and Agastya look for Rashi. Guddan says I hope she’s no in trouble.

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