Guddan update Friday 22 July 2022

Guddan 22 July 2022: Agastya says you deserved punishment. You always lied to me. I hate you and I always will. Everyone is shocked. Agastya goes out. Sona says Chiku please stop. I know you’re hurt. But jiji did all this. Don’t punish Guddan. Bring her home. Agastya says it’s too late. Her mom doesn’t want us together. Everything is over. Guddan could stay. But she gave the mangalsutra. Sona says she had otherwise.. Agastya says otherwise I would die right? Am I living now? If she didn’t go her mom would not have stopped me from bringing her back. She didn’t even think about our baby before deciding this. Sona says jiji made a situation that she had no option. Agastya says was our love so weak. Sona says this is your love not anger. He says there’s no love left. I don’t wanna talk about her. Sona says she forgave you. Agastya recalls their wedding. Sona says don’t end your marriage because of someone else’ sin. Agastya says everything is over now. I will only do what my heart says now. Sona prays please save their relationship. Please fix everything.

Someone comes in Choti’s room in a hoodie. Choti says who are you? Choti says leave me. He takes her somewhere. Agastya takes off the hoodie. Choti says you kidnapped me? He says you also left my mangalsutra. Choti says this is wrong. He says now this is wrong? Choti says try to understand. I am talking to mama. This will ruin things more. Agaastya says things were ruined when you left me in the hospital. Anyone else would not have seen your face. But I had to bring you here to tell you I hate you. You have only seen my love, now you will see my hate. Choti is shocked. Choti says this isn’t right. Try to understand. He says who will understand me? My anger? My feelings. Choti says I know you are hurt. I did it all because I had no option. I did what was right. Agastya says you are my wife and your place is here with me. Choti says I will talk to mama. He says no you have to choose, me or your mom. Choti says what are you saying. How can I choose one? She is my mom and you are my husband. Please don’t put me in such a situation. He says then I will choose for you. You will stay here. He locks the door and leaves.

Choti says Agastya please open the door. This will make matters worse. Choti says mama will be so worried.Aarav says bari maa choti is nowhere. Her phone is off as well. Guddan says I know where she is and who took her. Aarav says where? Guddan says where she shouldn’t have gone and where all bad people are. I have to bring her back and I know how.Choti says Agastya please open the door. She says mama must be so worried.Choti comes downstairs. The hall is all decorated. Choti is shocked. There’s a backdrop of ‘welcome back’. Choti says what is this Agastya? Agastya comes there and says tell me chasmish. Choti says what is all this? He says I planned all this to welcome you. You couldn’t be welcomed the right way last time. Why are you worried? It’s time to celebrate. Choti says mama must be worried. Sona, Rashi, Arushi, Money and Hitan come playing drum and dance. Choti says I have to go. They sing kab se aye tere dulhay raja. Agastya dances around her.

They all sing Sajan ji ghar aye and dance around Choti. Agastya says before you plan on leaving me, I must take evil eyes off you. He says come in. Pushpa and Niya come in with thaal. Agastya says do your bahu’s arti maa. Pushpa does her arti. Agastya says take your own evil eye off her Nita. Choti says if mama finds out I am not there she will come here. Choti says can I go now? Agastya says why are you so hasty? Real celebration is left. Choti is shocked.Choti says can I go now? He says real celebration is left. He brings a cake. choti says what is all this? He says don’t take stress. Agastya says we have entertainment as well. He asks Pushpa and Niya to dance and says now entertain. Do it right now. Agastya says Chachi you helped your jiji in wrong things. Sona says jiji start the dance please. They dance. Agastya dances with Choti on the song sweetheart. He picks her.

Guddan comes in and says stop this drama. Choti says mama.. Guddan says I thought you’re wise but you’re just like your mom. How dare you bring my daughter here. Agastya says she’s my wife. She will stay here with me. Guddan says choti come with me. Agastya says no sasu ma. She won’t go anywhere. Guddan says you don’t know me yet. I will take my daughter with me. Agastya says let’s ask your daughter. Who will you choose? Your mom or husband? Guddan says I will decide that not Choti. And where were you when you had to save her? Now I am here to fix everything. She says Aarav bring Choti. She isn’t respected here. Aarav comes to Choti. Guddan holds her hand and takes her out.

Choti recalls her promises to Agastya. She recalls her moments with Agastya. Choti stops. Guddan looks at her. Choti leaves Guddan’s hand. Choti runs back to Agastya and hugs him. Everyone is shocked. Agastya picks her.Pushpa says to Guddan one thing is common between us. Your daughter doesn’t listen to you and my son doesn’t listen to me. You don’t like my son, I don’t like your daughter. Your daughter left you and hugged my son. What will you do now? Guddan says I didn’t lose, I win. Your son has gone against you. He chose my daughter over you. We can’t be common. You hate my daughter because you want your benefit from Niya’s father. I only want my daughter’s happiness. That she got today. Your son has a good heart but a little immature. Since I met you I realized, if motherhood is misused it can be toxic. Your son won’t listen to you now.So see, who lost today. This drum is the sound of my daughter’s win and your loss. I promise you, I will get you punished for your sins.

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