Lost in Love update Saturday 23 July 2022

Lost in Love 23 July 2022: Ninad yells these are Sai’s special guests from whom this drama is created. Karishma tells that today Diwali will be celebrated in our house. They say blast. Pakhi looks at Virat. Virat goes to Sai and asks Pulkit to come inside. Pulkit nods. Virat tells that Pulkit and Tai are Sai’s special guests and she called him for the rasam. She says they were married for a few days. Sai asks Bhavani and Ninad to welcome them. Virat asks Pulkit to come inside and says you are most welcome. Kaku tells that she will not let her damad enter without the aarti. She asks Sai to bring the aarti. Sai says I will bring it. Devyani gets happy and stands with Pulkit. Virat says I will welcome both Tai and Pulkit. Devyani asks really? Virat says my one misunderstanding had blinded my mind and eyes and I couldn’t see your happiness, though I attended your wedding. He shows the aarti plate decorated by Sai and tells that she has done so much for you, but I couldn’t help her.

He says he couldn’t even pull Pulkit’s ear and couldn’t ask him to take care of my Tai. He says when my Tai has come home, I will do all the rasams. Devyani says ok.He does their aarti and hopes that they have forgiven her for his past mistakes. Devyani says when you came to my marriage, I was very afraid, but now as you are speaking well, I am liking it. Virat regrets his mistake. He pulls Pulkit’s ear and asks him to be with his Tai always and take care of her. Kaku asks him to twist his ear more. Pulkit promises to take care of her and keep her happy. Devyani asks Virat to leave Pulkit’s ear. Virat asks her to pull his ear. She pulls Virat’s ear. Virat welcomes Devyani and Pulkit in the latter’s Sasural. Bhavani fumes with anger. Pulkit tells Sai that he has brought sweets for everyone. Sai asks him to give to Aai, as she is the elder of the house. Pulkit asks Ashwini Kaku for blessings and asks her to take the sweets. Ashwini gets glad and emotional, tells Sai that she has realized that even she has her identity after she came in the house. She tells that she has given her precious gift, respect.

She tells Pulkit that it was not needed. Pulkit says I came to my Sasural for the first time. Karishma and Sonali talk that they are racket and shuttlecock, whatever Sai tells is obeyed by Virat.Pulkit asks Sai why did she prepare for lunch, as she has done so much for them already. Sai says just like you are damad, I am bahu of the house and I have done just normal preparations. Pakhi asks why are you doing the duty of a bahu when you had said that you have come here to take care of Virat. She says neither this is your family nor you are bahu of this house, then why are you fulfilling the duty of a bahu. Sai says I accept that my memory is weak and asks if everyone’s memory is weak too. She reminds Pakhi that she has told everyone that she came home for her husband, whatever she has done today is for her husband. She says Virat sir has repentance that he couldn’t be the part of Devyani and Pulkit’s marriage, so she called them here for lunch so that Virat gets free of this guilt. Pakhi asks her not to say nonsense. Ashwini tells that Sai is Virat’s wife, so she is also a family member like you. She says the truth can’t change that Sai is the bahu of this house and asks her to calm down. Sai asks Devyani and Pulkit to touch elders’ feet and take their blessings. Devyani refuses and says they want to separate Pulkit and me. Pulkit asks her to forget the past and tells her that they shall take the elders’ blessings.

Devyani refuses. Sai says for me. Devyani says ok.Pulkit and Devyani touch Ashwini’s blessings. Ashwini blesses them. Sonali says how come Bhavani is hearing the nonsense? Omkar looks on. Pulkit asks Devyani to touch Bhavani’s feet, but the latter stops them. She says when I came to take you from your marriage, you had pushed me and today you are touching my feet. She pushes her as well. Pulkit holds Devyani and asks if she is fine. Devyani cries and says she didn’t want to come here. She says my bad Aai has held my hand tightly and pushed me. She says I want to go. Pulkit says you can tell us anything, but if anyone pushes Devi or touch her, then it won’t be good. Bhavani says she is my daughter first. Pulkit says she is my wife now. Virat tells Bhavani that whatever Devyani had done, was due to her fear and innocence. He asks her not to refuse to give blessings to her. Ashwini asks Bhavani to accept Devyani and Pulkit, and bless them. She says don’t let your stubbornness overpower your love for her. She asks her to see how happy Devi is with Pulkit. Bhavani taunts Ashwini and tells that though you got the Sai wings, the higher you fly, the faster you will fall down.

She then insults Pulkit and says you were a Servant and even now you are a Servant in my sight.Bhavani refuses to accept Pulkit and regards him just as a Servant. She blames him for trapping Devyani and married her with Sai’s help. Virat says whatever Sai and Pulkit had done is for Tai’s happiness. Bhavani says if they will tell me about my daughter’s happiness. She tells Virat that he has given enough liberty to Sai, that she called them for lunch. She says Sai does all the things which she is not supposed to do. She tells Pulkit that what he thought that they will bless him. She tells that she will purify her house with gangajal after he leaves and walks away from there. Ninad scolds Pulkit and asks if he doesn’t have shame to stay away from them. Omkar tells that he is not suitable for forgiveness. Devyani asks Sai if she saw how they behaved and insisted to go home. She cries. Virat says whatever Bhavani told was in anger.

Pulkit asks Devyani to see how Ashwini respected them and give them so much love. Ashwini asks Devyani to have food. Devyani refuses and insisted to go home. Sai tries to stop her from leaving. Pakhi asks Virat if his ideal wife gave him an idea then didn’t he think that drama will happen here. Virat says I had told Sai to inform the elders, but I don’t think that Sai has done any mistake by calling them here. Pakhi says you never see Sai’s mistake. She apologizes to Pulkit and requests him to go from there. Pulkit says you are right, we shall go from here. Sai asks Pulkit to make Devi understand. Virat asks him to wait, said that Pakhi said the thing at the wrong time, as they are family now. Devyani asks Sai to promise her that nobody will talk to her badly. Sai promises and asks Virat to take them inside. She goes to talk to Bhavani.

Bhavani asks how dare you to come here after doing so much drama. Sai brushes off her hand and tells that she came to talk to her. Bhavani says she has nothing to do with nonsense talks and people. Sai asks her not to tell that she has nothing to do with Devi and asks if she can’t see her happiness, Pulkit is taking care of her so well. Bhavani makes her go out of her house and tells her that neither you have any relation with me nor I have, asks her to stay away from her. She tries to close the door. Sai opens the door forcefully and asks where is Devyani’s child. Sonali gets bored sitting and thinks about what could be the title of this film. Ashwini asks her to be silent. Mohit asks Virat to go and see what they are talking about. Virat assures him that Sai will handle everything as she has the quality to do anything. Pakhi taunts Virat and says Sai can handle anyone, but her husband can’t handle her.

Ashwini tries to convince Devyani to have food and talks about abshagun. She asks Ninad to say. Ninad tells that abshagun happened when this girl married the Servant. Virat tells Ninad that he shall think before saying in anger, as the words leave an impression for life. He apologizes to Devyani. Devyani cries and insists to go home. Pulkit asks her to calm down. Sai goes inside Bhavani’s room and locks the door. She says I will go from here, but first tell me where is Devi Tai’s child. Bhavani says she has heard enough of her nonsense question and lecture. Sai asks her to tell. Bhavani says I just know that Devyani has no child. Sai asks then why are you feeling tensed and drank water. She asks what are you hiding? Bhavani says you are saying nonsense. She asks if she took Devyani’s words seriously and says she is mad and talks nonsense. She tells that Pulkit’s love is just for 4 days and then his love will turn into hatred, he can’t handle her. Sai says if he can handle her and give love to her all life. Bhavani says I can’t be happy with imagination and asks her to just wait and see. Sai asks her if Pulkit loves Devyani all life, then? Bhavani says it will not happen.

Sai says I am sure that Pulkit loves Devyani very much and I am sure that Devyani’s child is alive. Bhavani gets tensed. Sai says you can fool the family members, but not me. She says you are hiding a truth. Bhavani asks her to bet with her and asks her to begin searching devyani’s child who was never born. Sai says how can you be so stone-hearted being a mother and wants to bet with me. She says did you tell Pulkit that their child is born dead? Bhavani asks what she wants to say? Sai says I know that you had given Devi’s child to an orphanage. Bhavani asks her to think a thousand times before accusing her. Sai says Devi Tai had a daughter and shows her pic to her. She tells that this is the same girl whom you had given in the orphanage.She says their daughter is staying in a good family and going to school. She tells that she has proofs for her each word.

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