Guddan update Tuesday 21 June 2022

Guddan 21 June 2022: Guddan collides with Agastya. Their heads hit each other. Guddan says don’t waste my time. He says I am a handsome package to watch. And proposals come from all over India. She says there are many crazy people in India. He says you can’t recognize beauty. Guddan says shut up you rotten Chiku. Guddan says you should take extra care of Rashi? He says you mean I don’t take care of her? Guddan says this isn’t about ego. You’re her dad. He says you couldn’t handle anything on your life and now giving me lectures? Focus on your work. Guddan leaves.

Niya says to Pushpa Rashi looks so good. See our photos. Niya says Rashi wasn’t letting me go. She was so happy to know I I will be coming here. Pushpa says she never listens to me. Pushpa says I am sure you will be handle to everything. She looks at Guddan and says some girls can’t even walk properly. Guddan trips. Pushpa says are how the preps? She says good. Pushpa says they better be. If you make any mistake, I will take that restaurant for you forever. Saru ma asked to bring all this stuff for pooja. Guddan says I have to be careful.DJ gets things ready for the pooja. Guddan gets the temple ready. DJ comes and helps Guddan. DJ says I have handled everything. Aarav is bringing the chocolates. DJ says when is Rashi coming? Guddan says I invited everyone. DJ says rest of them are not worth it. Guddan says we are not like them.

Aarav says Guddan can’t handle everything. Arushi says let her go. Agastya says she can’t take care of Rashi. Arushi says I will be with her. Rashi says please let me go. Agastya says okay go. Niya hears it and says I will teach them a lesson.Rashi comes to the Jindal house. Guddan cleans her feet. They give her gifts. Pushpa comes outside. She says Saru ma you asked me to come otherwise I won’t have come. Pushpa says I came to do pooja here. Saru says they invited us on Navratri. They go inside. Guddan says thank you for coming here, Guddan does their arti. Rashi says apply tika on popa. The tilak falls from her hand and it goes in Agastya’s eyes. He rushes to wash it. Guddan says I am sorry. He says how can anything go right.

Rani comes and says Guddan,.. She hugs her. She says you have done the decorations so well. Rani says I am Rani. Guddan says I thought I should call her since she’s in Indoor. Rani says I want to fulfill my dreams. Apna time aye ga. Guddan says I wanted to fulfill my dream as well. Rani says you can do anything. Guddan says I will pray for you. She gives her parsad.The function starts. Agastya dances with Guddan. Aarav dances with Arushi. Money also joins them. Agastya looks at Guddan. Guddan falls Agastya holds her. Niya is angry to look at them. Rashi coughs. She says something to Guddan. Guddan takes her to the washroom.Guddan is in room. Someone comes there. It’s a woman. Guddan says what are you doing here? She says there’s a fight downstairs. Everyone is calling you. Guddan goes downstairs. The masked kidnapper comes to room and kindaps Rashi.

Agastya asks Guddan where is Rashi? Can’t you take care of one kid. Guddan looks for Rashi. She’s nowhere. Agastya says where is my daughter. We all have to suffer because of you. You’re just like your mom who only did mistakes. Guddan shouts and says shut up. Don’t say a word about my mom. Everyone loves and respects her. I always try. I won’t eat until I find Rashi. Agastya says find her. Guddan goes out looking for Rashi.Agastya says we have to inform police. Guddan sees her thread outside the house. Guddan says she’s here. Guddan sees Rashi’s earring as well. Rashi is in the car but her mouth is tapped. The kidnapper tries to drive but the car doesn’t move. He back. It ‘s guddan. She has tied the car.

Guddan stops the car and get Rashi out. The kidnapper puts a knife on Guddan. Agastya comes and hits him. He says why are you doing all this? He says taking revenge. You took my gf. Tell them Nitya who am I? She left me for money. she left me to marry you. I decided I will ruin the entire Birla house. Agastya says you can’t harm my family.Agastya asks Money to call police. Agastya says this all happened because of Niya. Niya says he’s lying. We never had a relationship. He only stalks me. Agastay says how can I trust you? Pushpa says I trust Niya,. Rashi is fine, So stop it. The guy says NIya I will come back. Niya says can I say sorry to Rashi? Pushpa says yes.Niya says to Rashi because of you I was insulted. Your bad days are starting from tomorrow. Now come in with me smiling. Guddan looks at Rashi. Agastya takes off Guddan’s hair. He says you lied. I thought you can’t do anything but you did what no one could. I am grateful to you for saving Rashi. Guddan says anyone could do it. He says you’re the best. I know you can do anything. Believe in yourself. Thanks for everything.

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