Guddan update Sunday 31 July 2022

Guddan 31 July 2022: Agastya sits down crying. He recalls what Pushpa said. Choti comes and sits next to him. Choti says mummy ji is getting better. We are going to our place. We will go from here. I will forget what happened. Let’s start anew. I will take care of mummy ji. She will be fine. If she’s away from mama, her stress would go away. Everything would be okay. We will all live together. Agastya says in heart you’re so innocent. You want to forget everything because you love me. Agastya hugs her and picks her. Agastya says you take care of everyone, I will take care of you. You must be tired. Go sleep, our baby must be tired. Agastya says in heart you’re being a good DIL and I will be a good husband. I will push her away.

Guddan says how do I stop Choti from leaving this house. I can’t trust Pushpa. I have to keep her away from Choti to save her. Agastya comes there and touches her feet. He says I need your blessings for what I am going to do. Guddan says what? He says I stayed here so my mom learns from you how a mother is. But today, when I got to know her truth again, I realized she can never changed. I thought she would change but I realized she can’t change. I wish my mom was like you. But she isn’t. You were right I get fooled by her. But not anymore. I will punish my mom for all the atrocities she did to my wife. I will be strong like you wanted me to. I want your blessings. Guddan gives him her blessings.Everyone is in the hall. Choti is ready to leave. Pushpa says Agastya let’s go. She says Choti, I will do whatever you want me to. She says Agastya why are you on the side? Come let’s go. Bell rings. Ít’s police. Inspector says we are here to arrest Pushpa Birla for the injustice she did to her DIL. She did domestic abuse.

She tried to kill her DIL. Everyone is shocked. Choti says who called you? Agasty says I did. She hit my wife, tortured her and then tried to kill her. Take her and punish her for her sins. Pushpa says don’t even dare to touch me.Pushpa says you called police Agastya? You will send your mom to jail? The mom who gave birth to you. I never knew you would make me wear handcuffs. When did you grow up like that? You’re so away from me, I couldn’t even know. You’re a husband, father, and SIL but I lost my son. You couldn’t be my son. I hope no mother goes through what I have to. Inspector says are you done? Let’s go now. They arrest Pushpa.

Choti says Agastya please stop them. They will take maa. Rashi says please don’t take dadi maa. She cries. Choti says please stop them Agastya. Rashi cries. Choti says Agastya.. Mama.. Please ask him to stop all this. It will ruin everything. Please ask them not to take her. Guddan says this is justice not revenge. I am not happy with all this but satisfied because this is right. Choti says it isn’t. Please stop them Agastya. Agastya is silent.Guddan says Agastya please stop them. They will take mummy ji. Guddan says mummy ji.. They take Pushpa with them. Agastya is silent. Arushi is teary. She says you did right bhai. Bhabhi had to get justice. She’s our mother. But how will you live with this decision?The inspector says I will hit you and show you what we do to SILs who hit their DIL. Choti comes there and says you can’t do this. Inspector says we brought here because of you. And you’re saving here? Choti says I thought people are safe with police at least. I will complain about you. Pushpa cries. Choti gives her water. Choti says nothing would happen to you. Pushpa sobs. Choti says please don’t cry.

Talk to me at least.Guddan says to Agastya you should be strong. Money says yeah we should do his arti. Guddan says what is that? He says we should do your pooja. No son has ever done this. Agastya says stop it. What are you doing? Money says don’t touch me. What you have done, I feel ashamed to call you my brother. Agastya says it was important. He says police took my mom as well. Congrats, my mom is also stuck because of you. Why did you have to drag her. What was her mistake? Your one decision has ruined everything. Guddan says because Niya and your mom were also a part of this sin. Money says she stopped way before, she apologized and never helped Pushapa after that. Am I wrong bhabhi? Mummy realized her mistake and you forgave her. Why all this then? Tell me. I am so done. He says no one ever took me seriously but all of this is happening because of you, he points at Guddan and says you’re making our lives hell. You can do anything right? Bring my mom here. I won’t let you live.

Agastya slaps him and says she’s my MIL, my wife’s mom. Don’t dare to talk to her like that. It’s all my mistake not hers. He says you became a donkey in love.Arushi says calm down Money. He says I will only calm down when my mom here. Agastya says calm down. He says don’t do this drama. You have 24 hours. Do whatever you want with your mom. I will burn this house down if my mom isn’t back. You have 24 hours only. Agastya apologizes to Guddan. Hitank also apologizes to Guddan. Arushi says what is happening. Aarav says I will solve everything.Aarav says Bari maa please don’t do this. No one is happy. Choti says celebrate. Everything is ruined. My husband is a perfect house SIL. My whole family broke Happy.

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