Unspoken Bond update Friday 22 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 22 July 2022: Episode starts with Nandini reading the bad reviews. Darsh says someone is cheating us, we do the work sincerely, they will get a chance to blame me, they will say a blind man can’t manage business. Nandini says the people are running fake business by taking an advantage of the successful name of Rawals, I will see how anyone blames you, I also work for this company, we can’t let the name get spoiled. He goes to meet Rajvi. Nandini reads another review. She says I have heard someone saying this. Rakla gives the money. He says think how happy you get when you get love. Gunjan asks him to get up. Rakla holds her close and says I know Shobit doesn’t love you, I still love you. Gunjan says everything is fine between Shobit and myself.

Rakla says Shobit gets scared when you touch him. She says your wife has no charm, don’t forget that you are a servant in our house. He says yes, you have much charm. She says take a bath and come when you meet me next time. She asks Rakla to leave, Shobit has come. He leaves from the window. Nandini comes there and shows the negative reviews. She says you have written bad reviews about Rawal sweets. Gunjan asks why would I do this. Shobit comes from the bathroom. Gunjan gets shocked. He asks what happened. Nandini says I came to meet Gunjan, you should know what she did, she gave medicines to Rajvi and Dada ji on time. She thinks to find proof against Gunjan. She goes. Shobit shuts the door and says he went from the window, right. Gunjan asks who. He says Rakla. Gunjan worries.Darsh says I send sweets for packaging after quality tests. Rajvi says we know, I will talk to shareholders. He says I know its not about my blindness, no one can spoil our big name. Nandini comes. Rajvi says we should call Shobit also. She asks Vipul to call Shobit. Vipul says I left a message.

Gunjan says Rakla and I had an affair before my marriage, its nothing like that now, believe me, I don’t even talk to him, he had some work. He gets a belt. She gets scared and says no Shobit, I should have told you before about Rakla, Naveen also didn’t beat me till now, how can you beat me. Shobit says its okay. He wears the belt. He says I also loved Charmy before marriage, everyone has a past. She says it means you didn’t feel bad knowing about Rakla and me. He says no, its okay, but if Nandini told the truth, that you wrote negative reviews about Rawal sweets, then I will feel really bad. He goes. Gunjan says I should get happy or feel bad, he didn’t feel bad knowing about Rakla and me.Darsh says we should hire a professional hacker and find out who is posting negative reviews. Shobit comes and says Darsh is right. Vipul says shareholders shouldn’t know about the bad reviews. Shobit says we should shut Goa project, shareholders aren’t happy that Darsh is handling it, they don’t see Darsh’s capabilities, if we work on Jaipur outlet.

Darsh says we can’t shut Goa project if we get bad reviews, I m not giving up, we should not shut the store, we should think of making our name clean. Rajvi says I agree, Shobit this time your thinking is wrong. Nandini says if anyone spread fake rumours about my shop, I would have told everyone that I make sweets with love and win everyone’s hearts again, we will go online and tell everyone, how we make sweets and do the packaging, making sweets isn’t just business, but a heritage of ancestors.Darsh and Rajvi like the idea. Darsh says Nandini can be our representative and talk in the video. Nandini says no. He says stay confidence. Rajvi says you have to do as Darsh tells, he is the boss. Nandini says fine. They smile. Shobit says no, we can’t keep Nandini in the video, I mean we should keep a popular face, it can reach man people then. He suggests to take Reena Choudhary. Darsh says she won a pageant last year right. Rajvi says but its about family. Shobit says Darsh will shoot the video, its sorted. Nandini says its good I m not in the video, maybe Reena is some model, but I make better sweets.

Rajvi comes and says you are here, Reena has come, she is so beautiful, Darsh is shooting there alone. Nandini says I m not interested in shoots. Rajvi smiles. Nandini goes to see. Reena says you are blind and you will make the video. Darsh says I m not the first blind photographer, trust me, it will be fine, I can make a short video and show you. Nandini comes and asks Darsh to make her video. She praises him in front of Reena. Reena says you don’t know me, I have one million followers. Nandini says he won an award in Paris, he has many followers who run after his car, I will change and come, then we will start shooting. Darsh says wait.He asks will you wear these short clothes. Nandini says I m acting to make her agree, I don’t wear such clothes. He says I had imagined you in short clothes. She says don’t dare. He asks her to change and come. Reena asks can I see his work. Nandini says you should have done homework before. She takes Darsh’s phone and shows the awards he won.

Reena says this is stunning, I couldn’t identify you, the famous Darsh Rawal. Nandini says I will come in the video now. Reena says fine, if I didn’t need money, I would have not come in the video, you are selling junk instead sweets. Darsh asks did you order anything. She says yes, I had ordered sweets, it was bad.Nandini asking Reena to taste the sweets made by Rawals. Reena refuses. Darsh says I insist, take a bite and see. Reena tastes the sweets. She says this is so good. Darsh says that’s Rawal sweets, the sweets delivered to you is fake. She says but the box is same. She shows the box. Nandini says its our box, but the design is new. Darsh says but this new boxes design is not provided to anyone, it means some insider is doing this. Nandini says we shall go to the factory. They leave. Darsh says if the investors know, then they will get another chance to blame me for being blind. Nandini says it won’t happen. She sees the checkpost. Darsh asks what happened, why is the road shut. Constable says CM is coming. Darsh asks how will we reach now. She sees some pillows in the backseat. She acts to be pregnant, and undergoing labor pain. She gets permission to go ahead. Darsh asks how did you get this idea. She says we have to go to the factory.

Rajvi hears Jhunjhunwala’s message. She says if he refuses to invest, then, we know how is he. Vipul says don’t know who is running this fake business, how will we prove the cheating. Shobit is relaxed.Guard says the workers left an hour ago. Nandini says okay. Darsh says everything is going wrong, Jhunjhunwala is the biggest investor of Rawal sweets, he supports us, I m not capable of handling the business, I don’t want my family to pay a price for this. She thinks he is worried for his family. She says I have an idea.Gunjan asks do you have headache, I have good knowledge of medicines. She checks the list. She asks him to take medicines. Shobit says you don’t have the medicine for my problem, I have to repent for my sin. Gunjan checks the meaning and asks what, sin? He laughs. She says I m trying to be like Charmy, she was also a doctor. He says you don’t need to become like anyone, I want things to get fine between us, I want to look into Darsh and Nandini’s life, how they have love between them.

She says I can spy on them. He says fine, update me about them, its to spice up our life. He hugs her.Darsh says we have to wait till the morning. Nandini asks how did the lights go. The door gets locked. He asks did it get dark. He says relax, I don’t get scared of darkness, I will open the door, come with me. He checks the door. He cares for her. She thinks I won’t let you fail in front of the investors. Aapki nazron…plays..Nandini calls Reena. She asks her to help them catch the culprit. Reena agrees. Its morning, Nandini calls her and asks if she got any call. Reena says I didn’t get any info about delivery guy. Nandini sees Rakla there. She goes to Rajvi. She asks her not to worry, they can’t make Darsh leave the chair. Police comes and asks for Darsh. Darsh says its me. Inspector says we got a complaint, many people got ill after having Rawal sweets, two are admitted in the hospital, you have to come with us to the police station.

Rajvi asks do you have any warrant or proof. Darsh says I will go with them, maybe Lord wants me not to head this project. His watch gets stuck in her bracelet. She cries. Aapki manzil hoon mai….plays… Darsh goes. Reena calls Nandini. Nandini says thanks, Reena got a call from delivery guy, I will go and catch that culprit. Vipul says I will come along. Nandini says stay here, wait for me, stop Jhunjhunwala from taking any decision. Vipul says I hope everything gets sorted before he comes.Rajvi says he is coming in half an hour, how would I say that Darsh went to police station, can Nandini catch those cheaters on time.


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