Guddan update Friday 10 June 2022


Guddan 10 June 2022: Guddan collides with two guys. She bows down. They think she’s giving them hand. She picks her band and leaves. Guddan says these bruises are after me. She comes to the sweetness. He says why does it happen to you only? She says parents left me these genes. I fall, second, I get up when I fall. He says third? She cooks the chaat and says this. He says Indoor eats chaat from my hand and you make it for me. She says have this chaat. The thugs hold her hand says make us eat too. Chacha shoves them. He says we will eat chaat from her hand. Guddan says don’t misbehave with Chacha I will get you the chaat. Chacha adds so many spices. They say make us eat. They eat it and scream here and here. Their mouths burn. He says you did this intentionally. Guddan says it slipped from my hands.

Guddan 9 June 2022

The guy picks a red color and come towards her. Guddan says I made a mistake. Someone throws a bat at them.It’s Aarav. Durga comes there as well. The thug says who are you? He says cricket play my hobby, free by profession, Jindal house’s son and this girl’s sister. How dare you tease my sister. He hits them. The guys run. Guddan says DJ, Bhai. Durga says DJ is always with you. No one can harm you. DJ will always protect you. Aarav says wow I did everything and you took the credit. Guddan says I have to go now. Chacha says you take such good care of her. Durga says she’s my daughter. This is my family. It’s our job to protect her. Like her mom protected us. Aarav says let’s go home.

Guddan comes to the police station. She gives the inspector chaat. He says it’s so good. He says your mummy papa.. Guddan says have more chaat. He says forget the question that your parents.. She says if you consider me family don’t stop this investigation. He says you have been coming here for 10 years. I have a demand, don’t stop bringing the chaat. She says just keep investigating. I am sure you will find mama and papa. She leaves. Inspector says she has been hoping all her life that AJ and Guddan are alive. How do I tell her there’s no hope now. If they were, they would have been found by now.Guddan comes to the restaurant. She says to the manager don’t put garland and candle on mama papa’s photo. He says they aren’t in this world so.. Guddan says they are busy somewhere.

They can’t come to me but they will. He says sorry madam. Guddan says prepare for the party. Guddan says papa I will take this restaurant a lot forward. I have arranged a party it will be super hit like mama’s movies and your food. I have made desi food that this city loves. I have worn mama’s favorite colors. Manager says the food is ready.Guddan comes to check the food. She smells and says there’s extra salt in it. He says how do you know without tasting? Guddan says food is felt. We are an artist not businessmen. Guddan adds oil in it to fix it. She serves all the food. The chef says bug people are coming today.Guddan says I will handle everything.

The ladies come in. Guddan welcomes them. A lady says party will start once Mrs. Birla comes. Pushpa comes in. They all sat amazing saree. They say how beautiful is your necklace. It was made for Mrs. Agarwal but you get what you want. Pushpa says I never let th ings go out of my hands that I like. Guddan collides with Pushpa and says I am sorry. Please have a seat. They all sit down. Pushpa says this girl looks like I have seen her. Guddan says in heart I have seen her. Pushpa says hey girl. Guddan stops. She says bring me juice only. A lady says Sona booked the entire restaurant and three-course meals. You’re only ordering juices? Sona says pandit ji asked her to fast today. Pushpa says fasting today solves all the problems. Pushpa looks at AJ and Guddan’s photos. Sona says this girl looks like Guddan that heroin. They resemble a lot. Sona makes mustache on Guddan’s face and says I never watched her movies. She fell some day. They laugh. Choti comes and says stop.


Guddan says that’s my mom. The woman says should we add a mustache on your face too? They spray Guddan’s face and laugh. Shona says your mom was an actress, she’s still entertaining us. Guddan says go from here. Shona says we are Birlas. That’s Birals. You have no worth to kick us out of this digusting restaurants. Guddan says anyone who insults my parents isn’t a guest for us. Birla says why did you take money from us in advance if you choose guests as per their manners? Guddan says nothing is more important than my parent’s respect. Pushpa says your are ill-mannerd to talk us back. Guddan says it’s only about love and respect. My papa gave it to me. He asked me to never give up on manners and truth.Pushpa recalls who she is. She recalls how her deal was ruined by Choti. Shona says she has been running this business for over two decades.

Pushpa says that day as well you ruined my good mahorat. You didn’t learn your lesson in 10 days. The girl who doesn’t put garland on her parent’s pictures, how do you aspect respect from her? This restaurant isn’t their gift. It’s a cage where there souls are trapped and they would only be released when their daughter learns to respect her guests.Guddan says enough Pushpa Birla. Guddan shoves Pushpa and says my mama papa are alive. I will decide when to put garland on their photo. What do you know about them? My mama was a super artist. My papa was the best chef in this city. You don’t need to tell me about them. They’re my pride. Go from here before I regret my words. Don’t ever be seen near this place again.

Puhspa walks towards her car in anger. Pushpa says I Pushpa Birla vow that soon this restaurant will have my name. The person who gets it empty will get 1 crore.Puspha says you can’t manage this restaurant. I will take it from you and have my name on the nameplate. I will put a garland on your parent’s picture. your countdown has started. She leaves.Choti is silent. Aarav asks DJ do you know why is she upset? They ask her. Choti says they will snatch it from me. She tells them everything. DJ says look at this chit wall. She wrote her mistakes on his wall so she doesn’t repeat them. I make you write your success and dreams here. So you believe in yourself. Write here that you can do it. You can save your restaurant. Aarav says your brother is always with you. DJ says believe in yourself. These chits are your dreams, write and never forget them.Guddan says mama papa everyone says you’re not there. My heart knows you’re alive. Choti cries. Guddan says what will I do mama if they take my restaurant. Please come for sometime. I am so alone. Please. She hugs Guddan’s photo and cries.

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