Guddan November 2022 Teasers

Guddan November teasers 2022: Parv spikes the Jindal family’s food with sleeping pills. He tries to forcefully marry Revati.

Tuesday 1st November 2022
Lakshmi attends the evening ‘prayer’ with Angad whilst pretending to be Guddan. Later, Guddan sees AJ at the hospital and is shocked to see him being electrocuted  by Angad.

Guddan rescues AJ from the hospital but Angad’s goons abduct him again at a temple. Angad threatens Guddan to marry him if she wants AJ safe. Later, Angad while forcibly marrying Guddan on the wedding ‘mandap’, is shocked to see AJ come back home.

Wednesday 2nd November 2022
AJ is suffering from partial amnesia and doesn’t remember Guddan. AJ informs Guddan about pretending to suffer from partial amnesia. Later, AJ asks for Guddan’s help to expose Angad accomplice.

Rocky overhears Guddan and AJ’s conversation and threatens to reveal it to Angad. To find out Angad’s partner in crime, AJ and Guddan plant a fake letter in Angad’s room.

Thursday 3rd November 2022
In an drunk state, Guddan mistakes Angad to be AJ and reveals their plan. Later, Guddan and AJ save Angad from Rocky. Angad confesses to AJ that Saraswati was the mastermind of the plan against him.

Guddan requests everyone to allow Saraswati a chance to redeem herself. Shanti gets angry at Guddan’s daughter-in-law for not living up to her traditional standards. Later, she gets impressed with Guddan for being a strict mother-in-law.

Friday 4th November 2022

As challenged, to make mango milkshakes for orphaned kids, Durga and Shanti team up against Guddan and Lakshmi. Later, Durga ruins Guddan’s chances of winning.

Shanti challenges Guddan to a dance competition between Durga and Lakshmi. Later, Lakshmi gets injured while practicing which leads to Guddan replacing her in the competition.

Saturday 5th November 2022
During the competition, Durga commands Saraswati to play songs that Durga has practiced for her performance. Upon overhearing Shanti’s threats to Durga, Guddan deliberately loses the competition.

Parv gets angry with Revati for getting friendly with Angad. Later, a video of Lakshmi dancing at a party leaked on the internet. Vardan tells Lakshmi that he wants a divorce from her.

Sunday 6th November 2022
Parv informs Saraswati that he had hired the man who morphed Lakshmi’s face. Later, Guddan starts vomiting at regular intervals which leads the family members into believing that she may be pregnant.

AJ informs the family members that Guddan is not pregnant. AJ tells Guddan to prove to Shanti that she is a better mother-in-law than her.

Monday 7th November 2022
Lakshmi and Dadi plan to send AJ and Guddan on their first romantic date. Later, Guddan and AJ argue for their date about the gifts that they bought for each other.

Durga accuses Guddan of brainwashing Kishore against her and tries to slap her. Dadi orders Durga to apologize to Guddan. Durga is tied up in a room and her surroundings are lit up on fire by a mysterious woman. She accuses Guddan of lighting up the fire.

Tuesday 8th November 2022
Kishore files a police complaint against Guddan. Later, Guddan and AJ offer to leave Jindal’s house but Guddan asks AJ to promise that he won’t leave Jindal’s house along with her. AJ resolves to prove Guddan’s innocence.

Guddan comes back to the Jindal house. She informs the family members that she will be a strict mother-in-law instead of a friendly one.

Wednesday 9th November 2022
Guddan orders Saraswati and Durga to follow her rules. Revati professes her love to Angad. A tailor’s confession helps AJ in his attempt to prove Guddan innocent.

Parv gets angry when he overhears Angad and Revati’s conversation. Guddan and AJ decide to find the veil that the culprit was wearing during the crime. Revati confesses to the Jindal family that she loves Angad. AJ slaps Parv for insulting Revati.

Thursday 10th November 2022
AJ and Guddan are successful in finding out the culprit who tried to kill Durga. Parv threatens Siddhi that if she discloses his crime then he will kill her brother, Kunal. AJ promises Siddhi that he will save Kunal.

Siddhi refuses to sign the divorce papers. Guddan decides to sleep in Siddhi’s guise while Parv comes to kill Siddhi. Saraswati informs Parv about AJ and Guddan’s plan. Later, The family members are shocked to see Parv coming to the Jindal house.

Friday 11th November 2022
Parv spikes the Jindal family’s food with sleeping pills. He tries to forcefully marry Revati. After Guddan regains consciousness, Parv shows her a video in which AJ is tied up near a box of snakes. Parv informs Guddan that she will be able to save only two people.

Guddan saves AJ in the nick of time. Guddan falls unconscious as a snake bit her while she was trying to save AJ. AJ pleads with the doctor to save Guddan’s life. Parv shoots Angad. Lakshmi apologizes to Durga for misunderstanding her. AJ prays in the Jindal house for Guddan’s recovery.

Saturday 12th November 2022
Guddan regains consciousness after a while. Durga expresses gratitude to Guddan for rescuing the Jindals from Parv. Durga tells Saraswati that they can’t oust Guddan from the house until AJ supports Guddan.

Dadi plans to get AJ and Guddan remarried. AJ decides to profess his love to Guddan on the day of their engagement. Durga manipulates Guddan against AJ and she gets angry at AJ for lying to her.

Sunday 13th November 2022
Durga instigates AJ against Guddan. Dadi tells AJ and Guddan to choose an engagement ring for each other. Guddan ousts her friends from Jindal’s house for insulting AJ.

AJ tells Lakshmi to give a letter and a saree to Guddan. He professes his love to Guddan in the letter. Durga pours blue ink on Guddan’s saree just before the ceremony. AJ informs Dadi that he has decided to call off the engagement.

Monday 14th November 2022
The ink on Guddan’s saree fades when AJ pushes her inside a swimming pool. Saraswati mocks Durga for the failure of her plan against Guddan. The Jindal family is shocked to see Antara at the engagement ceremony. A doctor informs the Jindals that Antara slipped into a coma after the accident.

Guddan offers to leave the Jindal house permanently. The doctor warns AJ that Antara’s health will be affected if she receives any bad news. AJ promises Bhushan that he will never leave Guddan. Antara commands Guddan to stay away from AJ.

Tuesday 15th November 2022
Antara requests AJ to tie a ‘mangalsutra’ around her neck. Dadi tells AJ to reveal his and Guddan’s relationship to Antara. Durga mocks Guddan for interfering in AJ and Antara’s relationship. Guddan empties a glass of milk on Durga.

AJ apologizes to Antara for hiding the truth that Guddan is his wife. AJ and Guddan are happy when Antara accepts their relationship. Parv asks Guddan to shoot AJ in exchange for her father’s life. A dejected Guddan shoots AJ.


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