Geet update Wednesday 18 March 2020

Geet 18 March 2020: MSK tells Geet this is new phone..keep it…n Geet says..sorry I cant take it before marriage. MSK asks.. what’s this new rule?. Dadi sees them n calls Geet towards her to see jewellery..!! MSK whispers to Geet…take this..if u wanna talk at night..

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Geet says..NO…. Anne thinks..that she is talking about jewllery..n all are confused..!! MSK gets up to leave n Dadi says..they have hired future event management for the wedding planning..!! Geet says..i will go to meet the company.. MSK says.. it’s my wedding i will go..!! Geet says… well u ain’t marrying a chair or wall.. so i will decide.. MSK says i know ur choice. Geet says… u r my choice… n both are arguing on who will go… Anne n Dadi stare at them. Anne both that she is going to go… MSK says good choice n Geet agrees as well..

The servants carrying the decoration box come to MSK’s room. MSK asks why here n all say..Anne mam asked so..!! Geet in her room n says..all time fighting..n forcing… I won’t listen to him. MSK says… all time arguing.. I have to talk to her..!! Geet saying no to the Mobile.. u have made a bad decision… coz of 30 minutes u won’t be able to talk to him..!! MSK says.. why is she refusing to take the Mobile..he decides to not meet Geet but make her meet him..!! MSK calls Suresh and says… go n give to Geet…… The servant comes n gives phone to him as it rings .. MSK says come here. Geet says…why?? MSK says i said so come n Geet says..u calling me as to be wife or secretary. MSK wonders if i say wife she will ask 100 questions so he says secretary. Geet angrily cuts the phone by saying yes..coming in 5 minutes..

Geet at MSK’s room, a client calls MSK to meet for Gurgaon project…. MSK agrees..!! Till MSK on call.. Geet stand outside n MSK ask why?? Geet says..coz boss is talking .so… .n MSK asks her to come in… MSK asks her to take dictation….. that why u aint taking the phone. Geet asks whom to address to… MSK turns Geet’s face to himself n says…write my would be wife’s name n asks.. why u aint taking the phone?. Decoration box is open so some fly n fall on Geet. MSK removes it and asks why u behaving like this. Geet says..u can see how i behave but not how u do?? Always showing ur anger….. but i don’t have any right to show anger… me have become ur puppet..!! MSK tries to pacify… Geet says…i don’t mind the phone but u always fight with me…even on phone u will fight so i don’t want it..!! In 30mins … u will fight only…. despite Geet finally tells Maan her reason for not accepting his gift. But Maan is adamant and says…no such condition n Geet u hiding facts as well… n says i don’t want it..n turns n leaves..!! MSK Says..u will accept phone n talk to me on it…

Anne comes in Rathod’s office ..n has brought Gurgaon project file… She realiase she reaches Arjun’s office with a wrong file. She later calls Maan to bring her the wedding file. MSK is happy but shows fake anger on Anne….. Anne regrets….!! Anne asks him to come to RAthod office (Future Events). MSK gets angry but agrees on Anne explaining wedding importance.. MSK agrees…. Anne waits for lift but its full so she runs on stairs n sees a cockroach n dashes on a freshly painted pillar n cribs….

Geet at KC n working with Pinky n Mobile company people come to delivery phones… Adi asks.. we didn’t order n MSK says..i did… MSK looks at Geet n declares that.. it’s a gift for all… for hardwork…done…!! All wonder what’s up.. Geet too as an adamant Maan gifts a phone to every employee..!! MSK looks at Geet n says..its a mobile phone for all…. MSK asks Adi to take it first…and give amongst all…!! MSK comes to Geet to give her phone. Geet stares for a while n takes it …n all thank MSK … MSK says.. it’s a thank u for all of u to have supported me…n from heart… (looking at Geet)

MSK in cabin thinks that have given the phone to Geet…. n hopefully she will like it… MSK decides to call Geet n Maanisha isn’t happy for the phone color n takes Geets phone. MSK calls n it’s Maanisha that answer. MSK asks how she like the gift n Maanisha says… He loved it n to give daily. Geet snatches it from Maanisha n MSK is furious n shouts on her n says..why haven’t you accepted my gift. Geet says..Maanisha took it..n MSK says…for u i gifted all staff the phone n u don’t care for my gift….u might not wanna talk to me …but i want to …my heart wishes to…

MSK comes out in KC lobby but doesnt look at Geet.. Geet looks at him n MSK leaves..!! Geet is sad..!! Anwesa arrives at Arjuns office n, as Anwesha waits for Maan at the wedding organiser’s office, a one-way mirror fools her as she spots the mirror n sees herself in the stained clothes n decides to clean herself…… Arjun watches from across as Anne cleaning th paint stains from her dress outside Arjuns cabin which has two sided mirror. She tears away part of her stained dress n styles her hair, she checks herself out in the mirror n makes a flying kiss to herself….. Arjun stares as she blows a kiss!!. MSK arrives at Arjuns office….. Anne enters Arjun’s office and introduce herself .. Arjun turns n sees Anne. Anne remembers him from the parking n says.. U??? Arjun’s nods !! Anne is shocked n says.. u are the MD?? Arjun introduce himself…..again!! MSK is about to enter Arjun’s cabin when Geet calls n he gets diverted..!! MSK asks..what?? Geet says.. .am remembering u.. MSK says now u realise the importance of my gift?? That’s why people love my intelligence… that u can call me when u can wish n hear my sweet voice… Geet says.. don’t go to heavens…MSK says… impressing my Meeshti isn’t easy …. Geet says..i guess i shouldnt take this phone from u…..n should return!! MSK says..why u fighting. Geet says… am wondering that earlier u gave time to me now u will only fight on phone..n i won’t come near!! MSK coming promptly n leaves…… the Secretary..tells him ur sis is with MD. MSK who is eager to see Geet says..give this file to her…am leaving..!!

Anne who is shocked to find Arjun to be the owner and refuses to do business with him as he had earlier damaged her new car. She says i can’t work with u….n turns to leave n sees the two sided mirror n remembers cleaning herself……n she is embarssed….. Arjun says guess now u don’t wanna say no to me.. Anwesa says….u intentionally have such mirror to see girls. Arjun says i did it to keep a track on who comes to my office n normal people come ready from home n not get ready outside of my office.. Anne n Arjun tussle…… Anne holds Arjun’s hands. Anne says u were watching n Arjun says… coz it was tempting…n says if u wanna hold my hand…u don’t need an excuse.. Anne is miffed.

Geet is waiting for MSK….. n a flowerboy comes to sell flowers…. Geet wonders whether to buy red or white roses. MSK comes n .. Geet says..white.. Maan and Geet fight again – first over roses, for which color flowers.. the flowerboy runs off…. MSK says..u used to like red flowers … Geet says u liked coffee but u drink Tea n Geet says..i wanted to buy ur choice… Geet feels sick n holds her tummy. MSK puts his hand on Geet’s tummy n says u fine n Geet nods..

The Gateman comes to say that the flowreboy ran off…. Geet n MSK are fighting..about who is to be blamed about not able to buy flowers… Dadi calls Maan-Geet to help chose wedding cards…. Maan-Geet are still fighting..on choices.. As Maan and Geet fight again over cards, Dadi goes to kitchen asking them to choose. Geet chooses white card n MSK red… both fight again… Geet says..why u don’t listen to me..when i listen to u always. MSK says..u don’t listen to me at all … Geet says..this is house n here only my wish will work n u are boss at office..!! Geet says… if u chose… another card then i don’t wanna marry u… a shock MSK says.. well….for a card?? MSK says…so i want to marry u n u dont. Both argue again.. Dadi comes and says…tell me… if u don’t wanna marry i will cancel it. Daadi calls Anne n tells her that ur bro don’t wanna marry so cancel it!! Maan-Geet both says … we were joking… Dadi says then chose one n tell me..!! MSK picks red n Geet leaves angrily.

Geet cribs near outhouse that …he gifted me a phone n i wanted to buy flowers for him of his choice..but he didn’t let that… he never lets me do anything for him.. Geet comes to her room n sees curtains n wonders where it came from .. she sees everything is red in her room n on a table a letter with white rose n red rose… the letter says.. ‘Pick any choice is ur happiness’ and Geet grins. MSK comes n u are happy?.

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