Geet update Thursday 19 March 2020

Geet 19 March 2020: Geet lifts the roses n the letter kept on the table and reads …’Red or white ..chose whichever u wish to ..coz my choice is ur happiness!!’ and Geet smiles…and senses MSK and comes out of her room to look around but is not able to spot MSK..!!

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Geet looks around happily at the red decorated room and goes to sit on her bed and spots a gift packing…with a note!! Geet picks up the note and reads ‘ For my sweet would be Meeshti’ and Geet opens the gift and sees that there are designer bangles in it…and as Geet is looking at the bangles.. MSK comes and says..’Now ur happy?’ and Geet leaps out of the bed and runs and hugs MSK and MSK hugs her back..!! Geet says.. ‘U r very bad’ and MSK says..’I m bad?’ and Geet says..’U have hypnotised me such that i dun have any control on myself.. even if i want to be angry.. i cant.. !! U have made me a wax.. whatever u wish.. it happens..!!’ MSK says..’Oh so this is the matter..

but Geet i want that this wax doll should keep smiling always..!!’ and Geet says..’That shall be’ and MSK sees the bangles Geet is holding and holds it and says..’I have given these to keep and not wear right now..!! I will make u wear them with my own hands on our first nite..!! And from now on..only that will happen ..which is ur happiness..and cards of ur choice shall be printed..!!’ MSK puts his hand on Geets face and says… ‘Geet never get angry on me…coz when ur angry..everything looks dull .. for me ur all the color..ur all the happiness..!!’ Geet places her hand on MSKs shoulder n says..’U r my life..if ur with me… the entire world is at my feet..!!’ MSK places his other hand on Geets face and cups her face and places a kiss on her forehead..!! Screen goes misty….!!

Anne is walking towards the lift n Arjun follows…. n calls her Anwesa n Anne comes near Arjun and says.. ‘How dare u call me by my name?’ Arjun says..’In the appointment..this name was’ and Anne says..’And what about the intro i gave in ur cabin??Dun u remember… And well why wuld u remember …u need a brain for that’ Arjun says..’I heard ur intro and remember too…. but i like to call u Anwesa..coz i like saying this name..more!’ Anne says..’What u like or not.. i dun care..’ Arjun says..’Btw.. u came here..and u fought too. but u din do what u came here for… ur brothers wedding.. u din even discuss it..! If u saw the designs and options for ur brothers wedding… coz the designs i one else has..!!

Those who come to me once..dun go anywhere else!! Anne says.. ‘They must be idiots to come to u again n again!!’ Arjun says..’Not idiots…but if u have any remote sense of art.. u will appreciate.. !!’ Anne says..’Dun bluff’ and Arjun says..’Its a challenge’ and holds Annes hand to take her back into the office but Anne resists and takes her hand out.and leaves!!

Its nite and moon is glowing and Geet is sitting on her bed in night suit n sees the roses and recollects MSKs lines…!that choice is ur happiness and Maneet hug! Geet gets up from her bed and goes to the table where the cards are lying and looking at white card says..’U want my happiness right?? Well my hapiness is ur choice!! For u.. i m ready to change completely..!! And card will be of ur choice and looks at the white card says.. tho its a bit faded ..but looking at it.. when u will smile..that will fill all colors!!’

Next morning…Dadi is on the phone with Anne n.. MSK is sitting and Geet comes and sits near him…!! Dadi informs both that Anne has hired a big wedding planner for their wedding n says that the MD of the company has a lot of attitude .. MSK suggests.. ‘If thats the case…then we should change the wedding planner!!’ Dadi says.. No need coz Anne was sayng that they are the best !! MSK turns to Geet while reading the paper and asks her to … get coffee for him…!! Geet gets annoyed and cribs…that this is not his office and neither is she his secretary so why is he ordering her..!! MSK says..’We are going to get married…and from now on u hv to do all the work… feed me.. get my clothes ready…n do all work for me.’….n Dadi agrees..n Geet is shocked….Dadi says that when she got married ..she dinno how to do anything but after marriage she had to look after everything..!! Dadi counsels Geet about how to look after their hubbys and to take care of their wishes!!

MSK comments as to how Geet follows his wishes already..!! And how she will choose his selected card as well… Geet is angry..n says that if this shows that i will obey all ur wishes after wedding…then ur wrong..n i regret chosing ur choice…!! MSK says…’One day u wll b perfect housewife’ n Geet says…’Once that card will come i will burn it in the chulha….(stove)’ and MSK says..’We dun have a chulha’ !! Right then card delivery comes n Geet is about to tear all the cards n sees its Red card..the one of Geets choice n Dadi says.. ‘MSK knows ur choice and knew u wuld do this so he changed his choice and informed the printer last nite itself’..n Geet says ‘Thanks….’ n then realises and says..’One minute … if u changed the order last nite itself…so u knew it??’ Looking at MSK and Dadi ..Geet says..’Dadima..just a while back.. u both were imparting me lessons on how to be a good wife…how i should change myself….. u both were pulling my leg?? Dadima .*Looking at MSK* he is bad..but i m ur daughter…na… u should have been on my side na!!’ Dadi comes near Geet and cups her face and smilingly blows a kiss to Geet..and Geet smiles as well. ..and Dadi hugs Geet!! MSK grins!!

Part 2

Maneet arrive at a boutique for wardrobe/ jewellery selection…Anne is there already…!! Geet says..looking around ‘Maan sir….Anne had said that we are going to a designer.. but what kind of shop is this?’ MSK says ‘Its the wedding of the most beautiful girl in the everything has to be special !! And today this shop has opened exclusively for u..!!’ Geet says..’But what kind of place is this.. there are no salesgirl either’ Right then a girl comes and wishes Maneet asks Maneet if they wish to take tea or coffee ..Both politely decline ..!! Anne arrives and exclaims ‘So finally …u two have arrived…Good now u both select ur wardrobe while i go..!!’ MSK says..’So u came here only to welcome us?’ Anne says..’No i came to check whether u two have actually arrived or in ur bickering forgot to come at all..!!’ MSK says..’Where are u going?’ Anne says…’I have lot of work.. I have to do a lot of arrangements..Right now i am going to the fifth floor of this mall for light decoration selection..!!’ MSK says..’If u are doing all the work..then what are the wedding planners are doing?’ Anne says..’Bhai..its a house of wedding…so there are lots of work…and u prepare a bank of all ur questions n i will come and answer’ Anne is about to leave and Geet stops her and says..’Thanks for all that ur doing for me’ Anne says..’ Well i m very selfish Geet… I m doing all this coz after wedding u are going to be my Sister in law and the incharge of the house.. so i m trying to butter u’ Geet is startled and Anne smiles and says.. ‘Geet ..its my brothers wedding…and before being my sister in law.. ur my friend..and i want ur and bro’s wedding to be really special..and grand!! Now i m getting late so i m leaving’ Anne leaves..!! Geet turns around and salesgirl shows her an outfit…and Geet asks MSK n he nods..!! Then Geet choses a bangle and asks MSK and MSK nods again..!! Geet then choses another outfit and MSK nods again…!! Geet thinks that he is agreeing to everything…just coz he want to finish it off n go to work early..n then Geet picks up a sherwani n asks MSK…….how it is n MSK says ..’Its good’ n Geet says..’So its good…Then its decided i will wear this Men’s sherwani with a dupatta on my wedding’ n MSK is startled and realises his folly and is stammering to find an answer.

Part 3

MSK throws aside an outfit he was holding and comes near Geet n as Geet is holding the sherwani …she is startled to see MSK approaching !! MSK says…’Tell me one thing Geet…. that everytime ur before me…except ur face..i cant see anything!! U are so beautiful that…whatever u wear ..u will look good..!’ MSK starts closing in on Geet and Geet is feeling shy and MSK continues to close in on Geet and MSK says… ‘I m buying all this outfit for the wedding for the sake of tradition.. It doesnt matter to me what we are wearing.. we are together..thats all that matters..right Geet?’ Geet is quiet and grins and Maneet eyelock and Screen freezes with MSK n Geets faces in parallel!!

MSK takes the sherwani from Geet.. puts his hand on her shoulder and takes her along n before that.. .removes a small jari thing sticking on Geets face… n then takes the bangle he had nodded to.. and makes Geet wear it.. Geet says..ur doing all to make this wedding so special n i keep blabbering.. n MSK says..u taught me to smile and to just be with me for life..n Geet hugs MSK..n MSK settles Geets hair..! The boutique guy comes and says….have u chosen…n Geet says no.. he says..its usual that brides are confused about wedding..coz its first time..n Geet goes silent …. the guy leaves… suggesting to send tailor..and says..some glitter on MSKs face n as MSK about to clean.. Geet says its my right to clean.. n starts to clean. Maneet lost in eyelock n Tailor interrupts..!!

Tailor tells Geet to remove Dupatta..n MSK is annoyed and as tailor is taking measurement… Geet asks him to take more fitting measurements…n MSK is super annoyed and says…no need to do.. Geet says…if he doesnt will he stitch… n MSK sends off Tailor n decides to measure Geet himself… n Geet will u ?? MSK says..i will… Geet teasing n MSK glares!!

Anne n Arjun in the lift…..n Arjun on phone n Anne says …u say u dun hv time n ur on phone…n Arjun u jealous.. i m talking…coz i m very handsome..!! Lift gets stuck..n Anne something n Arjun says..m a event planner not wait..

Light goes off in boutique n MSK lights candles n bg.. ‘Takte rehte tujhko’ .. MSK measures Geet for the churidar… n kisses her hand…. n comes from behind n looks like he is close enouf to kiss her neck ..n then puts the tape around her waist n pulls Geet closer… !! Maneet are close enouf to kiss n Geet says…if u want to come closer then there is a condition…. n MSK says what.. Geet says..tell me why u sent off the tailor..!! MSK says…measurement is done..why raise old issues..n Geet says..thats not my answer.. MSK says..ok if i answer then.. what will u let me do.. Geet says..u can kiss me..

Geet says..u listened what i said na.. now tell me.. n says..i knew u wont say this ever… MSK says..i agree i m jealous..i agree m possesive about u… Geet ur just mine … and i cant share u with anyone…!! But after today if u joke about this.. we will hv a fight..n Geet says… even i feel same..ur just mine..

Anne holds Arjuns hand…saying she is scared of darkness…. n Arjun realises she is too scared..n Arjun says..calm down.. i need to do something… n as Arjun tries to look… Anne hugs him n bg.. ‘Tere mast mast do nain’

Light comes n Maneet break from th trance n as Geet tries to go away.. MSK holds her..n brings her closer n says… condition isnt over yet… bet is a bet.. so now…!! Geet is shy… MSK says..u din expect i wuld hv told the truth.. see i did wat u din even expect.. .now come on fulfil the condition n Geet is blushing…

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