Geet starlife Update Tuesday 17 March 2020

Geet 17 March 2020: MSK enters with KC n he angrily glares at all. The 3 bandars ask..where Geet?? Adi too..n Anne says..Geet wont b coming for a few days…but i will…

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Anne calls the staff aside n explains she isnt here to take anyones places but for her happiness n seeks everyones help to make Maneets wedding rocking… n everyone agrees n Anne says we hv to keep this plan secret from MSK!! MSK comes but thankfully get together disperses before he can hear..!!

Anne gives files to MSK n MSK asks for files…n Anne says she is tired n needs rest n MSK says..i m ur boss not bro here so get the files fast..!! MSK calls home to talk to Geet for a file but Dadi picks up n chides him for finding excuse to talk to Geet n finally MSK says.he cant find a file n agrees to connect to Geet..!! Anne comes to MSKs cabin n asks who he talking to.. ..n MSK says..its important talk later ..n Anne senses that it wuld b Geet so snatches phone and talks to Dadi n says… dont give to Bhabh… Bro keeps troubling bhabhi n cuts call..

MSK frustrated…n wonders wat to to manage in 30 mins n says he needs to plan this 30 mins….. n how to impress Geet in these minutes n starts writing down all his plans n decides to ask Geet to chose which she wants n MSK decides to buy a cellphone for Geet..!! MSK decides to make a plan to make the whole staff slog so much that they decide to get Geet back themselves..!! MSK asks about Ahmedabad file from Adi…. (i stay in
abad) MSK shouts on Pinky for wrong file..n then Romeo for not finishing a task… then shouts on Manisha for blueprints…then Pandeyji… and wonders why Ramsingh hasnt gotten back wit Geets answer..!! Anne wants to go for lunch but MSK asks to get file first n everyone is working in fastforward motion.

Anne tells Dadi that MSK has gone bonkers…n says..send Geet here to handle him or u come here….coz he has gotten totally CRANKY Anne taking out a file from car n Arjun bangs her car door n Anne n Arjun face off… Anne is on shouting for knocking her car down….n Arjun stares!! He almost knocks Anne off while taking reverse…but stops n glares at Anne n leaves..!! Dadi at KC…n MSK says..Anne must hv complained….so u here..!! Dadi says… well Geet is my daughter now.but ur my son so i hv to take care of u….till wedding coz after that this is Geets responsiblity!!

NT comes to KC n says..since Geet isnt here today no one can stop me from entering..and walks towards her cabin..!! Arjun comes n NT shocked to see him n MSK asks what u doing here? Arjun says…from the day i heard NT tried to kill herself i came here and takes out a file wit affidavit in it… n returns to MSK….n says..i apologise for wat NT has done…and so i return the papers n in return want u to withdraw cases against that her immigration wont be difficult..!! MSK says…why do u think i agree??

Arjun says…to get a peaceful happy life without interruption..of NT…n MSK silent..n Arjun turns n leaves wit NT..but Dadi stops n says..i agree….n Arjun thanks n leaves..!! Dadi convinces MSK to agree since NT leaving means peace for Maneet n their new life… Peon┬áreturns wit Geets reply…n Geet has struck off all the ideas commenting…that they are all old..n nothing new……. such as long drive… movie… candle night dinner.. mobile.. disco MSK is furious..

Its 6pm.. Geet is cooking….n decides to go out to meet MSK before Dadi catches…n Geet comes out wit a cup of tea.. n MSK comes n meets in alley n says…i was harrased whole day coz of u..n u bring me a cuppa tea? Geet says its for me.. MSK says..u hv stopped thinking of me…n u should hv said sorry to me for troubling me…..!! Geet says…whenever u face problem i m only responsible! Geet is angry n turns n leaves n MSK follows!! Dadi on call n Geet comes n sits next to Anne..n asks how she liked the first day at KC?? MSK comes n sits n Anne says….how can anyone work in a company where boss comes n sits on ur head..!! MSK ….argues…n much they care for workers…!! Geet says….Yes they care..n tauntingly says no one knows more than me…. MSK says… why din i care for ur ability?? Geet says..i hvnt forgotten that housing project..of Mr. Khanna..!! MSK starts defending…..n says..i did say..u did good work…n Geet says..after insulting me before all …congratulating in private…wont work..!! Geet says.. boss are all Sadu… if their mood is bad they dun spare u..!! Anne agrees…n says.. Bhai is also sadu… all are quiet before him.

Geet says…i m thinking of getting a job in some other company n MSK glares…n MSK says..oh working like u did in IP?? Geet says..yes but i fear someone mite buy it…n MSK says..i din buy it for u..n Geet asks Dadi n Dadi says…. i know that ur 10mins out of 30mins are over..!! Geet gets up to rest… MSK says..i hv work i m going as well…. Dadi n Anne do a hi-5
NT at Arjuns office and asks why u did wat u did…. Arjun says….aint u surprised about me getting this work?? NT says..later first tell why u returned 25%??? Arjun says..ur anger is ur weakness so i dun wanna say.. but wat i did is for u… coz fights wont win anything..and asks to forget past n NT says..never……

Anne calls Mr. Rathods office n his Secretary.. says he aint in office…. n informs Arjun that Anwesha Khurana called…..n she is angry n wants to talk to u… Arjun says..u can leave i will handle her!! Dadi asks Anne who she figting wit n she tells Event planners for MSKs wedding..n Anne says…i will do something n meet him…
MSK n Geet outhouse room ke darwaje se aar par (Across doors) n wonder why the other aint talking… n suddenly both speak up n open door n MSK almost falls on Geet…… n both start cribbing why the other aint talking n always fighting… coz they wanted to meet up… and spend 30mins… but the other is getting angry…..!! Both continue fighting… Dadi comes wit Alarm clock n tells time is up… and takes MSK away…
Dadi ribbing MSK….dat earlier u got things done ur way…now no more n MSK says..even earlier no one followed my wishees.. Anne never.. now Geet also says NO to all…n now u also supported them..!! Dadi says…me always on ur side….MSK says…well look at Geet keeps saying all my ideas n Dadi says…obviously they were so boring…
MSK asks how did u know?? Dadi fumbles and says.. well i guessed n MSK says…so u only answered my letter …
n Dadi says..even Geet wuld hv rejected..!! MSK asks why u cheating wit me… n Dadi says its called leg pulling n even Geets family wuld hv done this if they were here..!! MSK says…i m not following ur 30mins bet anymore…n Dadi says ok…. but u hv to follow Geets condition.. u cant go to her mayka at nite..!! MSK says.. so Geet hadnt read my letter n i was angry just like that!!

Next morning Geet brings tea to table…..n MSK from newspaper indicate to Geet to come but she thinks he wanna fight so dun go …!! MSK asks Geet to give tea n Dadi says …u dun drink tea n MSK says…its my wish.. give me tea..
Anne asks Dadi ….whats up wit MSK..n Dadi says..its ‘Ishq-ka-khumar’ ….n asks Geet to give tea to MSK….n MSK tells Geet..i asked a cuppa tea n u taunting..n Geet says..if ur anger is always on ur forehead this will happen….!! MSK from behind newspaper gifts Geet a mobile phone but Geet says..wont take anything till we get married…episode’s end

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