Geet starlife update Saturday 14 March 2020

Geet 14 March 2020: Maan walks in with long strides and Geet follows him holding the file.. maan suddenly stops and Geet bumps in tohim as she was looking atfile inher hand.. she stops tooand says sorrysir what happened? Maan standsthere looking around and says Ihave such animportant presentationtoday and nooneis around..

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The whole staff is missing..That catches Geet’s attention and she looks around in surprise. Maan says even security guard is missing..Geetsays well where allcould begone atthe same time……They bothstand at that samespotlooking around and suddenlythere wasa shower of redrose petalsfromthe ceiling……Maanlooks up andsees the petals raining downon them…… Geetlooks up too..

Maan thenlooks at Geettosee her reaction. Geetwastotally surprised and it tookback her the 1st rose petalsshower she got. That memorybrought a touchof sadness for her inthis wonderful moment. Maan was watching her very closely and felt that touchof sadness in her expression.He keeps looking at her andslowly brings hishandand keepsit on Geet’s. That warmand tender touch bringsGeet back topresent and she lifts her tearful gaze at Maan.Maan keepslooking into her eyesand keeps holding her hand assuring her ofhispresenceand his lovefor her.

Slowly Geet’s face breaks into slowsmile and she smiles through her tearslooking at Maan.They keep onlooking at each other whilethe rose petals keep falling onthem allaround. Suddenly the room is filled with the office staff who very quietly came and stoodaround them as if not to breakthe spellofMaaneet.

Romeos mumbles quietlyin Adi’s earsaying looks like thissurprise is goingtobeheavy onusas Maan sirlooks pretty upset. Adi says we willsee. Manisha signals allto saythe congratulations at the same time and all choruses the congratulations toMaaneet. Maan and Geetlook around and see every oneinthe center area looking atthem and smiling and saying congratulations..

Geet feels littleshy and looks back atMaan who wasthenlooking back ather and sees her happy. Manishatells Adi sirto open.. Adi says what? He says Champagne.. Theother onesays in hispurest hindi..Sir andmadame congratulations tobothofyou.He says we arevery happy as we have heard the news ofyour upcoming wedding.Geetwas looking atthe crowd.. She turns and looks at Maanshyly with a touch ofblush.

Maanlooks at her and feels happy thathisGeetis happy and the tendersmile comes on hisfacetoo.
Adi says sirwe knowthatGeet loves the redroses butwe were not sure about you. We were hesitant thatyoumightbeupset. Keeping hiseyesonGeet’s blushing face.. Maansays adithat is the thing ofthe pastnow. Geet lifts her gaze and looks athim. Thestaff feels happy thatMaan was indeed happy with this surprise..

Sasha was nowhere to be seen buther assistanttwists her face with that. Maan is back being the boss.. He says in his bossy tone thatthankyouallfor this surprise (the staffreally feels happy about it) but now let’s get back to workas wehave importantpresentationtoday and Iwant it tobedone perfectly then he turnstoGeet and says and speciallyyouGeet.Youwillhave to workhardonthis project.Geet looks at him with littlesurprise.. and He gives her anMSKstare..

Part 2:
After givingthathardstare to Geet Maanturns and enters his office and Geet moves toward hers and staff goes back totheir own places..
Geet is in her office and mumbles to herself asusual.. She says.. Whenever hecomes in front ofyouGodknows what happens toyou.. and youjust knocks down glasseswith water. Then she gets up toget few papers fromfax machine still mumblingto herself.. saying people do fall in to problembut youGeet yougoand selectthe problem for yourself……She then goes back to her deskand says right now Ishould be home cookingfor him and Iam here in office workingfor him..

She is totally agitated with this aspects.. but thenshe consoles herself saying anywaythis is not too much workifIdo quicklyIcan complete this workand gohome and cookfor him..Pinky and Romeo walks inwith few things. Pinky gives her the fileand sayok here is your filedowhatever you want todo with it.. Romeo was about tohave fall butbalances himself and says Ihave mailedall the materials.

MSK is walking with a file inhis hand.. He stops at Geet’s office and sees her workingwith Pinky and Romeo and a hesmiles looking atthat.Hewasabout to walk aheadand Adi bumps in to him saying ohsorrysir. Hethen says sirpresentationis not ready yetbut IfIget thatfile Iwillkeep it ready.. MSKsays ohthe fileis with Geetgoand get it fromher..

Adi says ok and proceedstoward Geet’s office MSKstands there looking atallofthem with a smile. Adi goes and ask for the file.Geet says ohit willbeready in hour. Adi says ohIam asking for the file Iprepared yesterday. Geetslowly tries tohide the filebutRomeo picks it up and says ohis this the file are you looking for? To Geet’s dismay Adi picksup the fileand opensit and sees all the wet paper and getsupset.

Maan was still there looking atthis scenario and smiling tohimself. Then suddenlyhe walk onthem and catches them talkingabout it..He asks adias where is the file.Adi tries tohide itbut hesays if that is the fileyouare hiding..Adi brings the filein front and Maan takes it fromhishandand looks through it.. He sees allwet pages.. He says how come this file is all wet? No bodyhas any answer..

Thenhe sternly looks at Geet and says Geetthis file was with you right thenhow come it is wet.. what happened and what have youbeendoing.. Geet was totally takenback with those questions she wasrecalling their very private moments with bindi and tries totalk to Maanwith her eyesbut Maanjustkeeps hisface totally blank and MSKmode.. Geet stammersin answering his questionas allwerelooking ather to giveanappropriate answer to MSK..

Finally Geet says Iam sorry it wasmy mistake butin half and hourIwillpreparethe new file. MSK says thenIwillhave to stay here and keep and eyeonyou guys asyoumight makemistake again..He thenturnshisfacewith a slowsmile but all gets busyto do asMSKsays.. Geetkeepson working non stopand Maanstands there seeingher workingintently and smile ather.

Geet getsthe preparation onit’s wayand was looking for the plot sheet.. Maan sees thatpaper near him and purposely rest hispalm onit.Geet tries totake thatpaper butMaan holds it firm under hispalm with stern expressiononhisface……

Part 3:
Finally Geetsays. Maan sirIneed that Plotsheet.Thefileis ready except that.Maanlooks at Geet and says really? Then hepicks up that Plotsheet andgoes back to his office. NowGeetgetsreally upset seeinghim makingher life more difficult with hisdemands.. She thenwalks behind him in his office and closesthe door behind her. She comes chargingnear his deskasking why are you troubling me? Maankeepslooking through file.She says youknewhow the file got wetbutyoustill askedme in front ofallbut why.. and now when Iam done with my file you brought the plot sheethere with youwhy?? Maanstill does not look at her.

Geet says Iam trying to do my workquickly soIcan gohome but youarenot letting me do that..OnthatMaan looks ather upset face. Geetreach across the table and knocks onhisfile asking him why is hetroublingher. Maan says calmlythatright now heis looking atthe plot sheetand once he looks through it hewillgiveit to her. Geet keep her tiradeon saying first ofallyoubrought me at the workand now creating all this delay sothat Icannotgo home quickly.. Maangets upset with her asshe wantsto gohome early.

He puts the filedown little angrily andfolds hishandontable asking her why does she want to go homeearly. He says first ofall youdid not wantto come atwork and now whenyouhave come you want togo homewhy.. Geetgrits her teeth and says becauseI wanted to giveyoua surprise…… Maan feels bad thathegave her lot oftrouble..Geet walksout fromhis office beingupset..She walks in the corridor mumblingto herself thatHe onlydoes as he wantsto doand heis makingme late fornothing..

I could have gone homeand get hislunch ready.. Maanfeels bad sayingohI should have understood her Ijust wasted her time fornothing.Geet takes the waterand drinks and sits onthe benchsayingoh he does not think about me..what I want todo andwhat Iwish..Maan thinks Oh heshould have think about whatshe wanted Ikepther here withouther consent.

Geet says ohhedoes not look after my things atall.. Maan getsup from his chair and says with a tender smile.. OhGeet looks after me so well.. She wastrying toarrangea surprise for me and Ikepther busy here..Geetgets up and says Ido not understandwhy does he want tokeep me inthe office.. everything wasdone thenwhy he wantsme tosayin the office ..

but Geet’s minddoes not work thatway.. she getsher own conclusion thathekepther in the office becausehewanted to trouble her ..Then suddenlythe truth dawnsonher.. and a smile comes on her faceshe sayohGod that is whathewanted..He wanted to keep me around him.. she says ohhhand Imadesuch a blunderand in my anger told him so manythings inthe office……

Maan wasthinking in the same line sayingohshe wouldbe walking inanger somewhereI must go anlook for her. Wellboth ofthem arewalking toeachother. Maan is in her usualway walking with hislong strides andkeep looking athiswatch..Geet is comingfromthe opposite direction looking happy with a smile.. and thereis a collision near the sofa. Maanholds Geetatwaist but looses the balance and falls on the sofa..Maan looks atGeetwho was looking athim.

.Geet practically is sitting in hislap but she has noidea.. her onetrack mindis only onthe present problem thatshe wantstotell sorry toMaan.. She starts her babbler sayingIam reallysorry I am justso stupid.. Ijustdo not understand it..Shesays actually we bothare stupid.Maan says stupid??Metoo?? She say than what?We bothwanted the same thing.. M

Maan looks  at them asshe was inseating on hislapbutshe does not realized thatthenhe looks at her facethatHosiarpur expressis running non stop atfull speed.. He smiles atthat.. he keeps her in hislapand lether narrate whateverwasin her mind.. She smiles and says we bothwanted the same thing I wanted to surprise youand spend time with youand youwanted to bring me here at office and spend time with me.. Sowe bothare stupid right.

You know we should talk about this other wise wewill fight for nothing…. Maan wasso mesmerized with her big brown sparkling eyesand her innocent waysoftalking thathekeeps on looking ather with thatloving smile.. stillholding her in hislap. Geet suddenlyrealizethatMaanis just staringather and have not said a word..She saylook Ihave been sayingallthis sincelong and youare not sayinga word……do youat allunderstandwhatIam trying to say.. Maan stilldid not blink hiseyesbutkept onlooking at her with thatsmile.

Geet was surprise bythatthenshe squints her eyesand looks at himagain and thenlooks at where she was. And thenshe wasas speechless as hewas.. Her mouthwasopen but the wordswouldnot come out..and she looks atMaanwith open mouth……

Part 4:
She was totallybewildered with that andmumbles sorry sirand tries toget up fromhislapbut beforeshe getsup..Maan throws bothhis arms around her waist and encircles her waist and brings her back on hislap…… and holds her firmly in hisarms. Geet’s eyes gets widen atthis.They bothkeep looking ateachother. Maan comes back to hisMSKmodeand says looking ather steadily..

Miss Hoshiparpur Expressif you decrease your speedthenIwillbe able tosaysomethingto you too……. Geet shyly looks athim. He brings her littlecloserandsays anyway when you speak nonstop like this and thatalso sitting inmy lap..Geetlifts her eyestohim but blushes delicately……Maan continues thenyoulook like..Geet eyesquestions himwhat……He says in hisslowsexydrawl.. Mishty.. Ohboygeet is back with her tirade.. She says first decide what doyouwant tocallme..

You have given me 1303 name.. sometimes youcallme mishty (sweetie) then Khwab(dream) then shona(sweetie) orMiss hoshiarpur express……Maanjerks his arms littlebit and bringsher more closerto him sayingsoftly.. why don’t youtell me bywhich name should Icallyou.. Geetlooks at him shyly butbeforeshe answers him……theintrusion comes from his cellphone..Geetgets up from his lapand hepulls the phone out ofhis pocket.

Dadima was calling him looking for Geet. She says give the phone tosomeone yours.. Maan says someone yours? Dadima says oh now donot tell me thatyoudonot understand whomIam talking about…Now give the phone toGeet.Maan hands over the phone toGeet saying itis dadima andshe wants to talk toyou. Geet takesthe phone and says yesDadima…… Dadima says where are you? I have beenwaitingfor you.Iam heading over to south annexure and Iwillmeet you there.Geet says ok.. She gives phone back to maan sayingDadimawantsme to go shopping with her. Maan says ok.. Go butcome beforethe presentation.Geetshyly nodes her head and starts walking…… Maan says listen..She turns back to look at him.Hesays and nicely preparethatsurprise for me…… Geet feels happy and nodesher head with littleshy smile.. Geet walks awayfromthere whileMaan keeps onlooking at her with a tender smile..Then helooks at the phone and mumbles..This one always ringsatthe wrongtime.. saying hejustswitch offsthe phone and walksaway..

Dadima is in the car.. trying to call somebody.. butdoes not get through.. She says ohIam trying the number ofAnwesha sincelong but not gettingher through..( by Patelmaitri123)
Anwesha is gettingready……two girls arewalking toward her room but hearssomeangry outburst and couple ofgirls comingout of the room..These twogirls goes inside sayingyour breakfast annie..

One asksthe other why do you butterup thislady.. the girlsays because she is goingtointroduce to her brothersayingshe points at big wall picture ofMaan.Annie says Iknowwhy you come here in my room soyoucan seeatmy brother’s picture……
Thephone ringsandit is dadi.. Annie says ohwow dadi youdo remember your granddaughter.. how are you.. Dadiis telling about the good news..annie says what Maan is gettingmarried……How can heget marriedwithout asking me?? She says Iam takingthe next flight to Delhi anddo not tell Maan thatIam coming……

Dadi n Geet walking outside the showroom n discussing how time passed by..n Geet asks Dadi to go ahead for home so she can go to office….n Dadi agrees n leaves.. n Anwesha is calling MSK but he is in meeting n dun receive..!! Reporters approach Geet about culture n Anwesha overhears n argues… Geet says..that to progress women should work hard n feel pride about culture n Anwesha says..that such old minded girls should be removed for our girls to progress…n Geet says..its POV ..n Anwesha says..seem theres nothing more to say !! MSK still doesnt see the missed call n Geet arrives n says sorry for coming late.. !! Geet sits down .. MSK continues meeting n Geet sees his cell ringing …n MSK sees …n says he has to go out..n Adi comments MSK never done such a thing n MSK says.

.Geet will give presentation n leaves..!! Geet startled..!!
Anwesha n MSK at an open cafe n Anwesha shows off the bags which has gifts from MSK n MSK asks…why are u doing drama..n Anwesha says..coz u hide things….n says…u din tell me…abt ur wedding…!! Kabhi na sorry kehna wala MSK..says Sorry..twice to Anwesha..!! Geet is stuck at presentation.. n all stare but she manages to finish it…n Client appreciates..!!

MSK is back to manaoing Anne…n driving her home…n Anne says u were to surprise me n MSK says..there is a surprise..!! Client asks for MSK to sign deal… Geet calls MSK but Anne picks up…n says..who is it?? Geet says..need to talk to him urgently..but Anne says…he is busy… n before u call next time..learn to talk…n cuts line.. Geet wonders who it is? Client starts to leave…assuring to return next day.!! MSK gives gift to Anne n asks permission to go to office..but Anne refuses…!! Dadi calls MSK n asks to come home….with Anne quick..n tells Geet is home already..n MSK asks to talk to Geet…n Dadi says..she is in kitchen…so come home..n talk!! MSK realises that ….what happened to presentation….n Anne interrupts his thots..n MSK says..i m taking u home to intro to Geet n Anne says..if i dun like her ..u wont marry her…. n MSK says..this is childish.

Geet is thru with Dinner now making sweetdish …n thinks of calling him…!! Anwesha comes n runs n hugs Dadi n MSK asks about Geet n Dadi sends someone to call Geet…n Geet comes n …Dadi asks Anwesha..what she did n Anwesha starts talking .. MSK is present..n Geet comes n both are surprised to see each other n Geet goes.. ‘Aap’ n Anne ‘Tum’!! MSK wonders if they know each other n MSK introes both….. Anwesha as his lil sis n Geet as the woman he is gonna marry..!! Both still stare
Dev knocks on Meeras roomdoor which she has locked from inside.. and apologises n says…he din mean it.. n that..the ones i hv been close too hv always gotten maximum hurt…n so i m going away from u..coz i cant see u in pain… for u….i m going….

Dev turns to leave n Meera opens the door n says…u are talking about relations?? Relations need time to deepen.. u need to fight for them… n all this talk of saving the relations from pain… well even those relations need wat ur doing… apologise to urself..not me..!! If u can forgive urself..maybe i will forgive u too …*Meera leaves*

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