Twist of fate update Wednesday 6th March 2019

Pragya tells Purab that Simonika is alive and she’s ready with back up plan. Purab says I am angry at myself for thinking that you are hallucinating. Pragya says so much has happened, did I ever hallucinate? Pragya says we have to do something and asks why did he back out? Purab tells that he doesn’t want her arrest and that’s why he brought her here. He says he has hired a spy to keep an eye on Simonika and asks her to be silent for two days.

A Guy who is with Simonika’s lookalike, Avantika, bandages her hand. Simonika/Avantika asks him to find out about the celebrity wife, Pragya and says they can have an advantage. Pragya thinks about the lawyer telling them that there is no hope in the case. Purab asks him to show the results and says he has a family to sympathize with and tells that his brother is innocent. The Lawyer says it is a court case and he needs witness and proofs. He challenges them. Pragya thinks about Dadi’s words, and thinks how to get him out? The Constable says you have just 5 mins to talk to him. She comes to Abhi.

Simonika asks Pragya to transfer her house and office to her name. Pragya says she needs time. Simonika gives her property transfer papers and says once she signs on it, she will prove Abhi innocent in court. Pragya thinks she doesn’t know who is more cheap, Simonika or you! Simonika/Avantika says she is saving his life and tells that she agrees to get second position. Pragya thinks how to take shelter from Dadi, Dasi and others?

Pragya comes home. Sarla comes there and holds her and she stumbles. Pragya cries hugging her and says she needs her. She tells that it is difficult to manage. She asks what should be more important, this house or family, or Abhi? Sarla says if Abhi is there, then you are there, and your marriage shines in your forehead, you have all relations because of him, and says if he is not there, then there is no happiness. She says you and your life is because of him and ends with him. Dadi, Dasi, Disha and others look sadly. Sarla says you both can stay together happily even if they don’t have a home. She says when Savitri can bring her husband back, then you as well can, and reminds her of her belief. Dadi says you can get upset, but don’t accept defeat and says only you can save Abhi. Pragya says I asked for an answer, but you showed me way and I can see my destination very clearly.

Simonika/Avantika comes to the registrar office and get her finger prints tested. The Prisoners comes there and holds Disha at a gun point. Purab asks him to leave her! He fights with the prisoner. The Prisoner hits him on his head and he’s about to shoot him, when Pragya picks a rod and hits him with it. Avantika picks a gun and aims it at Pragya. Pragya recalls Simonika’s threat. Avantika shoots the other prisoner.
Avantika tells Pragya that Abhi must be waiting in court. Pragya recalls the happenings. Purab tells her that he has a doubt that she is Simonika. Pragya gets the Lawyer’s call and tells him that she is coming with the proofs. Later she asks Simonika to come to the court. Simonika says she will not go without the print outs. Pragya says if you don’t come with me, then I will tears the papers. Simonika asks Avinash to check and take the papers.

The Prosecutor shows the video footage in court and requests the judge to punish him by hang sentence. Dadi says my Abhi can’t do this. Abhi runs to Dadi and asks her to calm down. The Constables takes Abhi to the witness box again. The Judge says it is proved that Abhi has killed Simonika and that’s why this court thinks of him guilty of Simonika’s murder.

Pragya comes and says Simonika is alive! Everyone is shocked to see her alive. Simonika/Avantika acts to be scared. The Media asks if she is Simonika, then who was killed in the hotel room? Pragya asks the Lawyer to do his work. Simonika goes to the witness box and says she will only say the truth keeping her hand on the holy book. The Lawyer asks about her name? Simonika says she is Simonika Rana. The Lawyer says if she is standing here, then there is no case on Abhi.

The Judge asks the Prosecutor if he wants to say something? The Prosecutor says I want to ask many questions. She asks are you sure? You are Simonika… Simonika asks are you Suresh? She says I am Simonika and she’s called by this name. The Lawyer asks her to tell what happened exactly.

Simonika tells everything and tells that Abhi came into the hotel room and fainted, but she climbed down the window using Stairs. The Prosecutor says someone told her this story and says whoever told you this, has done a mistake. He says it is proved that Abhi has killed Simonika! Simonika asks what do you want to ask, ask straight! The Prosecutor asks can you identity the witnesses sitting in court? Simonika panics and points at an auto driver. The Prosecutor panics and says this witness was not in my list.

The defense Lawyer asks the Judge to free Abhi from all charges. The Judge says he is right, there can be no case on Abhi. Abhi thinks Pragya brought Simonika back to free him. The Judge is giving the verdict to free Abhi from the accusation, when the clock strikes for lunch break.

The Judge says he will tell his verdict after break. Abhi and Pragya have an emotional moment. Dadi asks Tai ji to bring sweets. Abhi asks Purab not to cry and says he will be set free. Purab hugs him. Abhi says they will have a tea party after going home. Everyone smiles. Purab says I missed you very much. Abhi says he shouldn’t miss anyone except Disha. Dadi pats on his face and hugs him. Dadi tells Pragya that they have become indebted to her.

Abhi gives credit to Pragya and Purab. Purab sees Simonika talking on the phone. Purab comes to Simonika and says I was wrong about you, my brother will return because of you. Simonika says she wants the papers ready. Disha tells Abhi that Simonika is mad after money. Abhi says where will we go?
Sarla says everything starts with you and ends with you. She says anything can return. Purab asks the man to get the papers ready. He asks her to stay back and wait till the court hearing. Simonika says she will ask her husband to collect the papers. Simonika calls her fake husband and asks him to come to court with the papers, and smirks.
The Judge is about to give his verdict that Abhi is innocent in the case.

The Prosecutor says I want to say something. The Prosecution lawyer tells that the case is having a twist. He calls another lawyer who gives him some papers. He says she is not Simonika, but Avantika. He shows her her driving licence and says she stays with her husband in Bangalore and Pragya brought her here to give the wrong statement.

The Prosecution lawyer tells that both Pragya and Abhi should be punished, one for killing Simonika, and the other for bringing someone else to court to give a false statement. Abhi says Pragya is innocent. The Prosecutor asks Simonika to tell the truth and asks who is she? He says you will also get jailed if you lie! Simonika says she is Avantika and then says sorry, she tells that she is a business woman and she needed money as she was going through a bad phase. She tells about Pragya’s proposal and says sorry. She tells that Pragya forced her and says she is innocent.
Purab signals to the Defense lawyer. The Defense lawyer acts as if he has a heart attack. His assistant asks for next hearing date. The Prosecutor asks him to give hang punishment to Abhi. The Judge says court is adjourned for half an hour.

The Prosecution lawyer meets
Simonika and thanks her for giving him all the information. Simonika says she stopped him as her work was stuck and asks him to get Abhi an hang punishment. Pragya hears her. Simonika says you are ruined and tells that you have lost Abhi, your home and all his other properties.

Aaliya tells everyone that Pragya complicated the case. Disha says Pragya has done the right thing. Aaliya tells her that Pragya is the enemy. Pragya says my doubt was right. Simonika says you have become a spy. She tells that your doubt was right, I got someone a plastic surgery done as mine and killed her. She says what you were trying to prove is… She says she is Simonika and tells that you might be feeling good to hear this. She says that the dead body was of a girl who needed money, she gave her money and killed her later. She told her emotional story and got her plastic surgery done. She says she has hired everyone in the hospital and morgue. She tells that the Doctor, Nurse and everyone was brought in by her.

Simonika gives them money. She tells that the Nurse showed her the report. She thanks Pragya and says you gave me money, property and everything now. She says I hate you very much, but today, I love you, as you gave me everything which I couldn’t do. She says you have two ways, one, die if he dies, or get life imprisonment. She thanks Pragya for giving Abhi the death of Simonika and giving her a life as Avantika. She laughs aloud.

Disha comes there and asks Pragya to come, She says the court hearing will start now. Pragya cries. The Judge asks the Defence lawyer if he is fine now? The Defence lawyer says he is fine. The Prosecutor lawyer tells that Abhi has killed Simonika! He asks the Judge to give death sentence to Abhi and punishment to Pragya. The Defence lawyer says he needs to ask Pragya something. The Prosecutor objects. The Judge overrules his objection.

Pragya takes an oath and tells that she wants to question Simonika. The Prosecutor says you can’t ask her anything. Pragya says how did she identity Simonika? The Prosecutor says she identified her as you might have taught her of what to say. Pragya says no and tells the Prosecutor that it seems he is Simonika’s lawyer. The Prosecutor tells the judge a fake story. Pragya tells in court that Simonika has killed an Orphan girl and made her Simonika. She says my brother will bring proofs in sometime.

Purab comes and says he has proofs. He brings someone. Pragya says he is a finger prints experts, Mr. Negi by name and asks the Judge to give permission to Negi to check Simonika’s finger prints. The Prosecutor tries to stop them, but the Judge asks him to sit. He asks Simonika to give her finger prints.

Pragya says a hand writing expert is also here. Purab shows the application form having Simonika’s finger prints. The Hand writing experts checks her hand writing and says it is a 99 percent match. Simonika says not 100 percent. Pragya says finger prints will match 100 percent. Simonika is about to give her finger prints marks. Pragya asks her to stop.

Pragya stops Simonika and says your hands are soaked with blood. She takes out a fake skin from Simonika’s finger and shows it to the Judge, saying this is Avantika’s fake finger prints. Simonika is shocked. Pragya asks what are you thinking of now, and asks her to give them her finger prints. Finger prints expert asks her to give her finger prints and to keep her hand on the machine. He says I will check and tell you if it matches or not.

The Prosecution lawyer asks what is the authenticity of the finger prints expert and says we can’t free criminal on the basis of his report? The Finger prints expert tells that it is 100 percent match. Pragya says if this finger prints is of Simonika, then who got the finger prints changed in the hospital? She says I have one more proof of Simonika confessing her identity. The Video is played. Sangram comes to Simonika and asks why did she hide her identity? Simonika asks him to let her be Avantika and then she will help him after taking her revenge.

Pragya tells that she went to the Police station and asks Sangram to help her. Sangram helps her and she records their conversation. Simonika tells that Pragya is lying and says she is Avantika! Pragya asks her to relax and says this is the last proof which I have with me. Everyone sees a recording of Simonika confessing infront of Pragya that she is Simonika.

Simonika gets angry, and holds Pragya’s neck to suffocate her. The Judge asks the Inspector to arrest her! Simonika says I will take revenge and will kill you! Abhi is shocked. Purab and others hold Pragya. The Police arrests Simonika. The Judge says Simonika is alive and has trapped Abhi. He declares Abhi innocent and free him from all charges! Everyone take a sigh of relief. Mitali says Pragya has done wonders! Dadi appreciates Pragya.

Abhi hugs Dadi, Purab, Sarla, Disha and then finally Pragya. They look at each other happily. Aaliya and Tanu get jealous. Teri madhoshiya plays… They come back to Mehra house. Dadi do his aarti to ward off evil eyes. Dadi says you both can’t be separated and nothing can happen to you when she is with you. Abhi says yes and tells that Purab spoiled my t-shirt with his tears. Mitali brings sweets. Everyone takes it. Abhi tells Pragya that his day starts with Pragya and asks her to have it. Pragya eats fully. Abhi says nothing is left for me. Pragya hits him gently.

Dasi also appreciates Pragya. Pragya says Purab was with me. Abhi asks when did you know that Avantika was Simonika? Pragya says when she asked me about the property, then I realized She is indeed Simonika. She says only Purab and I knew about her.
Dadi and Dasi hug Pragya. Disha faints suddenly. Purab holds her. They get worried.
Pragya blames Purab for Disha’s condition and says your time and schedule should change for Disha. She tells him that the Doctor asked you to be responsible as you are going to be Papa. Abhi says Purab didn’t do anything. Pragya says Disha is pregnant. Abhi doesn’t understand it. Dadi says Purab is going to be a Papa. Abhi says how can he have a baby before me and smiles. Dadi and Dasi hugs Disha. Aaliya gets jealous and angry. Dadi asks Abhi to have shame and give them good news.

Pragya says we should party! Disha says we should not keep it. Abhi says we will not tell anyone. Pragya asks Disha to agree.
Tanu tells Aaliya that she can understand her condition. Aaliya says Purab loves Disha and she’s pregnant with his child. She says nobody can understand what I am going through. She says heart is a magnet and I never used it, I ran after money and lost wealth like Purab. Tanu asks her not to cry and keep a smile on her face.


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