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Tanu keeps boiling water in her room with electric heater in it. Disha comes there and asks what is she doing? She tells that it is unsafe to keep water heater in the room. Tanu scolds her for coming to her room. She thinks to do something else.

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Kiara comes to the Mehra Mansion. Disha meets her. Kiara says she will go to meet Abhi. Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks he would have been happy if she was with him. He says I was missing you when Purab insisted on going. He says if you would had been here, then this wouldn’t have happened.

He says I am upset that you didn’t come to meet me in the hospital and haven’t hugged me. He says you hugged King infront of me. He says he would have brought her home, but she wouldn’t have come. He thinks he has troubled her and she’s crying now. He thinks he deserves this and is wrong. He thinks you are not right either. He says everything was scary in the bank, but I was worried about you. Humnava mere….plays…

He says Pragya, I want to hug you and cry a lot just once. Kiara comes and says caught you! She asks how is he? Abhi says good. Kiara asks who was he talking to? Abhi says past girlfriend. Kiara asks if he wants to cheat on his wife? Abhi says no and tells that he was talking to her. He says he would be thinking how life would be. She says so much big talks and asks him to show her his girlfriend? Abhi asks why? Kiara says I want to see who is more beautiful girlfriend or wife? She asks him to show the pic. Abhi says no.

Kiara emotionally blackmails him and says Sunny is her best friend and never hide anything from her. Abhi is about to show her the pic, when it flies and falls near Sunny. Sunny picks it up and asks Kiara if she came to see chucks or pic? Abhi says he is feeling pain. Kiara asks him to rest and come to her lap. Abhi says I am fine. Kiara asks him to lie down on her lap. Abhi rests his head on her lap. Kiara asks him to be silent and massages his head. Abhi recalls Pragya doing the same thing. Pragya sees Abhi’s pic on her laptop and thinks how to tell him that we have a daughter?

Tanu adds chilli in place of Caramel and does rehearsal to make them tasty. She thinks this idea is not that bad and thinks what to tell them when they ask how the chilli powder came into the chocolate, she thinks of an excuse. Mitali comes and says she wants chocolate. Tanu doesn’t give her. Mitali lies and takes the chocolate. She feels chilli powder and eats sugar. Tanu asks her not to tell anyone and says she will give her gold necklace. Mitali asks her to give her now.

Disha comes there. Mitali says joke. Tanu says she will give her the necklace tomorrow. Disha asks what are they saying? Mitali tells that the chocolate made by Tanu is bad. Disha says she will taste it and make it fine. Tanu takes it. Mitali says it was spicy, then says sweet. Disha thinks what happened to Tanu?

King comes to Pragya and sees Pragya staring at Abhi’s pic and asks if she is seeing his promotional pic? Tarun says we have to see King’s promotional pics. Pragya says she was see his pic. King and Tarun leaves. Pragya reminisces Abhi and gets teary eyed. She thinks you were with me like my reflection in the bank and thinks she has so much to talk and hear from him. They are still afar again and couldn’t tell about our helplessness. She thinks I am married in your eyes, and you got married.

Tanu thinks Mitali failed her plan about the chocolate. She thinks she has to drop this idea as well, but will do something to teach Kiara a lesson! She recalls Aaliya spilling oil on the stairs to make Pragya fall and thinks last time, it backfired. She spills oil on the stairs and thinks she will see how Kiara goes on the stairs! She thinks she will break her attitude and her leg!

Kiara tells Sunny that Abhi will not wake up for 3-4 hours now. Sunny asks Kiara to come to his room. Kiara says okay, lets go. Sunny comes first. Tanu gets tensed and thinks if Sunny falls down, then Kiara will get alert. Kiara comes.

Tanu asks Sunny to get his book from Abhi’s room and asks Kiara to go downstairs. Kiara calls Pragya and falls from the stairs, while calling her. Pragya gets worried for her and sees her missed calls. Tanu calls everyone there. Kiara cries. Tanu cleans the oil from the stairs with a cloth. Disha doubt her. Tanu asks why is she staring at her?

Sunny comes there and asks why Kiara shouted? Disha says you should have been with Kiara! Sunny tells that Tanu lied to him and sent him to get a book. Dasi and others attend to Kiara. Kiara asks if they are copying her treatment? Dasi says yes. Kiara cries and asks her to make her fine quickly.
Pragya calls Kiara. Kiara tells her that She fell down and she’s feeling pain in her foot. Pragya says she is coming there and asks the driver to tell the other driver to give Sunny’s address. Mitali brings pain killer to Kiara, but she refuses to eat.

Sunny calls Abhi there. Abhi comes there running. Dasi says Kiara is hurt on her leg.
Kiara says she is feeling pain at many places. Abhi smiles. He hugs her so that she feels relieved. Everyone laughs. Sunny says I will bring strawberry milk shake for you. Abhi says we will both drink it. Kiara says only I will drink it. Abhi takes her to show her something. Granny, Suwarni says she is like Abhi. She jokes about him. He takes her to the room and shows carom board, bat, and so on.

Kiara asks if I am a boy? Abhi says these games are played by everyone. Kiara says she doesn’t like them. Abhi says I came to show you my guitar and says I will do Rap for you and asks her to clap. He plays music on his guitar and sings baba black sheep. Kiara asks him to stop and asks if this is Rap and asks him to have a gap between every word or else, it won’t be a Rap. She sings while he plays music.

Abhi laughs and says I have won! Kiara asks how? Abhi says I have diverted your mind so that you forget your pain. Kiara says you made me a fool? Abhi says sorry and says I can’t bear to see you crying. Kiara says even I can’t see you crying, and that’s why I diverted your attention that day. They hug each other. Tu jo mila plays…

Sunny comes there and says he brought strawberry milk shake. He gets sad and he turns to leave when Abhi calls him near him. He hugs both of them. Sunny and Kiara get happy and smiles.

King calls Pragya and asks about the file? Pragya tells him that she’s outside and tells that Kiara fell down in her friend’s house. King says he will come there. Pragya asks him to go and attend his meeting. She says she will inform him about her. King says okay. The Driver stops the car and tells about the traffic signal. Pragya asks him not to worry about the signal and drive the car. The Driver drives the car. The Traffic Police 🚥 takes his bike and rides on it to stop the car.

Tanu thinks about Kiara. Disha comes there and says I know how you made Kiara fall down and blames her for taking revenge on her. Tanu asks what nonsense? Disha says I will not bear it again! Tanu asks how dare you, and says do you think you are permanent? Disha says I won’t let you hurt any kids! Tanu says you came here as her Aunt?

Disha asks her to think of her as her Aunt and says you know what a Mother can do! Tanu says I am not Aaliya. Disha says you are more cheap than Aaliya and says she will tell Abhi the truth. Tanu stops her and says I shouted at you as you misbehaved with me! She says Kiara must have fallen while playing. Disha says you have sent Sunny away and says my son never lies! Tanu says I didn’t do anything. Disha says if I get any proof, then all your lies will get lesser!

Kiara tells Sunny that she has won as her pop won. Sunny says I will not play and tells that Abhi is his Chucks. Kiara says so you are jealous. She feels pain. Abhi says I will call your mamma. Kiara asks him not to call her Mamma and says I didn’t tell her that I am fine. She says if she comes here, then She will scold me and you also. Abhi asks when will she come? Kiara says she can reach here at any time. The Traffic police stops Pragya’s car following her. He asks the Driver to show his license papers and scolds the driver. He asks him to show his car insurance papers!

Abhi asks Kiara why is she scaring him, and asks didn’t I take care of you, lift you, brought you here? Kiara says she will check me and will ask for X-ray report. She will ask me many questions and will purnish me right here, she will ask me not to come here. She says I am very worried for you. Abhi says I will handle her. Kiara says my Daddy can’t handle her. Abhi says I am Abhi and will make her fear go away. Kiara says she is a mother and will shake up the world. Abhi says I feel the bed is shaking. Kiara says I will call her. She calls her, but Pragya is outside the car. Kiara asks him to think of what to do.

Pragya asks the Traffic Police to take Challan. The Police tells that it is about breaking rules. Pragya says they have emergency, as her daughter fell down from the stairs. The Police gives challan. They leave.

Kiara tells Abhi that if her mamma came here, then she will not let her meet superman again. Abhi says let her come here and talk. Kiara says I want to meet you again and again, but then, she will make my no entry here. She says why don’t you understand that I love you.

Disha says there is one solution. They come outside. Disha says she will take her to the hospital. Kiara says she doesn’t want to go! Abhi asks her not to take her to the hospital and says she is scared. Disha asks them to listen to her first and says I will go and drop her at home. The Driver says I will drop her. Disha and Kiara leaves.

Twist of fate April teasers

Abhi gets a call. Kiara tells Disha that Pragya will not be silent and will scold Abhi. She feels bad. Disha says you like him so much. Kiara says yes, and says I love him.

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