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Ganga is dressing in her room, when she gets an insistent knock on the door. It’s a girl’s voice, asking her to hurry and come down and also to open the door. Ganga asks her to wait but the girl outside gets impatient. She continues to knock and holler for the door to be opened.

As Ganga opens the door, Sagar draped in a veil and hurriedly gets in. He eyes her teasingly, while Gangaa shyly says that they have been asked not to be alone. She asks Sagar to go, as if anyone sees them they shall be scolded. Sagar unabashed continues to progress towards her, while Gangaa retreats reflexively, Sagar has no concerns of being seen or caught.

He grabs her, and then pins her against the wall, while Gangaa is shy and nervous. Supriya comes in and they both compose themselves. She is amused and asks them what happened. Sagar asks Ganga not to say anything but Ganga blurts that she asked Sagar to stop but he didn’t.

He vehemently protests but Supriya turns his ears, and wrenches them, asking him not to try and be over smart. Sagar asks Supriya to believe him and not Ganga. Surpriya says that she shall take Sagar to Amma. Sagar starts apologising profusely. Supriya says that she has a condition. Sagar asks what it was.

Supriya asks Ganga to tell her what to do as this is a golden opportunity for her. Supriya tells Sagar that he shall have to be Ganga’s slave always and listen to everything she says. Sagar eyes Gangaa romantically, and then kneels in front of her. He accepts it, while Ganga is overwhelmed. Supriya is amused.

Sagar says that he shall be Gangaa’s slave for eternity and he will do and say whatever she asks him to, and shall forever be hers. Supriya blesses them both. Just then, Prabha comes that way. She finds them like this. Sagar gets up instantly. Prabha asks them what they are doing here as they are being called down.

They hurriedly rush down. Downstairs, all of them are busy with dance and merriment, enrolled in the spirit of festivity, Prabha manages to arrange for a long wire from the electrician. Madhvi comes to her and asks Prabha to arrange for two buckets of water since as per the ritual, Ganga and Sagar shall have to bath after the haldi ceremony after the mother sprinkles water on them.

Prabha complies. She eyes Gangaa being brought down from her room. They all join the festivities. Prabha smirks and tells herself that even destiny sides with her as it has handed her the perfect means to ensure Gangaa and Sagar’s death. The haldi ceremony starts, as Gangaa and Sagar are made to sit together.

Amma starts with the ritual and others follow. They all bless the happy couple. Prabha too comes and completes the rituals. Madhvi reminds her of the water. Prabha goes there and sends Maharaj away to attend to the kitchen. While no one is watching, Prabha stealthily throws a live wire in the water area.

Rudra and Ragini too perform the ritual. Prabha puts on an evil smile and says that they all can be happy all they want, but this shall be their last bath as the minute Sagar puts his hand in the water, he shall be electrocuted and that shall mark the end of Sagar and Gangaa’s love story. Meanwhile Gangaa and Sagar’ are both happy since their wedding is just around the corner.


After the haldi ceremony is done, both Sagar and Gangaa are asked to wash it down with a pious bath. Amma instructs the bride’s mother to wash the groom’s face and vice versa. Seeing that there is no one from the bride’s side, Amma asks Sudha to do the honour as Gangaa’s mother. She is more than happy to comply. They happily comply.

Ganga and Sagar with the rest of the family progress towards the water area. Madhvi asks for Sagar’s help to arrange for the water. She asks Sagar to get the mug of water. Sagar is oblivious to the live circuit, he progresses towards the water area. Sagar is about to put his hand inside the water pool. Rudra is tensed and is about to sense something.

Ragini points out the dancing lights to Rudra which were actually the electricity sparks. Meanwhile, before Sagar can pick it up, the lights goes off and Prabha is left disappointed that the lights went off at a crucial time. Prabha is disgusted.

Rudra comes up and tells everyone that they don’t need to investigate as he switched off the main fuse. He shows them the live wire, that could have electrocuted Sagar. All are shocked and aghast. Madhvi is concerned for Sagar. She reprimands Maharaj for the same. Prabha is very scared that her truth might be out, but she is thankfully relived when it didn’t.

Sagar’s father thank Rudra for having saved Sagar and then asks them to get back to the rituals. Madhvi too is highly thankful. Amma blesses him too. Ganga and Sagar eye each other tensedly.

Later in the night, Prabha again points to the rest of the relatives that the danger has been averted, but she keeps thinking that this might be due to Ganga who is a nice girl, but with ominously bad luck as she lost her husband, and now these omens. The ladies say that they too thought about it but didn’t say anything to Amma as her sanity has gone out of the window.

Gangaa hears this from a distance and is tensed and distressed. Prabha finds her there and pretends not to have seen her. Prabha says that due to the lord and Rudra’s help, Sagar was saved and God knows if destiny should be toyed with like this. They gossip that it isn’t needed that a widow be remarried.

Gangaa however is set of thinking about Sagar’s safety. Prabha leaves seeing that her mission is accomplished. She pretends to later see Gangaa and asks when she came. Gangaa replies that she just did. Prabha asks Gangaa to get some milk for the guests. She resignedly leaves. Prabha tells herself that she will keep trying and wont accept defeat till her work is done.

Later, in her room, Gangaa is tensed remembering Prabha and the others’ words. Sagar comes and stands by her side while she is in tears. He asks her whats the matter finding her tensed. He asks her what the problem is. Gangaa says that she cant see Sagar in pain and in trouble. He asks Gangaa if she is bothered about earlier, Sagar reminds Gangaa that her vermilion has always saved him and now their destinies are intertwined and they shall protect each other as their dreams shall materialise.

Gangaa however is scared of that itself. Sagar shushes her down and takes her while she is boggled. Gangaa asks Sagar where he is taking her. He holds her hands, and takes her to the house that they had made together when they were kids and had a fight as to who shall cook food. They reminisce about that childhood memory, and get emotional as they eye every detail of it saying that its exactly as they had left it.

He asks Gangaa if she realises what this means? Sagar says that this is a witness to their love, and that no troubles can affect their love which can weaken their relationship. He adds that their fights shall be immortal too. Gangaa smiles and cheers up. Sagar points that there is a beautiful dream in the house and that’s to stay together always, and that shall be fulfilled tomorrow.

Sagar says that he wants when they start afresh tomorrow, it shouldn’t be with tears. He then leaves and comes back with a water bottle which is empty. He asks Gangaa to voice out all of her concerns and troubles inside the bottle. She is boggled and complies when Sagay insists.

He closes the bottle and then throws it away saying that Gangaa’s pains and sadness is gone and they shall never come back. She hugs him overwhelmingly, and Sagar says that tomorrow, Gangaa should start it afresh with all happiness and cheer forgetting the past. He makes her extends her hands and invites all happiness right into their lives.

Meanwhile, Prabha talks to someone on the phone saying that she will come to collect the material tomorrow. The person asks Prabha if her victim will be killed by gun shot. On confirmation, Prabha says that she will come and meet the person tomorrow at 2:30 P.M. At the widow’s shelter, Sudha is reminiscent of how childishly innocent Gangaa was when she was becoming a child bride.

She is emotionally overwhelmed as she sees the older Gangaa dressed as a bride in the widows home. She asks Gangaa if she is sad that she brought her there to dress up. Gangaa denies. She says that this is her home. Sudha blesses her to be happy always and that no troubles will ever loom over them.

They both hug each other. Sagar has a hard time warding off the ladies who try to put a black dot on him as part of the ritual. They are insistent while he is vehemently against it. Amma comes to his rescue and takes him away saying that she shall help him get ready. He is relieved. Madhvi asks Supriya to find the chance to do it sometime and she complies. While going out, Madhvi almost collides into Prabha who gives the excuse that she had gone to collect paan leaves, for the next ritual. Madhvi smiles.

Prabha’s hand slips and a packet falls on the ground. Madhvi eyes it boggled and asks what it is. Madhvi asks what it was? Prabha says that its paan leafs. She also says that she will keep it in the kitchen. Madhvi complies and leaves. Prabha rushes to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Prabha fumes that her son is rotting in jail and they are celebrating.

Prabha says that if she isn’t happy, then she wouldn’t allow Sagar and his family to be happy too. She thinks about the love stories that have gone unfinished. Prabha mutters that Sagar and Gangaa shall never unite, and that their love shall be immortal. She prepares paan and then sprays poison into Sagar and Gangaa’s paan ensuring their death.

Meanwhile, Ganga happily gets ready and eyes her jewellery remembering her excitement when she was a bride in childhood. One widow comes and gives Gangaa the poison laced paan, saying that its from her groom. After they leave, she remembers Sagar buying her paan in childhood, while she eyes it. She also remembers that they had trouble eating it together.

They both eye each other’s funny faces. On the other hand, Supriya too gives the paan to Sagar, saying that its from Gangaa. Sagar is also lost in the same memory. They both eye it overwhelmingly. Prabha watches from a distance, in anticipation as to the moment when Sagar eats the paan.


Sagar and Gangaa obliviously consume the paan, while Prabha watches Sagar amusedly from a distance. Prabha tells herself that they have no idea that their paan is poisoned and they shall die before they can marry. Prabha smirks and says that no one will doubt her at all, and people will say that Sagar had to pay the price of being married to a widow.

Supriya watches Sagar amusedly, as he is getting ready while others giggle. The ladies leave, while Sagar finds Gangaa as a child widow coming up to him and guffawing loudly. On the other hand, Ganga is ready too. Sudha comes and excitedly tells her that its time for her to leave as the palenquin is ready. She happily complies as she remembers Gangaa’s plight when she became a widow.

Sudha gets emotional and says that this is the first time this is happening as all the torturous women have stepped in but for the first time to support Gangaa. Sudha emotionally says that finally a palenquin is leaving the widow’s shelter and that too her Gangaa’. She is overwhelmed and blesses Gangaa to be happy. Sudha hugs her and takes her out.

Gangaa makes her journey till the gate with the widows emotional and reminiscent of her widow days spent in the ashram. Gangaa then sees Sagar in his childhood days, as they remember their entire journey of romance since childhood. She finally sits in the palanquin as it takes off, while Sagar has Gangaa’s hand held tightly in his hands. They drive off. Suddenly, Gangaa starts getting a dizzy spell.

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