Gangaa Written update – Thursday 31st January 2019


Next morning, Supriya is leaving for Pag Phere. She thinks of Pulkit’s words. Amma ji taunts Supriya about the stuff she is sending in Pag Phere. Madhvi takes Supriya’s side.

Pulkit looks at Supriya as she sits in the car. Ganga gives something to Supriya. Pulkit tells Supriya he will send Sagar to bring here. She replies it isn’t needed. What will I do by coming here when no one likes me? Ganga overhears their convo.

Pulkit tries to make Surpiya understand but she tells him to let it be. It is too late now. She closes the window. Ganga too closes the dickey. The car leaves. Later, Ganga asks Pulkit about the matter but he says nothing. She is sure something is there. He looked upset.

Ganga comes to her room. She notices Janvi standing near the cupboard. Ganga asks her what she is doing here. Janvi says I was just checking. Ganga says I don’t doubt on anyone without any reason. I feel it is your habit to steal. I wont be surprised if you have done something here.

I am not scared of you. Janvi smiles. Ganga takes out her clothes. She sends Janvi outside as she needs to change. Janvi thinks Ganga will be indeed scared once she finds out about her plan

Ganga is all set to leave for the college. Niru tells her to be on time. It is the last day to submit the form for LLB. All the Best! Ganga thanks him and leaves. Janvi peeks at her from upstairs. Ganga leaves on her bicycle. Madhvi thinks it is good if Ganga concentrates at her studies.

Janvi thinks Ganga will become a lawyer only when the form will be submitted. Your countdown begins now!

Ganga comes to college. The counter will close in 10 minutes. Ganga hopes to submit her form on time. I have to take admission this year. She feels itchy. She requests the peon to ask sir to hurry up. He tells her to stand in the queue. One should come early for getting their work done. Ganga’s hands and skin is all red. She feels dizzy too.

Janvi looks at JP who is happily sleeping. She smiles and checks if anyone is around. She sits down next to him, telling him about the problem on Ganga. She must be feeling dizzy. She can even die! She shows him some packet. She recalls sprinkling it on Ganga’s saree. Ganga only wanted a solid revert! Face it now. I will ruin you now. She tells JP Ganga would be in real trouble / pain right now. Poor girl, her game is over now!

Ganga is sweating profusely and not able to stand properly. Peon calls out for her as it is Ganga’s turn. Ganga seeks Kanha ji’s help. I have to submit the form. She cannot walk forward though. She passes out just then. Everyone rushes to her side.

Sagar comes to college to give an important document to Ganga that she forgot at home. People wonder what happened to this girl (Ganga). Sagar comes there. He is shocked to see Ganga lying on the floor. He makes her sit. She speaks about form. He keeps patting at her face, asking her to open her eyes. She cannot see anything clearly.

Sagar helps her stand and then makes her sit on a nearby bench. What happened to you? How did all these rashes happen? She mutters she is fine. I have to submit form.

He offers to do it but she insists upon doing it. He has to act stern with her to make her sit. He goes to submit the form. We will visit a doc then. Meanwhile, Ganga is having trouble staying awake. He calls doc, asking him to reach home. Ganga is unwell. We will reach soon.

Janvi wonders how Ganga will be. Sagar enters just then. He is holding Ganga in his arms. He shares that she became unconscious before the counter. Janvi is irked. Madhvi and Amma ji notice her skin turning red. Ganga opens her eyes and looks at Janvi.


  1. Twist of fate should end already it is boring same scenes of kidnappings. Aliya and Tanu getting away with their bad deeds. Bring us a repeat of lies of the heart.


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