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Gangaa Written update Thursday 21st February 2019

  Previous: Wednesday Update on Gangaa  Madhvi and Amma ji discuss about Niru’s condition. Pulkit comes there just then. He tries to ask her about Niru...

Gangaa Written Update Thursday 14th February 2019

  Thursday 14th February Update on Gangaa Gangaa drops the tray and falls on the floor. Sagar rushes to her side. He pushes the puja thaal...

Gangaa Written Update for Thursday 7th February 2019

  Thursday 7th Update on Gangaa. Gangaa is thrown out of the house. .. Next: Friday 8th Update on Gangaa Gangaa February teasers  Ganga is thinking about...

Gangaa Written update – Thursday 31st January 2019

  Next morning, Supriya is leaving for Pag Phere. She thinks of Pulkit’s words. Amma ji taunts Supriya about the stuff she is sending in...