Twist of fate update Sunday 10th March 2019

7 years leap occurs… .

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After 7 years in New Delhi, Abhi is selecting his jacket and calls someone Janu, and says you didn’t choose my jacket. A little boy comes and says you can’t do any work without Aunt’s help. Abhi says selecting a jacket is a difficult work for me. The Boy says Jacket should be rocking on anniversaries. Abhi says anniversary? The Boy says I will tell Aunt. Abhi says if you tell your Aunt that I forgot, then I will tell your mother that you saw tv last night. Abhi says he will get a gift for him. The Boy says I will not tell Aunt as she will feel bad.

Pragya talks to Farida bi and says everything should be perfect today. She says when he sees the decoration, he should be surprised!

Purab’s son tells Abhi that he needs a remote control plane. Abhi promises to get it for him. Purab’s son asks Abhi to go from the back door as Aunt is doing the decoration outside.

Pragya is shown checking the decoration and telling Farida bi, that she wants everything to be perfect and wants him to get surprised. She says we should talk to the caterers.

Abhi comes somewhere with Purab and the guards. The ladies get mesmerized seeing Abhi and calls him hot! Mr. Chunnilal’s son, Naman asks him to unveil the statue. Abhi moves the cloth and unveils the statue. He tells that his Career started because of Mr… Purab says Mr. Chunnilal. Abhi says Mr. Chunnilal, today I have unveiled his statue. Naman asks Abhi to keep garland on the statue. Abhi asks for 10 lakhs rs, and places the garland on the statue. He says let’s all give a big round of applause. Later,Abhi asks Purab to take 10 lakhs from Naman. Purab says it is not a big deal, you have just placed garland on the statue. Abhi says he will buy more bungalows in greater kailash. Purab says what will you do, and tells that you will not get peace. Abhi tells him that the beggar sitting there can do big, but he is satisfied doing this. He says I have to go and place more garlands. Purab says everyone is waiting for your anniversary party. Abhi says love increases with wait.

Pragya searches for her daughter, Kiara and asks where are you? She asks her not to trouble her this early morning. Kiara is hiding and asks her to try her best. Pragya says if she couldn’t find her, then she will lose. She sees Kiara in the cupboard and takes her out. Kiara says how did I lose, as I am Papa’s daughter! Pragya says we learn from our failure and asks her to drink milk. Kiara says I will drink after Papa comes and asks her to call him. Pragya calls him.

Abhi picks the call (maybe his wife’s call) and tells that he is coming.
Pragya tells Kiara that her Papa will come.

Mitali tells Raj that she will wear necklace and make mummy ji jealous. Raj says she’s behind you. Tai ji says this necklace suits my dress well and asks her to bring icecream to get less jealous. Mitali asks Raj to get same necklace for her. Raj says you are naturally beautiful. Mitali gets happy, and sees herself in the mirror and says she is looking good without jewellery as well. Tai ji comes to the party hall and asks Dasi, how is she looking? Dasi says yes. Tai ji asks where is the beautiful person? Dasi says she’s the bride as she got married to him on this day. Mitali says she went to the room and saw her doing make-up. Tai ji says you should have helped her.

Mitali argues with her. Dasi asks them to snap pics lovingly and call the bride. Purab and Abhi comes there. Dasi blesses Abhi. Purab says I am also here. Dasi asks are you different from him? She asks why did you take Abhi to the Office today. Purab says he took me to the Office. Abhi asks Dasi what she thinks about who has taken the other? Dasi says I know and asks him to call Abhi the groom, and asks him to wait. Mitali covers Abhi’s new wife’s head with end of her saree. Tai ji says we should take her downstairs.

Abhi asks Purab’s son to save him from his mummy and says she is asking me to sleep. Disha comes and calls him Sunny. She asks him to do his homework. Abhi says your mom is right. Sunny blackmails him and tells that he will tell Aunt that he forgot about his anniversary. He tells Disha that Abhi agreed to let him stay in the party. The Cake is brought. Abhi asks where is his wife? Mitali brings her with the veil on her head. Taya ji asks Abhi to cut the cake with her.

Abhi says let me see her face first and confirm if she is mine. Mitali stops him. Abhi lifts the veil and sees Tanu, his wife. Tanu smiles. He hugs her and wishes her happy anniversary! Tanu says we are now one finally. Abhi asks shall we? Aaliya comes there and says fantastic, this is called the Perfect Couple! She congratulates Tanu and Abhi. They cut the cake. Abhi feeds cake in her mouth. Tanu also feeds cake in his mouth. Everyone claps. Dasi thinks if she had stopped Pragya then, she would have been the one cutting the cake with Abhi today, and thinks where is she?

Pragya is in London with Kiara. She says we will celebrate your father’s birthday here. Kiara says where we will search for him?

The audience cheers for King. King tells the girl that she’s the 49th girl. Her boyfriend tells King that he is the best for the girl. King challenges him. They drink wine. King wins as the man gets dizzy. Pragya and Kiara comes there. Kiara says where would we search for father, as this place is crowdy. Pragya says he must be somewhere here. Kiara says Father will be in a crowded place. She sees King and calls his name. King sees her and comes to her. Kiara kisses him and says you got 1 million hit for the album! She asks why are you partying here? King gets happy and thanks Pragya. Pragya says she wanted to wish you and that’s why I brought her here. She says she will take her in sometime. King asks someone to take care of his daughter and asks Pragya to dance with him. Pragya says I don’t know how to dance. King says I know how to dance.

Abhi and Tanu goes to the dance floor. Aaliya asks him to dance with his wife and shows charisma/talent.

Kiara asks Pragya to dance. Pragya dances with King. Abhi dances with Tanu. He is about to slip and recalls dancing with Pragya. Tanu says sorry. Song plays…
Pragya also thinks of Abhi. She imagines Abhi. Abhi imagines Pragya. Everyone claps. They come out of their imagination.

Pragya thanks Jenny for taking care of Kiara. King tells Kiara that Pragya doesn’t want to dance with him. Pragya says it’s not like that. He says he will come on time after his punches gets finished. Pragya leaves with Kiara.

Abhi thinks why did I think of dancing with Pragya, I have moved on and he’s happy with his life. He thinks he and his family are happy and hates her. Pragya thinks why did she think of him as he hates her. She asks why is she missing him, when her life is complete with Kiara and King? Abhi says I will not let any bewafa ruin my life and hates her name, face, and so on. Pragya says she will never miss him. Abhi regrets loving her.

A girl, Annie flirts with King. King says I have a queen. He flirts with her. Ronnie comes and says She’s his girl friend. King beats him. Pragya gets a call and rushes back. She asks Inspector not to arrest her husband. The Inspector says he has taken drugs. Pragya asks do you have a daughter or son and tells that their daughter thoughts of him as her hero and asks him not to arrest him. The Inspector says I understand hindi. Pragya says if my daughter came to know that her father is arrested, then she will get hurt. The Inspector leaves King with a warning. A woman tells Pragya that her husband was trying to get closer to Ronnie’s girlfriend or wife. Pragya takes King with her.

Abhi is in his room when Tanu comes and hugs him. He asks do you need anything? Tanu nods no and asks can’t I give you anything? She gives him gift and wishes him happy anniversary. Abhi says sorry for not bringing any gift for her. He opens the gift and says he likes the watch. Tanu smiles. Abhi says I will always wear this watch and says I should do my first work according to the time. He asks her to close her eyes and gives her a diamond watch.

Tanu hugs and thanks him. She says she was happy when they got married and it was the best day of her life! She says I would have given you happiness before as well, if Pragya wasn’t in your life. Abhi says I want to forget her name. Tanu says she was in your life. Abhi says she was my life’s biggest mistake and tells that Dadi died because of her! He says you are my life’s biggest truth and happiness. He says you are the best thing that’s ever happened! Tanu hugs him


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