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Gangaa Written Update Thursday 14th February 2019

  Thursday 14th February Update on Gangaa Gangaa drops the tray and falls on the floor. Sagar rushes to her side. He pushes the puja thaal that was in Janvi’s father’s hand away while...


Gangaa Written Update for Tuesday 12th February 2019

  Tuesday Update On Gangaa The court hearing starts. Sagar presents his case (with video morphing). The other lawyer, Mr. Pathak asks for proof. Niru tells himself that he was right all along that...


Gangaa Written Update for Monday 11th February 2019

  Precap: Prahba says, Niru also disrespected us. I wont come here again even if you (Madhvi) will call me. She leaves with Yash. Next: Tuesday Update on Gangaa Gangaa February teasers Ganga begins...


Gangaa Written update – Friday 8th February 2019

  Friday 8th February Update on Gangaa. Gangaa is accused and scorned at Sudha’s place. She is also attacked at the college… Previous: Thursday Update on Gangaa February teasers on Gangaa **** Amma ji...


Gangaa Written Update – Wednesday 6th February 2019

  WEDNESDAY 6TH FEBRUARY UPDATE ON GANGAA Gangaa February teasers  Janvi suggests playing a game first in which the guys’ eyes will be blindfolded. They have to find their partner that ways. Pulkit is...


Gangaa 2 Update for Tuesday 22 January 2019

  Ganga wonders how Pulkit Bhaiya agreed for the alliance. Did anyone push him for it? Supriya looks relieved. Everyone eats sweets. Janvi tells Ganga she knows Sagar better than her. He always does...