Gangaa Written update for Thursday 6 December 2018


Gangaa Thursday 6th Daily update.

Ganga is overjoyed that Sagar will let her use the laptop. Do you pity me she asks but He denies. I know you don’t take favours.

Madhvi keeps his medicines in his bag. Ganga gets curious. Why he takes medicine to school? She says he has to concentrate on studies, sports, extracurricular activities so he needs it. Is he giving you his laptop? Ganga nods.

Ganga is using Sagar’s laptop in Amma ji’s room. She wants to finalise a song. She puts on headphones and is shaking her hand when Amma ji comes there. She tries to ask Ganga what she is doing but Ganga’s eyes are closed. Amma ji finally has to remove her headphones. Ganga tells her that she is practising for the competition. Amma ji says you will ruin my sleep then. Ganga denies. I will go outside. She allows her to practise inside only. Switch off the light of the room. Let the light of the corridor remain on. Don’t stay awake for too long. You have to go to market in the morning. Ganga nods as she remembers it well. She does what she is told and starts listening to music once again.

Next morning, Maharaj ji and Ganga are in the market. The goons come there looking for the little girl in the white saree. They don’t notice her there as a few ladies stand between them and Ganga. Ganga has got everything. Maharaj ji too finishes his shopping.

The goons notice a girl from Ganga’s school. They ask her about the CD. She doesn’t have it. People start staring at them so they get conscious. The girl walks away. Ganga recalls that she forgot to take cash back from the shopkeeper. She runs back to the shop to get it. The goons go to that side again. One of the goons notices Ganga. He points it out to his friend. This is the same girl who was in the market that day. They decide to kidnap her as soon as they get a chance. Ganga too notices them as she turns to go. The goons pretend to look somewhere else. Ganga leaves. The goons look at her and decide to follow her.

Ganga and Maharaj ji are heading home. The goons are quietly following them. A lady collides with Ganga. She turns because of the impact and finds those guys coming in that direction. They yet again pretend that they are looking for something. Ganga keeps looking back. She understands that those guys are following them. Maharaj ji asks her what is she looking back so often. Ganga walks up to those men. She asks them why they are following her. Are you thieves? You look so by face. Don’t think that I have any money. What will you do with Rs. 5? Have you come to kidnap me? Maharaj ji tries to divert her but she continues talking. Do you make kids beg or sell them? Why are you following me if you aren’t goons? I am not a kid. I understand everything. I will take you to the police.

She gathers everyone and tells that these people have been following her since long. The goons call her a trouble. She has gathered all the people. Do you have a CD? She affirms. I have music CDs. There are very good songs in them. I am going to take part in dance competition. Will you take part too? That is for kids who study in school. The date of form submission has gone past. What will you do with it? He asks her to forgive him. go home. She says that was where I was going. Will you follow me again? He negates.

Ganga finally leaves with Maharaj ji. They still want to find out where she lives. If this is the same girl then she will surely have that CD. Maharaj ji is amused by her act in the market. They enter inside their house. The goons see the name plate outside – Chaturvedi Sadan! They are shocked to realise that it is Niru’s house. Did he get that CD?

Niru is outside Solanki’s house. A tea vendor gives him tea. Niru asks him about Solanki. Since when is the house locked? The tea vendor is clueless. Niru gets a call from Madhvi. She asks him if he met that reporter. Are you coming back tomorrow? He says I might have to stay for a little longer. I have to meet him. I don’t know when he will be back. I am perfectly fine. I will stay at my friend’s place. I will be back as soon as I meet Solanki. She tells him to take care and ends the call.

Pulkit’s girlfriend (Sonali) isn’t coming to school today. Her mother is feeling low. I thought to stay at home to cheer her up. We will practise tomorrow. He says sorry to her as his father is fighting the case against her uncle. She hopes that this tension does not affect their relation. He too is worried about the same.

Sagar is ready for school. He is irked that he might get late as Ganga is taking too long to come. Why did you ask her to go with me? Madhvi tells him that she must be coming in a second. Ganga comes there just then. I don’t have to only get ready for school in the morning like you. I have to do a lot more. He knows it too. Let’s not waster time in fighting again. Let’s go. they bicker again. madhvi has to control them. did you (Sagar) eat medicine? Sagar nods. Ganga points out that it was she who gave him the medicine. He had forgotten about it. Amma ji tells them both to leave now.

Both of them say bye to the family members. Madhvi is very much worried for Sagar. He has participated so excitedly but his health is not good. Amma ji is sure nothing will happen to Sagar. Let him do what he likes! Madhvi too hopes that everything goes smoothly.

The mystery man is in MLA’s office. It is surprising. You dint want to meet me till yesterday and today I can be of your help? What is it that your loyal people cannot do and I can do? MLA says no one here recognizes you. You can do this work easily. Keep an eye on Niru’s house. I have got to know that that CD is in his house.

The guy says if that was the case then Niru would have submitted in the court by then. MLA knows it but court will inform me before any such thing is submitted. Till now nothing of that sort has happened. So it means that the CD is there only. The guy (Shankar) agrees to do his work. Don’t forget me later. MLA nods and hugs him.

In the car, Sagar is singing loud while he is listening to music with earplugs on. She pulls them out of his ears. They bicker again over Sagar’s Dance Teacher and Dance Competition. She gets down as she reaches her school. He makes her say thank you to him as he has dropped her off first. The girls are surprised to see Ganga coming in a big car.

Bulbul says I too can come in a car as my father is a driver. This widow cannot be a daughter of a biggie. She might be
a maid in someone’s house. Reena notices Sagar in the car. He is same kid whom we saw in that school the other day. Reena asks Ganga whose car it was. Ganga replies that it is the car of the person in whose house she stays. All the girls go inside. Bulbul looks angry.

The kids take a short break. Dancer Teacher compliments Sagar as he is dancing well. Chandan asks Sagar to tell Sir that he does not want to be a main dancer. Sagar denies. The one who deserves to be the main lead will get the position. I wont say anything to anyone. You should hone your dancing skills if you want to be the main lead. Chandan walks away angrily. He notices Sagar taking some medicines. He gets curious.

Gunwanti is the head of cultural department. Mrs. Chautala comes there to help her. Principal Ma’am has brought her house’s music system so the girls can participate. Ganga is glad that they all will practise and participate. Gunwanti points out that she spoke big words in Lawrence School but they don’t have the resources for it.

Principal Ma’am reminds her that ebing a teacher she has to motivate kids. Gunwanti nods. But who will teach them? It is a different thing to dance in a wedding while it is something else to dance in a competition. Mrs. Chautala (The PT Teacher) offers to do it her style.

Principal Ma’am cannot call a dance teacher as they cannot pay the fees. Ganga does not even want it. Gunwanti says it isn’t a game to win this competition. All the schools of Banaras are participating. It isn’t as easy to win as you are thinking. I will still say that we don’t stand a chance to win this competition!

At Lawrence School, the rehearsals are on in full swing. Chandan keeps looking at Sagar. He recalls seeing Sagar eating some medicines. He excuses himself for a minute. He opens Sagar’s bag and steals the medicines. Sir gave him my position. He can never be the main dance! Chandan keeps them in his pocket and joins his team again. Sagar is getting tired. He asks for a short break. Chandan suggests him to take a break a little later as he is the main lead. Dance Teacher too requests Sagar so he agrees but is unable to do it. Chandan keeps praising him. Sagar has lost all his stamina. I cannot even stand now. I will take my medicine.

He excuses himself for a minute but cannot find the medicine in his bag. Yash goes to him. He too looks in the bag but the medicine isn’t there. Sagar faints. Chandan smirks as everyone rushes to his side. Dance Teacher makes Yash call someone as Sagar is to be immediately taken to hospital.

The girls are playing a game (kabaddi). Bulbul calls Reena and another girl to take part in the game. We cannot do dance practise as there is no dance teacher. Ganga is still positive that it will happen. Earlier we dint have a place to rehearse but now we have it. We will find a teacher too.

Raghav ji updates NIru about Solanki’s health. He has no clue about the CD till date. MLA’s goon tells his senior about the same.

Madhvi and Amma ji rush to the hospital. Doc assures them that he is alright. Maybe he dint take medicine on time so it happened. Yash adds that Sagar couldn’t find his medicine in his bag. Amma ji scolds Madhvi for being careless. Madhvi had kept it herself. Doc says Sagar fainted maybe because of the weakness. He needs to rest for a while. You can take him now. They meet Sagar next. They are very much concerned for him.

Ganga and the girls request Bulbul to teach them the dance steps. Bulbul finally agrees and begins to guide them. She gets irked when they cannot get the posture or steps right. I am not interested in losing! She walks out of the classroom. Ganga wonders what to do now.

Principal comes looking for Gunwanti. Ganga says her mother is ill so she has gone to her house. Principal Ma’am wants some papers from Gunwanti. She had received a call from the Principal of Lawrence School. She has to submit them today only. Peon is on off today. Ganga offers to go and come back asap. Principal Ma’am is hesitant but Ganga insists.

Sagar drinks juice. Amma ji says you don’t have to dance. Nothing happened to you but what if something had gone wrong! Sagar wants to dance. Madhvi sides with Amma ji. You don’t have to put your life in danger. Sagar asks her what has happened to him. Madhvi says you are weak. Pulkit adds that he can participate next year. Sagar insists upon participating this year only. I have practised so much for it. I wont drink juice too if you don’t let me participate.

Sagar makes Amma ji agree for it somehow. Outside, Madhvi asks Amma ji why she agreed. Amma ji replies that Sagar wont understand anything if we say no to him at the moment. Let him get better. I will talk to him.

Ganga collects the papers from Gunwanti’s house. Gunwanti’s mother gives water to Ganga. Gunwanti will come in a while. She has gone to bring medicine. Gunwanti’s mother coughs. Ganga suggests bringing water for her but she asks for her pump. Ganga notices a few photos on the wall. Gunwanti’s mother feels better after using the pump. Ganga asks her about the photo. Gunwanti’s mother shares that gunwanti was a very good dancer back in her younger days.

She wanted to make a name for herself in dance but she had to give up all her dreams because girls weren’t allowed to do anything like that in our time. She got married later and it never happened again. I wonder when I will see the smile on my daughter’s face again. Ganga thinks of something. She leaves for school.

The school gets over by the time Ganga is back. She stops her friends from going home. Principal Ma’am thanks Ganga for her timely help. She asks the girls what they are still doing here. Ganga shares that she has stopped them. I have found a dance teacher for us. Gunwanti comes late as her mother was ill. The girls stay back because of Ganga. She has found their dance teacher. Gunwanti asks Ganga who is it. Ganga says it is you! You will teach us dance. You have learnt it from a very big Guru. You have won many prizes too. I know how much you love dance. We had a dance teacher in our school only. Who else should we turn to then? Gunwanti says I haven’t practised since lot many years. I wont be able to do it now. maybe my faily too will object.

Principal Ma’am reasons that she only has to teach kids dance. She doesn’t have to perform on stage. I can talk to them if you wan to. Gunwanti denies. It’s been so many years. What will I teach them? Principal Ma’am says talent never goes away. try once. All the girls request her. Principal adds that our school is participating after so long because of Ganga Do you want the dream of these girls to fail because of lack of a dance teacher? Gunwanti agrees. Ganga thanks her. I told you we will find a dance teacher! Ganga doesn’t look happy.

Ganga comes to talk to Sagar. He is again listening to music. She removes them. what happened to you? Everyone is so worried about you. He denies. I am perfectly fine. But you must be happy that I wont be able to participate as I am not well now? She replies that she only competes with someone who is equal. You are on bed. You are taking so many medicines to stay strong. One has to do it on their own. He is sure of his victory. She shares that she found a dance teacher. He makes fun of her as she knows no dance forms. She relates that one who tries wins. Babu says so.

He insists that the Inter School Competition is very tough. She refuses to accept failure without trying. He starts coughing so she gets him water. You have no strength to talk only! Get well first. Then we will see who wins. They challenge each other.

MLA’s senior (the same lady chief guest from Lawrence School that day) tells MLA to act fast. I cannot keep this at bay for long. The issue is very sensitive. If you fail in this responsibility then you know the consequences too! She ends the call. MLA Shrivastava gets angry.

He scolds his goons for being incompetent. You couldn’t find that girl or CD. Goon says we have deployed our people at the hospital. We will question him as soon as he gains conscious. MLA orders him to check all the CCTV of the area where he had seen the girl.

Ganga switches off Sagar’s laptop. You need to get well first. How will you take part in the competition if you aren’t well? Take your medicines and rest. You will get your laptop only when you get completely fine. They both fight for the laptop.

Sagar calls his mother. Ganga stays put. Babu too would have done the same. Madhvi too seconds Ganga. Get well first and then you can use it. You even dance while sitting on the bed. Now take your medicine. Sagar refuses to take medicine as he does not like it. Ganga points out that it isn’t jalebi that he has to think of taste. You wont be able to take part in the competition if you don’t take it. No problem.

Sagar takes medicines. Madhvi smiles in relief. Ganga says I will keep the laptop with me till you get better. Take it from me when you are fine. Sagar stomps his feet angrily. Madhvi tells him that Ganga is saying for his good only.

Gunwanti explains to the kids that they have to be disciplined to do anything in life including dance. You must not take it casually. People spend their whole lives learning such skills / art. She plays a song. Girls don’t look so interested as it is classical. Ganga thinks that Sagar and his friends will be dancing on a latest song. Will we be able to win by dancing on this song?



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