Twist of fate 2 Written Update – Wednesday 5 December 2018

This is the daily update for Twist of fate showing today 5 December 2018.



Purabh sends Daadi, Sarla and Beeji back home. They agree to go back thinking that Abhi and Pragya might have returned home. Tanu calls Aaliya and asks where she is, she says she is in the jungle with Nikhil.

Tanu asks her to come home as she has got into a problem and needs her. She says Daasi and Jaanki had a doubt on her so she locked them up in a room. Aaliya asks her to take them out of the room but Tanu insists her to come home. Aaliya finally agrees and says she’ll send her the location and asks Tanu to send a car along with a driver. Nikhil gets relieved and thanks Tanu as he was on conference. Tanu smirks.

There Pragya brings hot water for Abhi, he gives him a sponge bath and asks him to take off his clothes. He gets shocked. She tells him that she has brought the water to give him a sponge bath. Abhi hesitates while removing his clothes. Abhi romances with Pragya while she gives him a sponge bath. Abhi tells her that they should express their feelings to each other as they both know that they love each other. He asks Pragya to come close to him. She throws water on him. He also puts splashes water on her and they both start playing with water while Raghubir comes there and gets awkward to see both of them.

Pragya gets embarrassed and says she will clean all this. Raghuveer tells her not to worry and asks them what they would like to have for dinner. Pragya says why would he cook when she is there and offers to cook for them. Pragya makes Abhi wear a kurta given by Raghubir and goes to the kitchen. Raghubir tells Abhi that he is very lucky to have Pragya as his wife. Abhi says she is his secretary, best friend, philosopher and guide but not wife.

Raghubir says he has seen her, and how she was worried for him and how she took care of him. He tells Abhi that only a wife can do that. He says she has accepted him as his husband already in her heart.

Meanwhile, the contract killer along with other goons are looking for Pragya and Abhi when the contract killer notices some blood on a stone where Abhi and Pragya were resting. He says they must be around as the blood hasn’t dried yet, he also notices wet footsteps and says there are three of them. One of them asks why three.

He points towards the land and shows them foot marks of two men and one lady. Damru asks his troop to follow the footsteps and reaches them when Nikhil reaches there and asks the contract killer if he has found them. He says he’ll find them soon and kill Abhi in front of Nikhil. Nikhil gets scared and asks why would he bring them in front of him and instructs them to shoot them the moment they spot them.

The contract killer says he shouldn’t compare him with Damru and his troop and says he knows how to do his task. There Pragya gets busy with cooking while reminiscing about the romantic moments they shared. She thinks that she is cooking for her husband but he doesn’t remember that she is his wife.

Abhi asks Pragya if he informed their family that they are safe. She tells him that she has been trying to contact them but hasn’t been able to reach them. Raghuveer asks them not to worry. Pragya asks him if he stays alone. He tells them that he has two daughters and both of them have gone to attend a friend’s wedding in Pune.

He tells them that his elder daughter is exactly like Pragya – soft-spoken and mature but his younger daughter is extremely mischievous. Raghubir further tells Abhi and Pragya about his daughter that she doesn’t like anything wrong even in her remote surrounding and is very bubbly. Abhi asks him about his wife but Raghubir gets sad on hearing this and says that he made some mistakes in his life because of which his wife doesn’t stay with him.

Pragya says sorry to him and that they shouldn’t have interfered in his personal life. He says she is his daughter and tells them that a wrong decision of his made his wife leave him.

He advises them to make decisions very carefully at the right time as they can make or ruin lives. Pragya says this is strange but he says that the one this is aimed at has got what he means. Pragya says she didn’t understand what is he trying to tell her. Abhi says he understood. Pragya asks what did he understand.

Raghuveer changes the topic and asks Pragya to serve lunch. On the other hand, Nikhil along with the contract killer and his goons reach the locality where Raghubir’s house is. He says that footsteps have been lost now but he can find them by following the smell of blood. He orders the goons to search for them in each and every house. Adding that he will not leave them if he finds them.

Pragya is preparing food while Raghubir comes there and sees Pragya cooking. He says it smells good and asks how does she know about Abhi’s likes and dislikes. Pragya says her boss likes it a lot. She tells him that she is his secretary, fan and best friend. He says but Abhi calls her his friend. Pragya says they are friends as well. He says that what they have between them is more than friendship and he can see in their eyes that they both love each other. He suggests that they get married.

Pragya says even she wants to marry him but they are going through a difficult phase in life. He asks her not to wait for the right moment and take the plunge. Pragya gets into flash back where she recalls all the problems she and Abhi had faced. She says to Raghubir that he is right that problems are part of life but they should grab happiness whenever possible and they can face any problem if they are together. He asks her to go and talk to Abhi. He says he knows he will say yes.

Meanwhile, Abhi is lost in his thoughts and reminisces all the moments he shared with Pragy. He thinks about how Tanu is so different from Pragya, while Pragya only knows how to love and Tanu doesn’t even know how to talk with love. He gets into a dilemma in whom should he marry and have kids with. He then sees Pragya as answer to all his questions. In the next scene we see goons are busy looking for Pragya and Abhi and reach Raghubir. Now as, Nikhil says to them that this house seem to be vacant and they should go and check next one.

The contract killer comes there and says the people usually hide in vacant houses. Nikhil tells the goons to let him see and the rest should follow him. The contract killer asks goons to knock the door till it gets opened. Pragya gets scared and asks Raghubir to not open the door as these goons are here to look for them. Raghubir says he’ll see who is at the door.

Pragya and Abhi experience a close call with the kidnappers as the goons beating the door of Raghubir’s house and Raghubir asks Pragya to peep from the window and tell if they are the same goons. Pragya identifies them and tells Raghuveer that they are following them to kill them once and for all. Abhi asks Raghuveer if there is any door at the back of the house for them to run away. But Raghuveer says that there is no such door.

Raghubir asks Abhi and Pragya to go upstairs and Pragya should lie on the bed and asks Abhi to go under the bed. Abhi argues that he can’t take risk with Pragya and she won’t lie over the bed. Raghubir asks Pragya to make him understand and he goes downstairs and opens the door after a very long time. The contract killer asks him if there is any girl and a guy in his house. He tells that the boy is injured and they are finding a place to hide and he denies that he hasn’t seen anyone.

Damru warns him that if he will find Abhi and Pragya hiding in his house, he will kill Raghuveer along with them. He says he is asking politely for the last time and he denies again and assures him that he isn’t lying. He comes in and says now he’ll investigate himself now. He gets into house and smells food. He enters his kitchen and gets surprised to see so much food and asks who has made the food. Raghubir says his daughter has prepared the food. He says he can also smell pudding and he opens the lid and tastes it. The goons search the entire house and get disappointed to not find anyone.

The contract killer asks the goons to go upstairs and check. He says his daughter is sleeping upstairs and asks them not to disturb her. They do not listen to him. While Abhi and Pragya are busy romancing and have a silly argument over who needs to lie down on the bed and who needs to hide under it. Pragya convinces Abhi that Raghuveer will tell Dushyant’s men that it is his daughter who is sleeping on the bed. Raghubir tries to stop them and Abhi and Pragya overhears them and asks Abhi to hide.

As Abhi hides under the bed, he tells Pragya that he is afraid of the Cockroaches. Pragya asks him to close his eyes and think about something good. They barge into the room where Pragya is covered under quilts and Abhi is lying over a rug under the bed. He asks Raghubir who is on the bed and Raghubir says it’s his daughter. He asks his goon to remove the quilt and check. Raghubir says she is not well and asks not to disturb her. They insist to see his daughter’s face and asks what’s wrong. Raghubir says she has cough, cold, fever and a lot more.

The contract killer asks him to do it anyway. Raghuveer tells them that his daughter is a patient of TB ( tuberculosis ), which is a communicative disease and they might catch it as well. The goons get scared. The contract killer instructs Dumru to go and check her face. Raghuveer tries to scare Dumru saying that his daughter is a patient of many other dangerous diseases. While Damru is hesitant to sneak in, the contract killer is adamant to see her face.

He asks the other goon what he is doing and he also tries to avoid it by saying that he is looking under the bed. His men look under the bed as Abhi hides under a blanket. The contract killer asks Damru to look the girl face but Raghubir says that it’s not safe for them to stay in this room for long.

The contract killer threatens to kill Raghubir if he says a word more. While the other goon is about to peak under the bed, a knock is heard on the door.



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