Gangaa update Friday 17 April 2020

Gangaa 17 April 2020: Maharaj gives the plate to Madhvi. Amma knows how stubborn Niranjan is. Ganga adds that Babu loves her a lot. Amma ji knows it too. He is only faking this love just to make me agree to his decision. Ganga disagrees with her. it is pure love. he gave you a swear and then went out to bring food for you. Will he agree to your words? She refuses to eat anything till he gives up.

Ganga only hopes Babu agrees with Amma ji as she doesn’t want to go to school. I wont so much as even look at him or talk to him. He has troubled me a lot. Now its my turn. Madhvi holds out the plate in front of Amma ji. Amma ji does not look back and mistakes her to be Niranjan.

Take my swear first that you wont send Ganga to school. She is taken aback after hearing Madhvi’s voice. Madhvi tells him that Niranjan had to rush for an urgent work. Amma ji tells her to take everything back in the kitchen. Madhvi requests her but Amma ji’s resolve is stronger now. no one can stop me from keeping this indefinite fast now, neither you nor your husband! Inform Niranjan when he returns home that if Ganga goes to school then I will leave this house on bier. Ganga and Madhvi look at her in shock.

Madhvi makes Sagar try to feed Dadi something once. Sagar goes to Amma ji’s room with the plate full of fruits. She simply tells him not to interfere in this matter. He politely requests her to eat / drink something but she is in no mood to even listen to him today. All his pleas get ignored. He leaves from there sadly. Madhvi is tensed to notice the same.

Amma ji vomits. Everyone rushes to her side in concern. Madhvi tells Maharaj ji to bring water. Amma ji ignores the glass and goes back to her room. Madhvi and everyone else is worried for her.

Ganga is making garlands. Sagar asks her if Dadi ate something. Ganga shakes her head. They both look in the direction of Amma ji’s room.

Amma ji is reading Ramayana. Ganga shows her the beautiful garden that she has made for the puja. Amma ji simply takes it and keeps it on a side table. Ganga leaves from there quietly when Amma ji tells her to. Amma ji is really tired. Ganga observes her thus. Amma ji is coughing and holds her head as she is feeling dizzy. Ganga and Sagar observe the same. What if she falls? Amma ji lies down on the bed with great difficulty.

Niranjan donates blood for the judge. He is on call with Madhvi. She updates him on everything. He too is very much concerned for Amma ji but the judge is in a critical condition. We all are donating him blood one by one. I will still try to come home asap. She nods. Nurse brings biscuit and juice for Niranjan but he doesn’t eat it as he thinks of Madhvi’s words.

Sagar comes to inform Madhvi about Amma ji’s condition. Madhvi comes to check on Amma ji. She offers water to Amma ji. Drink it or we will have to call doc. Amma ji sticks to her words. I have never taken any medicine from doctor. I wont take it today as well. Madhvi too doesn’t want such a situation to arise. I know you are upset with all of us. You can punish us but don’t trouble yourself. Sudha and Pishi Ma come there. They are concerned for Amma ji. Madhvi tries to help Amma ji in getting up but Amma ji signals her to stop. She sits down with great difficulty.

Sagar is pacing in his room. I cannot understand anything. Dadi is very angry. Who will help us now? Ganga recalls her Bappa’s words. He used to say that we should tell whatever is in our heart to God. He will surely listen to us. He stays up there in the sky. Sagar wonders if their voice will reach so high. Ganga thinks of writing a letter.

Niranjan and Raghav ji are about to leave when they notice Judge’s son. The guy thanks Niranjan for donating blood for his father. Niranjan dismisses it. They find out that the judge is no more. Niranjan observes him keenly. The guy says we never valued him when he was with us. We used to think that whatever he is doing is his duty. But now I have realised how it feels (lonely) when you lose your elders. I couldn’t do anything for him till date and now I cannot do anything even if I want to!

Sudha is angry that Niranjan insulted Amma ji for Ganga. It is very bad. Your son is not to be blamed. Ganga is at fault. She will cause problems wherever she goes. Sudha supports Amma ji’s decision. Pishi Ma sends Sudha to bring water for her. Pishi Ma talks to Amma ji in the meanwhile. Sudha is younger to us so her thinking is that ways. Don’t fall for her words. What will she understand about relations? I think you dint do it right.

Sagar writes a letter to God, requesting Him to do some magic so Papa and Dadi’s fight is finished. They should become friends again. Dadi should agree to eat something. We all love Dadi a lot. If anything happens to her then we all will become sad. He ends it with, your Sagar and Ganga. Ganga tells him to add that Babu too agrees with Amma ji. I don’t want to go to school. There is no space left on the paper. Sagar is sure God will understand. Ganga is pensive but he assures her. She too feels that Amma ji will never agree to what Babu is saying.

Pishi Ma reasons that if Amma ji continues this indefinite fast then she will surely fall ill in 2-3 days. You will be taken to hospital afterwards. You had earlier also rebelled to allow Ganga to be here but you had to give up in front of your son. What will you do now if this time too he decides to follow his heart? What will you do then? Will you decide to leave the house then? Where will you go to even if you decide to leave your house? Will you also choose to stay in some dark room in a widow ashram? You are really lucky.

Your son and DIL respect you so much even after losing your husband. Look at me, I am yearning to see my son and my grandson. They left me here but haven’t looked back since then. Pishi Ma wipes her tears. Amma ji asks her if she should give up in front of Niranjan. Pishi Ma explains that you don’t lose / win with your loved ones. People like us will have to compromise a little. This much anger is not good for us. God forbid what if your son and DIL turn their face away from you. What will you do then? Amma ji gets thinking.

Sagar pastes the message on a kite. They head upstairs then to fly the kite. Ganga flies the kite a little high and then cuts the thread. They just wish it reaches God and everything gets sorted soon.

Niranjan and Raghav ji decide to walk the rest of the distance to their home as the road is jammed. Niranjan gets stuck with the kite’s thread and is irked. These kids have no other work. Someone can get hurt by the thread. He notices the letter and reads it in amazement.

Amma ji asks Pishi Ma what about the decision that she has taken. Pishi Ma suggests her to bend a little and Niranjan will follow. Agree with Niranjan when he comes to talk to you / feed you. Don’t stretch the matter anymore. Sudha returns with water for Pishi Ma. She notices the change in their behaviour. Pishi Ma tells Amma ji to think about what she had said. She leaves with Sudha. Sudha looks at Amma ji keenly while they are going out of the room.

Sudha notices Niranjan and Raghav ji coming home when they are leaving. Sudha is not looking at him straight. Niranjan and Pishi Ma greet each other. Pishi Ma yet again sends Sudha away on the pretext of getting a rickshaw. Pishi Ma addresses NIranjan next. I have no right to speak in between your personal matter but I am saying so as I am elder than you. you may not understand how helpless an old and widow lady feels.

She is always worried about when her importance will fade away because of the DIL of the house. Her son should not feel that his mother has become a burden on him. She doesn’t want to become a joke before her grandchildren. She keeps on doing all this just so her ground is safe. Don’t be upset when your mother acts stubborn. Try to understand her. try to think what could be the reason behind her decision! She always is in thoughts whether her son is fed up of her or wants to be free from her. She is always weighing everything. You have to decide if your desire is heavier than a mother’s love! Niranjan is touched.

Amma ji is thinking of Pishi Ma’s words. A lone tear escapes her eyes. She is very much disturbed. Nirnanjan comes to her room. The judge’s son’s and Pishi Ma’s words echo in his head.

Sagar and Ganga think that God must have received their letter by now. Let’s check Dadi. Madhvi stops them from doing so as Niranjan has gone to talk to Dadi. Pulkit too returns home and is concerned about Dadi. Ganga whispers in Sagar’s ears that God only would have sent Babu home. Sagar smiles.

Niranjan touches Amma ji’s feet. He too is in tears. You are punishing me too hard. Amma ji says I know your love / affection is nothing. I am nothing for you. Niranjan asks her if she wants Ganga not to go to school. Amma ji sits up now. I am not Ganga’s enemy that she will think bad of her. Some things are prohibited for widows though. She will make new friends / wear short skirts if she goes to school. She is a widow after all. She is a widow.

Niranjan smiles. He massages her feet. What if I make arrangements for her to study at home only? Amma ji asks him what’s the need of it! Who will teach what? The master should be good too (with good values). He gives the responsibility of choosing a master for Ganga to her. She is worried about the expenses but he reminds her that she donates so much on her will. This will just add to it. An orphan’s life will change for good. There can be nothing better than this. Amma ji has a condition. Ganga will first have to abide by all the rules that a widow must follow. Niranjan is sure Ganga will do everything. Leave it on me.

Niranjan tells Madhvi to bring fruits and milk for Amma ji. She has agreed to eat. Maharaj ji goes to bring it. Madhvi and everyone is relieved. He also shares that Ganga wont go to school now. Ganga has a big broad smile on her face, thinking that God has listened to her prayers. Thank you! I wont be beaten by master ji now. Madhvi is confused so Niranjan tells them of the latest development. Ganga is taken aback while everyone else is happy. Maid makes faces.

Niranjan goes to bring Amma ji outside in the courtyard only. Ganga moves away sadly. Niranjan tells them about Amma ji’s condition as well. Amma ji indirectly tells Sagar not to argue with her over every little thing. Madhvi doesn’t even stop my grandkids from doing so. Niranjan very cutely explains the same to everyone present there. Amma ji finally drinks milk and eats some fruits on Niranjan’s insistence. She keeps on looking in Ganga’s direction on and off.

Ganga is sharpening Sagar’s pencil. He is packing his bags. It is the last day of school today, followed by examination leave. I will go to new class next year. She asks him questions about studies; whether he is scared of exams or not. He denies. I always top. She is scared of studies though. I feel ill the moment I think of it. He says your class is very easy. There is nothing to worry. She denies. He leaves as he is getting late. She ponders over his words.

The kids are having breakfast. Amma ji gives a list of ayurvedic medicines to Niranjan to bring them from the market. The kids leave. Niranjan and Raghav ji begin to go when Niranjan notices Ganga. Raghav ji tells niranjan that he (master) is coming at 4:30 pm. Niranjan shares the same with Ganga. Amma ji objects. We had decided that I will meet the master first. He will come only if I approve of him. How did you fix one without making me meet him? Niranjan says he is coming in the evening. You meet him first. She nods. Niranjan tells Madhvi that he and Raghav ji are going judge’s cremation. The court is also closed for the day. Ganga prays that Amma ji doesn’t like the master. That is my only escape now.

Amma ji lies down in her bed. She sends the maid upstairs to get dry clothes. Maid murmurs all along while she goes out of the room. Ganga comes there. She agrees not to make any noise as Amma ji is taking rest. She herself offers to massage Amma ji’s back. I used to do that for Bappa. Ganga asks Amma ji if she only will decide the master for her. what kind of a master do you want? Amma ji says he should be decent, have good upbringing and knows Ramayana. She falls asleep. Ganga looks at the clock. Master ji must be coming.

Ganga runs upstairs to see if the master is coming. Maid thinks of engaging her for the work that she is doing but Ganga has her eyes set on the road. Maid keeps on calling her so Ganga begins to walk towards her. Ganga hears the noise of a scooter and peeks out of the balcony again. She runs downstairs. Maid is irked.

Ganga notices that man having trouble in parking his scooter. He even drops his helmet while taking it off. He looks around funnily. Ganga is amused seeing him. Next, he takes out a scale from the dickey of his scooter. Ganga recalls her previous master who used to beat her with the scale.

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