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Gangaa 15 January 2021: Ganga tries to run inside, but Sagar holds her tight. The inspector calls the bomb disposal squad. Ganga runs towards Krsihna anyway, trying to wake Krishna. Sagar also comes in. The inspector forbids them touch the bomb. Sagar and Ganga were shocked to see only a single minute left.

Sagar cautiously tries to dispose the bomb. He finds a knob of the belt and successfully unbuckles it. Ganga hurries him up as only 30 sec were left. Sagar was finished by last 15 seconds. They run out of the house together in the last few seconds, the bomb had blasted behind them.

Amma ji cried and prayed in the hospital. Madhvi couldn’t get Sagar and Ganga’s call, worried about Krishna’s wellbeing. She accepts her mistake in all the matter. Amma ji agrees it was her mistake as well. The doctor comes out to ask about Sagar, and informs Niranjan’s condition isn’t well and they can’t wait for long.

In the car, Krishna couldn’t speak due to trauma. Ganga tries to calm her down, and assures her that everything is fine now. They would soon go home. The inspector wants to know about the people who brought her here. Sagar tries to inquire Krishna if she would help her parents. She only nods. He asks if she saw their faces. Krishna tries to speak, but her voice doesn’t come out of her throat.

Ganga was worried why Krishna is unable to speak, where her voice has gone. Krishna herself gets tensed and signals Krishna about not being able to speak. Sagar gets a call from hospital, he assures Madhvi to reach hospital and asks the inspector to take them to hospital. Ganga was worried.

Pulkit and Supriya come to hospital. Madhvi watches Ganga and Sagar come with Krishna. Both Amma ji and Madhvi were relieved watching her. Madhvi comes to caress Krishna, and accepts its because of her that Krishna is in trouble. The doctor comes to meet Krishna. Sagar takes the doctor aside and tells him about accident with Krishna due to which she is unable to speak.

The doctor was worried and takes Krishna to examine her. He returns to tell Sagar that she is in a state of trauma, it’s a temporary state after which she will be able to speak. Owing to her condition, they can’t take the risk of transplant now. The doctor promises to keep Niranjan in least pain. Ganga was worried about Niranjan.

The doctor says if there was a doner they were really hopeful, but they are helpless now. Sagar follows Ganga to the other room. Ganga cries about why they are being tested so hard. Krisha hears Amma ji crying in temple, as she can’t see her son die in front of her eyes. She also hears Ganga wondering how can she ask Krishna donate her bone marrow in such a condition. Krishna runs back into the hall.

Krishna runs towards the reception with a paper and pen and brings a note to doctor. The doctor reads it and takes Krishna to the family. Ganga reads Krishna’s letter, then says it aloud “Dear doctor, please take me to operation theatre. She and her family love Bapu, he is really nice. She always prayed for a complete family, but it would be incomplete without Bapu.

Everyone is in tension, her mother would lose Bapu if she choose her but she is ready to donate bone marrow. She hopes Bapu is fine”. Ganga hugs Krishna tight. The doctor assures to begin the transplant after basic tests, and takes Krishna along.
Niranjan’s conditioned had worsened. The doctors hurry to begin the transplant. Later he comes to give a good news about successful transplant.

At night, doctor insists on them to leave the hospital as they both need to rest. Madhvi insists to stay, but Sagar convince her that they would come later.

At home, Amma ji was upset. Ganga goes to get tea for everyone. Maharaj ji brings a parcel for Sagar, he tells them that he found it near the door. Ganga returns concerned, and instructs Maharaj ji for tea. There was a flash in the parcel, Pulkit gets the laptop. They hear a voice recording, saying they must be thinking Niru and Krishna are safe in hospital, but they are not. The whole family was worried.

In the hospital, Krishna wakes up and watches two doctors pulling off Niranjan’s oxygen mask. She struggles to get up, but one of the men comes to suffocate her. Niranjan was struggling to breathe, the fake doctor wrestles with her. Krishna bites at the hand of doctor, and pushes him away. She gets up to fight the other one as well, holding him back. One of them hurries the other outside, as they are already done and Niranjan would soon die.

Krishna comes to put on Niru’s oxygen mask back. He begins to breathe and tells Krishna to leave.Krishna comes outside and was just taking photos of the doctors when they were intrigued.

At home, Sagar tries to call the hospital but in vain. He leaves for hospital, Ganga insists to come along him.
In the hospital corridor, the nurse comes to put on all the facilities of Niranjan. Doctor had arrived, the nurse tells her about the situation. Krishna takes the call of Ganga, but she was unable to reply to her. In the corridor, she watches the doctors in disguise go out and follow them.

Ganga was tensed, and tries reception’s number. She panics wondering how hospital staff can be so irresponsible. In the store room, Krishna hears the two men discussing they won’t leave Krishna as she failed their plan. She brings the mobile and record the conversation into video. A box of store room fell with the push of her hand, the men turns to her. Krishna recognizes Yash at once.

Ganga and Sagar had arrived at hospital.
There, Krishna tries to run away but the men catch her. Ganga was just coming across the corridor, while they held Krishna behind a single wall. Sagar called Ganga to the other side. Yash and Krishna were conscious about her presence nearby. Ganga goes to Sagar.


In the room, Ganga and Sagar ask doctor what happened to Niranjan. The doctors inform them about the condition. The doctor says he has difficulty in breathing, they must operate on her. Ganga calls Sagar as Krihsna is not in her bed. They look around for Krishna. Ganga cries for Krishna. Sagar was sure this has been done by the woman. He gets Pulkit’s call that he is brining Madhvi and Amma ji.

Sagar tells him about the situation.
Yash brings Krishna to a car, with her hands and face tied. Pulkit’s car entered the hospital, as Krishna knocked at the door of van. She spots Madhvi and Pulkit but go unnoticed. Amma ji’s dress had been stuck with the car door. Krishna tries to bring her attention towards herself. Pulkit and Madhvi return, the van had left by then.

Ganga shouts at the administration, for not taking care of patient. Sagar also shouts at them. Ganga holds hospital staff responsible. Madhvi comes there concerned. Ganga gets a message from Krishna. They wonder who is calling from Niranjan’s phone. Krishna couldn’t speak, Ganga asks if it’s Krishna. There was no reply. Ganga asks her to make some signal that it’s her.

Sagar tries to inquire her about where she is. They hear the man speaking behind that they won’t keep this girl alive for long; Chattervedi family would never think Yash is behind them. Everyone was shocked to hear.

Ganga assures Krishna to be in the car. Sagar asks Krishna about her whereabouts. The police inspector arrives. Sagar says it’s Krishna on phone, and they also know the kidnappers. The inspector takes Pulkit to trace the call. Krishna gets successful in tracing the location.

Krishna had successfully removed the ropes of hand and cloth stuffed in her mouth. The driver announces that they have reached. They hear the cell phone fell off her hands, and comes to look about it. He throws the cell phone out of the car and drags Krishna inside an old cottage. They tie her again.

There on call, Prabha calls Yash an idiot as if the phone is off, they will trace them all at once. She instructs Yash about her next plan and warns him about any other mistake. The inspector follows Sagar and Ganga into the cottage but no one was there. Ganga questions the inspector as he was sure about the location.

There, Krishna was again in the van with Yash. Yash warns Krishna about doing as bad to her, as he did to her mother. Ganga insists on Sagar to find Krishna, Yash is really crazy and can do anything to Krishna.
Prabha watches a television news about Krishna’s kidnap, the police had been looking for Yash. Prabha was shocked as to where they got to recognize Yash. She thinks about some way to stop the police, and makes a call.

In the hospital, Pulkit speaks to Sagar that they couldn’t find Krishna. Amma ji was worried, and fells faint. The doctor passes by and informs they are trying their best. Amma ji feels dizzy at once with chest pain. Prabha smiles watching her in the uniform of a nurse and goes to help her. She instructs them to hurry her towards a room.

Sagar and Ganga inquire from people about Krishna. Ganga confirms Sagar if they would be able to find Krishna.
There, Yash and mate brings Krishna to another hiding. Yash smirks at her, frightening her.

In the hospital room, Prabha leaves to call the doctor. Another nurse comes in. Pulkit asks another nurse about any medicine. He removes the cover of tray and finds a note in it. He reads, their daughter is under their arrest; to save her they should name their house after she else’s they will kill their daughter.

Prabha removes the mask over her face, and thinks that Chattervedi family would no more attempt to go to police anymore. Pulkit comes out to look around for any clue.

Ganga tells Sagar that Yash is really dangerous, she plans about keeping the papers under the lamp without informing the police as well. The inspector informs them that they have ordered a curfew in the city. He asks what their brother said to them, Ganga makes up that he was telling about Niru. Prabha warns Yash not to go for property papers, as the whole Banaras has seen his face.

At night, Ganga comes with the property papers. There was a note reading, there is a white car nearby, and it would take her to her daughter. She recognizes a van nearby. She places the papers there and goes to get in the car. Jagga watches this all. Jagga comes to grab the file of papers and hurries into the van. They reach the spot, Sagar comes out of the back of their van.
Inside the hiding, Yash cheers that this is the property he and his mom struggled so much.

He makes photos of the papers sure that Prabha would be happy about it. He now turns to Krishna who was trembling. He says he doesn’t need Krishna anymore, and it’s time to bid farewell to everyone. Krishna watches the gun pointed towards her.

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