Brave and Beautiful Update Monday 11 January 2021


Brave  and Beautiful 11 January 2021: Starts with Kamini talking to jaya happily that the marriage is called off again. Ashish tells jaya that he is feeling very bad. Papa and Mummy are very upset. Ishaan sees them and feels bad. Anand cries. Ishaan looks at him and cries. jaya tells Ashish lets go and sleep now. Ashish says I m not feeling sleepy. Ishaan comes to him. jaya asks Ritika to go home. Ishaan says its late, how can she go. jaya says why are you upset, Shraddha’s fate is bad. Ishaan reacts to her and gets angry. He says Shraddha will be married to Kunal. jaya says from where will Kunal bring proof. Ishaan says Kunal is not a cheat. Ritika calms down Ishaan. Ishaan argues with jaya. Ashish supports Ishaan and is annoyed with jaya.

Kunal asks his friends to find out about Nisha. He says from where did she get Shraddha’s number. Kamini says I will make Kunal married to Nisha. Her mum says you will never change. Kunal says she could have called me, find out where is she, no one is trusting me, I must find her. Kittu comes home and calls Kunal. Everyone ask what happened. Kittu asks Kunal what is he hiding. Kittu also doubts on Kunal. Kunal is hurt. Kunal cries and says I have always supported you saying you are the best for Sharddha and you will always keep her happy. Kunal says I m innocent, I don’t know why is Nisha doing this, I m trying to find out about her, I will ask her why is she ruining my life.

Kittu says what will happen if you say, the proof say something else. He says I will also give proof. I will catch Nisha and make her tell the truth. He says no one trusts me, fine. Kittu says what should I do, everyone are doubting on me too. Kunal says I know the truth and I will bring it out soon. He leaves. Kamini sees Kittu crying and says its not your mistake, who knew about Nisha, believe what Kunal is saying. She says who knows, maybe the girl is right. We should talk to Nisha. Kittu says why should we talk to her. Kittu says Kunal will sort out everything.

Kamini says Nisha is not talking to Kunal, the problem is deep. Everyone looks at Kamini. Purshottam says I understand what you want to say. Kamini says we should talk to Nisha, if she is lying, I will slap her and give her to police, but if she is saying truth, then we should make Nisha married to Kunal. Kittu is shocked and says are you after all this. Kittu says its your plan. Kittu confronts Kamini. She says it means you don’t want Shraddha and Kunal’s marriage and Nisha came to save you. Kamini says you mean I called Nisha, I did all this. She cries and says you are thinking wrong about your mum.

Purshottam says Nisha came from America, Kunal said he knows her. Nani says Kamini won’t do all this, she is a mum. Why will she act? Kamini says Kittu does not care about me. Kittu says sorry to Kamini. She says i m stressed and I misunderstood you. Kamini hugs Kittu.

Dildaar comes to Bua and asks why are you packing your bag. She says this marriage won’t happen now. Dildaar says Kunal will come with the proof and the marriage will happen. Bua says why will any guy marry a divorcee. Anand hears them talking. Anand supports Kunal and asks Bua to stay. Bua gets annoyed. Shraddha comes to Papa and Mummy. Shraddha tells them that she trusts Kunal. She says now when everything was going on happily, this new drama started. Papa says will is it happening with you. Shraddha says what happened with me, I completely trust Kunal. I can marry him blindly, but you told him to proof. He will prove himself innocent.

Kittu coming to Shraddha and says its good that you trust Kunal. I being his sister doubted on him and asked him to tell the truth. I don’t understand whats going on. She says you will have to answer people. I know Mummy you won’t tell me anything, but I m responsible for all this. She says its my family, its my brother. She says sorry Shraddha. Mummy pacifies Kittu. Shraddha says lets go and have food. Dildaar is cancelling all the arrangements. Ishaan and Ashish stop him saying Kunal will come back soon. Dildaar speaks against Kunal. Dildaar says I will remove my moustache if I m wrong.


Dildaar calls someone and talks to him about his son’s marriage. He takes the contract. Ishaan and Ashish looks on. Dildaar says the deal is done. Ashish says why the hurry. Dildaar leaves. Shraddha pacifies Kittu and asks her not to be angry on Kunal as he needs out support. Shraddha says Dhruv is a kid, he felt Kunal is a cheat, he blew off on him, I wanted to talk to Kunal but could not. Kunal tries to find out about Nisha. He says even Vikrant is not replying, what to do now. He gets a call from Shraddha. Kunal says give me some time, I m trying to find out about Nisha. She says I completely trust you. She says Dhruv said………. She says he is a kid, he got affected. He says tell me I m not wrong, I m his dad, I love him more than anyone. He says I m happy that you did not misunderstand me.

He says I will meet Nisha and ask her why is she doing this. He says even her boyfriend Vikrant is not in touch. He says thanks Shraddha. Shraddha gets Nisha’s call and she tells her that she wants to meet him and asks for her address. Nisha agrees. Kunal comes to meet Nisha. She is happy to see him and hugs him. Kunal is shocked. Nisha says I m sorry for what I did, I love you, why did you not come back to Us. He asks what happened to you, what is this joke, tell me when did I marry you. He scolds her for ruining his marriage. She says I need you, accept me once, please.
Kunal says you made me in a big embarrassment, why did you send messages to Shraddha. Nisha says I need your support, I m in big problem, I tried to contact you and came to know that you are getting married. She says don’t marry Shraddha. Kunal says I love her. Nisha says I love you. He says whats this drama. She says you helped me when I was in depression. He says as a friend. She says you are a good human being. She hugs him and says I came back to you. I was alone there. He says stop this nonsense, you are stopping my marriage because I helped you, this is not the way, what help do you want. Tell me what do you want.

He holds her and shouts. She says I need money. He says what. She says yes, I need money. She says I lost my job and house, I m bankrupt, I m living on medicines, marry and and save me. She hugs him again. He says relax, listen to me, I will help you. He says you should have not done this to ask for money, you would have asked me, I will give you money. He says come with me and tell everyone the truth that we are not married. End this drama first then we will talk. He says I will give you money and you can start a good life with it.

He says everyone are waiting there. She says no, you have to marry me. She says I did not stop your marriage for money, but to get you. She says money won’t help me, I need security of money and life. She says only you can give me that. She says Shraddha will not marry you now, I won’t let that happen, I will stop everyone, how will you prove that it was not your baby and we are not married. Kunal says you are disgusting Nisha, you should be ashamed, you are playing a dirty game with me. She says everything is fair in love and war, I don’t want to lose you. He says good, now you are open, I thought to help you first but now I won’t.

He says Shraddha trusts me a lot. Nisha says good for you, but what about her parents, what if I talk tot hem, they won’t let you marry, now you decide, I won’t give any explanation to anyone. She says I will send them more pics. She says you came running to me. She smiles. Kunal smiles looking at someone. She is shocked. He says truth does not hide, see there. Nisha turns and is shocked to see Shraddha and Kittu.

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