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Age is just a number 30 September 2020: Aarya calls everyone into the hall upon their return. Sahil hugs Bari Amma, Nani was happy that finally Sahil and Vaidika are united. Bari Amma was happy that today her family is complete.

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Prachi says she is happy that today is Vaidika and Sahil’s new beginning, and tomorrow Aarya and Guddu will get married. Vaidika says she was sure it is going to happen, and God made it possible through a special person like Pankti. They must thanks Pankti because of whom we got out Sahil back. She thanks Pankti for giving her the courage that it was possible, it’s because of her only that Sahil’s love for her invoked again. Pankti was happy to be a part of their special love story.

She tells Sahil that he saved her through mangal sooter, but she knew only Vaidika ji could be his real life partner. Sahil says Pankti isn’t as crazy as she appears. Nani takes everyone’s attention to Aarya and Guddu’s wedding. Sahil was excited to do this wedding himself, he tells Vaidika they will do Aarya’s Kanyadan together.

Pankti’s mother thinks she can’t let her daughter suffer what she did, she will do something. It’s equally wrong for Sahil to sideline her daughter after the mangal sooter and Sindoor ritual. She must take some huge step now to save her daughter.
In the room, Bari Amma and Nani sat together happy that everything is fine now.

Nani says she lost a lot of episodes of her TV dramas all because of the chaos going on in the house. Vaidika comes to the room and notice both ladies were lost deep into their TV serials. She then advices them about a subscription.

The next morning, Vaidika comes downstairs to find all the décor completed by Sahil already. He gifts a saree to Vaidika complementing and kiss her forehead. Mandagini was standing behind a curtain, fills a letter into an envelope and says Vaidika must know the truth of her son in law to be. Someone drags her from behind. Mandagini held a shoe over the veiled lady, but the lady removes her veil. It was Usha who silences Mandagini.

Usha tells Mandagini her punishment was complete and now it’s time for them to punish these. She won’t spare Sahil and Vaidika now. Mandagini tells Usha that Vaidika told Sahil about their truth. Now they are marrying Guddu to Aarya, but she won’t let it happen. She will tell Guddu’s whole truth to Aarya that Guddu drives a taxi now. Usha questions Mandagini if she has lost her mind. If Aarya knows about Guddu she will leave him. Once she is married, they will enjoy spicing the matter up. They will teach them good lessons once this wedding is done.

Vaidika interrupts the drum beating and says groom’s family brings the drummers. Sahil and Nani boast that it’s their daughter’s wedding. Pankti says they will take Aarya’s Baraat. Aarya comes dressed up as a bride. Aarya comes to Vaidika and says she also wants a new age marriage. Her wedding can also be a cool one and she wants drummers on her end as well.

Vaidika agrees and joins Sahil in dancing. Guddu’s Baraat arrives. Nani sends Vaidika to welcome them. Bari Amma, Prachi and Vaidika reach the main door to welcome the groom. Vaidika stops Usha who was in veil. Mandagini says she is a special guest who came from a distant place. Vaidika welcomes her as well.

Aarya and Guddu sat in the mandap together. The wedding rituals had begun. Pandit ji asks who would do the Kanyadan, she has no father. Sahil claims to be her father by the relation of heart. He and Vaidika together will do the Kanyadan. Vaidika was weepy and sits for Aarya’ Kanyadan. Sahil was emotional as he recalls his good times with Aarya. Vaidika was upset.Mandagini and Usha stood hand in hand.

The wedding rituals complete. Vaidika cries hugging Aarya. Sahil forbids them to cry but gets weepy himself. Aarya comes to hug Sahil who blesses her. Aarya now meets everyone. Mandagini hurriedly takes them to their in laws house. Vaidika sobs behind. Bari Amma tries to console Vaidika that she needs to be courageous, and being a daughter’s mother she must be happy as well. Sahil tells Bari Amma she must do something to cheer Vaidika up. Bari Amma says she has already thought well about an idea.

She wants to marry Vaidika in the very same Mandap with Sahil today. Nani was excited of her decision, Deepak says Bari Amma has acted miraculously as she never accepted Vaidika as her daughter in law ever. Bari Amma says she wants a repentance from her sins, Vaidika has always supported their family and Sahil. She will respect Vaidika a lot.

Vaidika now hugs Bari Amma. Pankti tells her mother she is extremely happy for them, they will be an inspiration that age or money doesn’t matter in love. Her mother silently thinks she can’t let them live together.

At night, Pankti’s mother was opening a bottle of poison and ready to gulp it. Pankti comes to the room. Her mother warns Pankti that if Pankti doesn’t marry Sahil tonight, she will gulp it up. Pankti cries that she is her only support in this world. Pankti pleads her mother that it’s a sin, she can’t separate Sahil and Vaidika. She questions her mother why Sahil only, she can marry any other man in the world. Her mother was stubborn, and says Pankti must be Sahil’s bride today else….

Ved comes into the room where Vaidika was ready in the bridal attire. Nani brings an idol as a gift for Vaidika. Vaidika complements that Vaidika looks beautiful, he considers himself the luckiest in the world to be able to see his parent’s wedding. Bari Amma comes with some jewelry, and says she got it for Sahil’s wife but never gave it to her.

She always thought Vaidika was taking advantage of Sahil, but she now understands Sahil couldn’t have got a better wife than Sahil. Vaidika doesn’t let her to apologize or regret, as she and Sahil are together now. Usha stood outside the window and heard their conversation. Usha was curt over Vaidika as she sent her to jail and herself enjoying with that Sahil. Usha turns around and finds that Pankti’s mother had locked Pankti into a room.

She then pours some poison in some water with an intention to fix her. She comes to Vaidika’s room. Bari Amma was angry to see her but Vaidika invites her inside. Pankti’s mother tells Vaidika she brought some Ganga’s water for Pankti’s marriage but wish to give it to Vaidika. Vaidika takes the water. Usha had decided that Pankti’s mother also holds an enmity with Vaidika and can prove to be her friend. Vaidika takes the water, Pankti’s mother wish her to drink her now.

Usha also watch this. Soon, the water pot slips off Vaidika’s hands. She says it’s a bad omen. Pankti’s mother forbids Vaidika to step over it and goes to get some more for her. There, Vaidika wish nothing comes as a hurdle in her and Sahil’s wedding anymore.

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