Force of Attraction update Monday 10 June 2024

Force of attraction 10 June 2024: Manorama shouts at Shakti that she took away their honor for her dream.Shiv prays in the mandir for Shakti’s safety and leaves the house.

Shakti cries and tells Manorama that she didn’t do anything. Chacha comes there in a shocked state. Manorama asks what happened? He recalls how people insulted him and said that he can’t be a priest when he can’t even control his daughters. Shakti sits in his feet and cries, Chacha says I know you didn’t do anything wrong. Rimjhim says they trapped Shakti, I will start a social media campaign. Manorama says the proof is there, we can’t ignore it, we are bearing all this because of her crazy dream. Dharam comes home and is totally beaten up, all are shocked.

Shiv is in his car and gets Shakti’s address, he says I hope she is okay.Mandira tells Padma that this girl can’t show her face to anyone now, she wanted to become a doctor using us and thought she can fight with me. Padma says you brought her to her standard now, you have destroyed her. Mandira says my real enemy is Shiv now as he keeps protecting this girl and how dare he raise voice against me? I won’t spare him, I will mute him forever. Padma says what are you planning now? Mandira calls Mr. Mehta and says you saw the news so you know what to do now.

Manorama rushes to Dharam and asks what happened? The flashback shows how goons taunted to get his sister to them and they will pay for her time. Dharam tried to fight them but they all grabbed him and showed him the news, they all beat him up. The flashback ends. shakti tries to go to him but Manorama pushes her away and says this is all happening because of you, you should just kill us. Rimjhim says enough.. Shakti didn’t do anything wrong, she told me everything and nothing like this happened, stop overreacting. Manorama says we lost all respect and you say that I shouldn’t overreact? you won’t even get married now because of this Shakti.

Keertan looks at the news, Koyal tells him that I told you to not trust this girl, she is a cheap girl who can do anything for money. Keertan is angry and says I can’t believe that I have to compete with shiv again. I won’t spare Shakti, she has to pay for this.

Manorama tells Shakti that I loved you like a mother, I kept thinking to give you love like a mother but you made me lose. Shakti says please don’t say that. Manorama says I told you that nothing comes for free and see what happened, I told you to not do anything wrong. She pushes her away and says we are doomed. Chacha says Shakti can’t do anything wrong.. he gets jittery and can’t breath. Shakti gives his inhaler but its empty. All are shocked, they don’t have another inhaler. Shakti tries to treat him.

Keertan is in the car and says I will show Shakti my bad side now.

Shakti tries to treat Chacha and says I will make everything right. Dharam tries to go out to get inhaler but Chacha says you can’t go. Shakti says I will go then, Manorama says I can’t let you go out. Shakti says I don’t care about others, I have to save Chacha so just trust me. She leaves the house.

Shakti comes out of the house and people start taunting her. Shiv is going to her house and says Shakti hsa to be strong in all this.

Shakti comes out of the house and people start taunting her for being a gold-digger. Otherside Shiv is going to her and prays for her strength. He asks the driver to drive fast as he can’t drive, he says I can’t let anything happen with Shakti. Otherside people are taunting Shakti for being shameless.

Gayatri comes to Mandira and says only you can solve our troubles. Mandira says just tell me what to do. Gayatri says that girl Shakti.. I can only share things with you, Shakti met me when she came home that day, she wanted me to sign the scholarship form and I sent her to you. Mandira says oh really.. Gayatri says she just wanted to get signature on the form and now everyone is taunting Shiv and Shakti. I know Shiv did wrong by going against you but you love Shiv

right so don’t be angry. Mandira says not at all and you know I was ready to sign her form but she already went to Shiv’s room, girls from her class can do anything to get what they want, Gayatri says Shakti’s isn’t like that, she seemed innocent enough. Mandira says we shouldn’t talk here, you go to your room and I will come there.

Shiv comes to the market and tells the driver he will look around for Shakti. He asks for her address in the market but no one tells him. Some people taunt him from the news. Shiv tries to keep himself calm and looks around.

Shakti is in the market and guys are taunting her.

Padma tells Mandira that if Shakti tells everyone that you asked her to beg to get the scholarship then you will be in trouble. Mandira says I know how to take trash out, its time to clean this house from trash. I had no issues with Gayatri being silent in the house but she has done a mistake of sending Shakti to Shiv’s room, then he went against me to give the scholarship to Shakti so she should be punished. Padma asks who will do it? she says fear will do this work. Padma says you are so evil. Mandira says I am going to Gayatri’s room and you know what to do, she leaves from there.

Shakti comes to the pharmacy but people keep taunting her. She asks for an inhaler but the pharmist asks she wants any gain from him? he gives it to her and she gives him the money but he says you can give your time to me. She asks for a change and he gives it. Shakti slips and falls down. A woman taunts that she keeps stooping low.

Mandira comes to Gayatri’s room and Gayatri says Shiv and Shakti are not wrong. I asked her to get the sign and Nandu must have sent her to Shiv’s room. Mandira says but you know Shiv’s condition and that girl is cheap. Gayatri says no, that girl seemed like a blessing. Shiv talked to me indirectly in 6 years for the first time after she entered the house. Shiv acknowledged me as a mother because of Shakti, I don’t think she can do anything wrong. Ragunath comes there with Padma and says enough.. you keep throwing Shiv towards harm, that girl destroyed our honor. You keep destroying our happiness, you already took away so much from us. Shakti went to Shiv because of you. He charges at her but Mandira tries to stop him, he shouts at her to move away. So she smirks and leaves. Ragunath closes the door and takes out his belt. Mandira and Padma stand outside and hear Ragunath beating Gayatri up. Mandira says I don’t like doing all this but I have to do this for my son.

Shakti is leaving the market when she sees some goons coming near her.

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