Force of attraction update Monday 8 July 2024

Force of attraction 7 July 2024: Mandira tells Ranjan to bring Shiv to the storeroom. Shakti sees her talking to Ranjan and recalls her antics. She says Mandira must have fooled Ragunath to not recognise him. I have to talk to Shiv. Dadi comes there and takes her from there.

Manorama asks Dadi to apply mehndi but she says I never applied mehndi since my husband died. Shakti says but why? Dadi says that’s our ritual. Shakti says he wouldn’t like you sad, he is still alive in your heart so please apply mehndi to celebrate him. Shiv and others smile hearing that. Shakti says Dada won’t like knowing you stopped living and be happy. You should do this for him and celebrate your love. Shiv is hurt hearing that. Dadi agrees for Mehndi and Shakti applies it on her hands. Shiv gets dizzy so Padma comes to him and asks if he is okay? Lets go home. She drags him from there. Mandira tells Ragunath that Shakti is a nice a girl. She sees Padma taking away Shiv and stops her. She asks where are you taking him, Shiv says I am okay and leaves. Mandira tells Padma to not cross her otherwise she won’t spare her and her son. You won’t have any place to go so be silent.

Mandira sees Ranjan leering at Shakti and tells him to go and look for Shiv. This is your chance. Bring Shiv to storeroom in 10 minutes. Shakti sees Mandir and Ranjan leaving. She tries going behind them but Dadi stops her and asks her to apply mehndi. The girl asks whose name should I write? Who is in your heart? Shakti blushes and imagines Shiv. Rimjhim sadly looks at Keertan and says I can’t write his name but he is in my heart. Dadi whispers to the girl to write Shiv’s name on Shakti’s hand silently.

Mandira comes to the storeroom and places the box there. She says this will destroy Shiv. she leaves from there and Ranjan comes to her. She says its your turn, he nods and thinks I will do my work first. I dont know her plan but my plan is to kill Shiv and make Shakti mine.

Ranjan comes to the storeroom and looks around. He finds electric switch there and brings out a live wire. He says this box has Mandira’s plan but these wires are going to kill Shiv.

Scene 2Shiv is feeling dizzy. Shakti is looking around for him and sees him stressed. She says I need to talk to him. Mandira sees him and thinks once he goes to the storeroom then his secret will come out then Shakti will hate him.

Ranjan puts live wires on the floor and says he would be wearing shoes. He places the wires on the chair and starts water tap. He says Shiv will be electrocuted now. He finds Mandira’s box there and is about to open it but gets Mandira’s call. She asks him to come and take Shiv from here. He leaves from there.

Mandira is looking around for Ranjan.The girl writes Shiv’s name on Shakti’s hand while she is looking around for him. Ranjan comes there ans steals her phone. He messages Shiv from it to come to the storeroom. He smiles at her and nods. Shiv leaves from there. Ranjan nods at Mandira.

Shiv is going to the storeroom. Mandira keeps an eye on him. Shiv opens the storeroom and the box falls down. Shiv looks around and sees water tap running. Someone pushes him on the floor and locks the storeroom. Shiv looks around and is confused. Mandira is outside and says this will be Shiv and Shakti’s end.Shiv screams and panics. Shiv opens the box and screams. He panics and shhhouts. Mandira says I was dying to hear this sound.

Few moments earlier, Shiv saw water open. He said who kept the tap open and were is Shakti. He saw a box. Mandira pushed shiv into the room. Shiv goes to the box. He opens it. Shiv faints and falls. His head gets injured. Shaktia says I will come in a minuste. Her head gets hit on the plate. Manorama says are you okay? She applies medicine on her forehead. Shakti says where is Shiv? I feel like something wrong is gonna happen. Shiv gets up. Manoraama puts band aid on Shakti’s wound. Mandira says why is shiv’s tandav now started yet? His reality should come in front of everyone. Mandira goes towards the store. Ranjan asks her to not go inside.

He says Shakti’s eyes are on you. Don’t go in. Mandira says let him stay in. In a few minutes everyone will see his reality. Ranjan says today will be Shiv’s end.

Shiv goes to turn off the tap. There’s current in the water. Shiv tries to turn off the tap. He sees the box moving. Shiv wonders why is it moving? Mandira wonders why is it taking so long? Did Shiv die? Shakti wonders why is Mahira looking towards the store. Shiv opens the box. He panics and screams. Shaktia says someone is shouting. There’s a snake in the box. Mandira says I so wanted to hear this sound. Shiv screams and panics. Ranjana says today the show will end when Shiv dies. He asks his men to play the drum so no one can hear. Shiv panics and screams for help. He moves back. Mandira says to Ranjan are you crazy? I wanted everyone to hear Shiv’s screams. Ranjan says I did some planning as well. No one can hear his screams. Mandira says how will I end Shiv Shakti’s story this way? He says if Shiv ends, Shakti’s story will end as well and my story story with Shakti will start. She will be mine.

Scene 2Shakti looks for Shiv. Mandira says to Ranjan don’t forget your worth. I don’t want to kill Shiv, I just want to defeat him. He says killing shiv is my plan. Mandira is about to slap him. He holds her hand. Ranjan says don’t mess with me. If I get stuck I will expose you as well that you sent Shiv to the room. Only Shiv’s dead body will come out of the room.

And it would be better for both of us. Shiv screams and panics. Shakti looks around. Ranjan asks what’s in the box? Mandira says his past. It will take him back to his dark past from where he won’t be able to come back. Lizards. Ranjan laughs adn says lizards? Is he a kid that he’s scared of lizard? She says it’s herpetophobia. Fear of reptiles. Phobia is different. It freezes your whole body. He sees crocodiles in lizards. Shiv screams and panics in the room. He says save me mama. The lizards come towards him.Shiv sees crocodiles in them. Mandira says crocodiles remind Shiv of his past. Shiv recalls everything. He recalls everything. Shakti looks for Shiv. Mandira says that medicine won’t let him get out of there. He will stay stuck there. Shiv screams for help. Mandira says I didn’t want to kill him but I’ve no other option. Mandira says in heart I will also teach this Shiv a lesson for going against me. The lizard comes near Shiv. Shiv says no don’t come near me. He screams for help.

Shakti looks for Shiv. She says where is my phone. She asks chachi if she’s seen Shiv. Chachi says come dance with me. Ranjan asks Mandira why Shiv has phobia of lizards? She says that’s the real story why shiv sees crocodiles in lizards. Shiv screams for Shakti’s name. shakti says where are you Shiv.

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