Sister wives update Monday 8 July 2024

Hamida tells the family that the donkey is in love with Gazal. Gazal sees Ruhaan coming there with the gun and is shocked.

She bumps into him and hides his gun. Hamida says Gazal is juggling between Haider and Ruhaan, what does she want? Ruhaan says enough, don’t say anything against Gazal. Hamida says wow, old love is alive? are you still in love with your bhabhi? Ruhaan says no no.. I just want peace in the house, these talks don’t suit you. Hamida says what about your family peace when you left Gazal at the alter? Ruhaan thinks Dua made me do all that. Hamida says you have no right to talk. Dadi asks hamida to leave all this. Gazal whispers to ruhaan to leave. He angrily leaves while Gazal hides the gun under a table. Hamida thinks Dua was right that they have something going on.

Gazal meets with Ruhaan and says are you crazy? if Hamida had died then my plan would have failed. Ruhaan says I can’t see people taunting you. Gazal says your anger will destroy everything, we have to save this business and family from Dua and Haider, you have to be patient. Ruhaan hugs her and says I can’t wait to make you mine, lets run away from here and we can live happily together. Gazal says what about our mission? Ruhaan says to hell with Dua and Haider, we can run away and live happily. Gazal looks on. The donkey comes there and bumps into them. Ruhaan says I will kill him. Gazal asks him to calm down and asks him to promise to not do anything stupid, he nods and leaves. Gazal thanks the donkey for saving her today.

Hamida is sitting with Dua. Haider comes there and thanks Hamida. She asks why? He says you convinced Dua to work for us so thank you.

Gazal thinks to hide the gun from others that Ruhaan was about to use on Hamida.

Haider thanks Hamida for letting Dua work with him. Hamida tells Dua that your husband is an idiot for thanking me, you still think that I convinced Dua to work for you? Haider says I don’t think so, I know Dua was already working on the designs and I knew she would never let me and the workers down. I sleep outside her room and I saw her working all night on the designs. He brings out the designs and shows them to Hamida.

He says no one can work like my Dua, she is so hardworking. He tells Dua that I knew you were working but I wanted you to show it to me, I am lucky to have a partner like you. Hamida says wow, I thought you are an idiot but you are smart.. I wish you were smart to not marry Gazal. You should regret for what you did, you still have time to make things right, she leaves. Dua tries to go behind her but Haider stops her and pins her to the wall. He smiles and folds his hands, he says why does your mother keep scolding me? I know she can but she shouldn’t in front of my younger siblings. Dua asks him to leave the room.

Ravi comes to the family and tells everyone that our work load is going to increase because we won the opening act of the bridal fashion week. All are surprised and happy. Haider pulls Dua up and spins her around, he says thank you for this, I can’t believe we did this. Hina congratulates Haider and blesses him. Haider says its because of your blessings. Ravi says we won because of Dua, she won it. Haider says yes, it doesn’t matter. Ravi says there is a difference. Dua recalls how Hamida told her to put her designs in the show as Dua designs instead of using Haider designs. The manager from the fashion show comes there and says we need signatures on the contract. Haider tries to sign but the manager goes to Dua and congratulates her on her designs.

Haider says I am the owner of Haider designs. The manager says the designs were submitted from Dua Designs name. All are shocked. The manager says Dua will need to sign it as she won it. Hina takes the contract and says it has Dua’s name on it. How can this be as Haider Designs submitted it, she asks dua if she sent designs from her name? Hamida takes the contract from her and says yes.. she sent the designs from her name and her designs won. She asks Dua to sign the papers. Dua sees Haider standing there sadly so Hamida asks her to sign it and snatch her rights. Dua thinks she needs to do it to save Ruhaan from Gazal. She signs the contract while Haider looks on.

Dua signs the form, Haider asks why did she send designs on her name and didn’t even tell her? Dua says I asked Ravi to send the designs on my name. Hina shouts at Ravi that he is disloyal to Haider, he is a snake. Hamida says he didn’t do anything wrong, Dua works hard so why should Haider get all the credit? she did the work so she should be appreciated for it, she kept working for Haider because she loved him but there is no love so he is just a business partner now. Hina says enough, my son has worked on this business and owns it. I asked for your help but you stabbed us all, you are just like Dua who can’t be trusted. She tells Dadi that Dua destroyed my Haider’s business.

Dadi says it doesn’t matter if Dua sent the designs on her name, she works for the business and can send the designs on her name. Gazal says wow, you keep defending her and soon Dua will takeover all the business then what? Gulnaz asks her to shut up and says you are useless so don’t even talk about the business. Hina says shut up, Dadi and others start arguing with Hina and Gazal while Haider and Dua look on. Ruhaan thinks they don’t know that this couple is fooling them all. He sees his gun under the table and thinks to kill them now only. Gazal asks Haider to ask Dua why she betrayed him.

Hamida says you are a cheater and destroyed my daughter’s life, nobody cares about her, Haider betrayed her by marrying you and Hina took your side, this family is full of betrayers. Hina says your daughter is trying to get the business and you are part of this plan, you both are snakes and characterless women. Hamida shouts to shut up and stay in her limits otherwise I will beat you up. Haider asks Hamida to not talk to his mother like this. Hamida says she called me characterless so ask her to shut up. Haider asks them to stop it, this is between Dua and I. Hina tells Haider that I can’t see you lose your business, when will you take a stand against Dua? He says Dua did wrong and she should be punished for it. Hamida says you have no right to punish her after the sin you did. Haider says I am bearing punishment for it but Dua should be punished too, I will end this game which Dua started. He asks Ravi to come with him, he leaves from there. Hina and Gazal leave too. Ruhaan stares at his gun.

Haider tells Ravi that just do as I am asking you to. Ravi nods and leaves.

Ruhaan asks Dadi why is Dua doing all this? Dadi says this is happening because of Gazal, why can’t you expose Gazal and end all this? Gulnaz says yes, you should tell what Gazal did with you and then Haider will throw her out of the house. Ruhaan says but she didn’t do anything wrong. Dadi says she did a crime, she faked her love for you and then married Haider, you have no idea that she tried to kill me. She pushed me from the stairs and is destroying this family. Ruhaan says I don’t understand who is lying or saying the truth. Gulnaz says Gazal is a liar. Ruhaan says I will find out the truth myself. He leaves from there. Dadi says Gazal has completely trapped Ruhaan. Ruhaan comes there and hides from them, he takes the gun and leaves. Gulnaz says I will talk to Ruhaan.

Gazal tells Hina that I told you to not trust Dua and now we are losing the business. Hina laughs and tells her that what Dua did today has given us an opportunity, you are innocent but I am not. She says Haider keeps protecting Dua because he thinks he did wrong with her but today Haider told that Dua should be punished, we can use this opportunity to separate Haider and Dua. She should be thrown out of the house. Gazal likes the idea.

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