Force of attraction update Tuesday 9 July 2024

Force of attraction 9 July 2024: Shiv screams for help and panics. Shakti says where are you Shiv? Mandira says phobia makes death look easier. The fear takes over your body. Ranjan asks but why does he have phobia of lizards? She says that’s the real secret. Everything is related to it. Shakti looks for Shiv. She says where are you Shiv? Mandira asks Ranjan what did you do? He says we will know when his body is found.

Mandira says I won’t leave you. He grasps her hand and says you can’t do anything. Shiv screams in panic. Padma is also worried for Shiv. Shakti says I don’t see Ranjan and Mandira either. What’s happening.

Ranjan says I wont’ leave you. Stay here. Mandira says how dare you. She’s about to slap him. He holds her hand and says you’ve not seen how daring I can be. She says leave me. Shakti comes there. She’s shocked. Shakti says stop it. What’s happening here? Padma calls Shiv. she says where are you Shiv? Shiv screams in panic. He says the crocodile will kill me. Shakti asks Ranjan why do you have my phone? He says you forgot it. I kept it safe. Shaktia says why are you holding Mandira’s hand? I know you both are doing something. Where is Shiv? Ranjan says he must be around. Either hitting people of getting hit himself. Shakti says if anything happens to Shiv I will reduce the land for you.

Scene 2Dadi and everyone dances. She asks Koyal to dance. She agrees. Everyone is happy. Shakti asks where is Shiv? I will call everyone. Ranjan says go ahead. I will see if anyone can hear you. Shakti leaves. Ranjan holds her hand a well. Shiv screams for help. His hand is about to touch the electrocuted water. Rimjum sees Keertan. She goes to him. She says don’t be sad now. You had a chance but you didn’t do anything. You could make me yours. You only insulted me. He recalls insulting her. Keertan leaves. Dharam sees Koyal. Koyal says you dance well. He dances with her. Dharam falls, everyone laughs at him. He starts dancing on the ground. Everyone dances with him.

Scene 3Shakti screams for help. She says leave my hand. Shiv screams for help. He’s fainting. Raghunath comes to Bhagwati and says seeing mehndi on your hand reminded me of dad. You always used to dress up for him. He told you how beautiful you’re. She tears up. He says then suddenly you stopped dressing up after his death. She says Shakti is so brave. She made me realize, I am also a woman. A woman should live for herself too. Raghunauth says I am responsible for this. I should have thought of it being an elder of the house. She says you were also stuck in work and responsibilities. when Shakti comes to our house will fix everything. It will all be nice. Raghunauth says you should talk to pandit ji. She says I will. They wonder where is Shiv.

Shiv calls Shakti’s name in panic. Shakti screams for help. Ranjan laughs. Mandira hits Ranjan on hand. He falls. Mandira says Shiv is locked in store room. Go and save him. Shakti runs there. Shiv cries for help. Mandira says go save him. She slaps Ranjan. Mandira says you’re so disgusting. You challenged me, you dared to do that. now see what I do with you. Shiv screams for help. Shakti runs towards the store room. Shiv’s hand is about to touch the water. Shakti comes to the store room.

Shiv is crying and screaming for help. He is about to touch the water which is electrocuted. Shakti is running to him. She enters the storeroom and looks around for him. She sees the room filled with water, she is about to enter the room but Shiv shouts to not enter.. that thing will eat you. She sees lizards in the room. She tries to enter but Shiv runs to her and gets electrocuted. He recalls his accident and is in shock. Shakti screams and gets a stick. She throws it at the board and the wire gets unplugged. Shakti rushes to Shiv and tries to wake him up. Mandira comes there and thinks if Shiv dies then I won’t spare Ranjan. Shakti drags Shiv’s body from there. Ranjan sees him and thinks he is dead. Shakti bring Shiv out of the room and calls for help. All are shocked to see Shiv lying unconscious. Manorama says this Shakti keeps getting in trouble because of him. All rush to Shiv. Mandira comes to Ranjan and says you will be jailed for this. Ranjan says Shakti saw us both together so you will be doubted too, you should stay away from the scene of crime. Things are out of your control now so stay away. Chacha apologizes to the guests and they all leave.

Ragunath is trying to call a doctor. All are worried for Shiv. Mandira acts and cries for Shiv. She thinks if anything happens to Shiv then everything will be destroyed. Shakti checks Shiv’s heartbeat and says I have to do something. She opens his jacket and gives chest CPR. Ranjan thinks he can’t wake up. Shakti gives him oxygen, all are shocked seeing that. Manorama says what are you doing? Ragunath says she is giving him CPR, let her do it. Shakti keeps pumping his chest and giving him oxygen. Shiv coughs and becomes conscious. All are happy seeing that. Shakti says he is okay now, he was just unconscious. Ragunath thanks Lord. Keertan checks Shiv. Shakti says his pulse his normal. Keertan says she is right, he is okay now. Dadi thanks Lord. Ranjan is angry and thinks Shakti saved him again. Ragunath asks Shakti how did this happen? Shakti says Shiv was electrocuted in the room, there was water in the room. Manorama asks how? Shakti says it was not an accident, someone tried to kill him. All are shocked. Manorama asks who? Ragunath says tell me. Shakti says I know. She goes to Ranjan and slaps him hard. Manorama says what are you doing? Shakti says he deserves this only, he should be beaten up badly. Ranjan’s mother asks what did he do? Shakti says he plotted to kill Shiv. Ranjan says why would I do that? Ranjan’s father says my son is respected that’s why he is not doing anything. Shakti says Ranjan locked Shiv in the room, he started water there and put live wire there. Ranjan says I didn’t even know where Shiv was, I was dancing in the party. Shakti says I know he tried to kill Shiv. Ranjan’s mother you are talking as if there was a CCTV camera recording him. Shakti calls the videographer and asks him to show the recording. Mandira gets scared that she might be exposed.

Shakti calls the videographer and asks him to show the recording. Mandira gets scared that she might be exposed. He shows her the video in which Shiv is going to the storeroom then Ranjan locks him up. The video doesn’t capture Mandira pushing him in the room. Shakti shows the video to everyone and says Ranjan locked him up there. Ragunath grabs Ranjan and says you will be hanged now. Keertan starts acting and shouts at Ranjan. Shakti says he tried to electrocute Shiv, there was water and a live wire in the room. It proves that he tried to kill Shiv. Ranjan’s sister says you have no proof. Shakti says lets go in the room and we will find out.

Padma takes Mandira aside and says if Shakti takes everyone to the room then they will find out what you brought in that

box and you will be exposed.

Shakti brings everyone to the storeroom but can’t find the live wire there. Ranjan’s brother says there is no live wire here. Shakti is confused. Ranjan’s mother says the water leaked from the pipe. The flashback shows how Mandira told Ranjan’s brother to go and clean up the room. He went there and cleaned up lizards and took away the live wire. The flashback ends. Ranjan says there is no proof here. Shakti says why did he lock up Shiv here then? Ranjan says yes, I locked up Shiv here but to save myself and my inlaws honor. You people don’t know but Shiv beat up me and my brother in law. I was scared that’s why I locked him up here. Ragunath says why would he beat you up? Ranjan says because I caught Shiv and Shakti in an act. Shakti says shut up. Ranjan says I am not lying, he tells Ragunath that Shiv and Shakti have an affair. I caught them red-handed and tried to stop them but Shiv beat me up badly. I didn’t say anything because I wanted to protect their honor. I was scared that’s why I locked up Shiv here otherwise Shiv and Shakti.. Dharam shouts enough, don’t you dare say a word against Shakti. Chacha shouts how dare you say anything about Shakti? Dharam is about to beat him up but Manorama stops them and says Ranjan is right. Shakti is shocked. Manorama says he is right and I am the witness. Shakti says what are you saying? I didn’t do anything. Manorama says eyes can’t lie, I don’t want to say all this for you but you haven’t left a choice for me. Mandira smirks hearing all that. Chacha tells Manorama to stop this. Manorama says I kept warning Shakti but she didn’t listen. I thought they would stop but they didn’t. I kept telling her to stay away from Shiv but she didn’t. Didn’t you see them doing pooja together, then went to the function together. They didn’t listen and then I saw them together in the room during haldi. Shakti says but that.. Manorama says were you in the room with Shiv or not? Shakti looks away and nods. She says what you saw was wrong. Ranjan is framing me, he was harrassing me. Manorama asks her to stop it, I was proud of you but you are lying to me now? Chacha asks Manorama to stop it, my Shakti can never lie, I trust her completely, my blessings are with her, my Shakti can never do wrong. Manorama says she is my Shakti too.. I am her mother and raised her. I gave her upbringing and I would be blamed for all her mistakes. I love her like a daughter and you are telling me how to treat her? Chacha says my Shakti can’t be wrong. Manorama says my Shakti is wrong. All look on.

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