Force of attraction update Friday 12 July 2024

Force of attraction 12 July 2024: Mandira calls Manorama and says nothing is fine. Manorama looks out the window but doesn’t see Shakti and Shiv leaving. Mandira tries talking but Manorama can’t hear her so she ends the call and says I should sleep, she goes back to sleep. Mandira calls her again but there is no network. Mandira calls Rimjhim and says sorry to bother you, I want to talk to your mother, can you give her phone.

Rimjhim says sure and goes to Manorama. Manorama says I need to sleep, I have to wake up early. Rimjhim says Mandira is calling. Dadi calls Mandira so she cuts the call. Manorama says what’s wrong with her? lets go to sleep. Rimjhim sees her hand burned and asks what happened?

Dadi comes to Mandira and says thank you for caring for us all. Mandira says I am worried about Shiv. Dadi says don’t worry, Shakti is with him so he is safe. Mandira thinks that’s the issue.

Shiv and Shakti are on the bike. Shakti holds him and smiles. She recalls their moments together and enjoys the ride. Otherside Shiv is recalling his incident and keeps driving faster. Shakti notices it and puts a hand on his hand, she is about to slip but Shiv holds her and they both share a glance. Shakti pulls herself closer to Shiv.

All family members are worried for Shiv and Shakti.Shiv arrives at the factory. Shakti says take the keys from the guard. He says I can’t do that, your family will find out and they will be angry. Shakti says we are going against our families. Shiv says we are doing this for Rimjhim. Shakti says I can’t let her life be destroyed. Shiv says that’s why we have to act like thieves. When there is no love then there shouldn’t be a marriage. No love, no marriage should be the rule. Shakti smiles hearing that. A guard is coming there so Shakti hides with Shiv. He asks if she thinks she is doing wrong? Shakti says I am stopping from wrong happening.

Rimjhim asks Manorama how did she burn her hand? She says its nothing, I burned it from an iron by mistake. Its okay. Rimjhim asks if she wants any medicine? Manorama says we have a doctor Shakti in house, she applied a balm. Rimjhim asks if she is okay? Manorama says yes, soon you will not be here to take care of me. Rimjhim says I think Shakti was right. Manorama says don’t listen to her, she cooks up stories so don’t listen to her. Rimjhim says I don’t love Ranjan. Manorama says remember Keertan doesn’t love you. Ranjan loves you so choose the one who loves you, you will fall in love after marriage. You don’t know what true love it. Once you are married then you will be a team, he will support you and that’s love. A team is about giving support and always taking steps together.

Otherside Shiv and Shakti jump the fence and enter the factory. Shiv says don’t worry and trust me. He offers his hand and Shakti holds his hand. A guard hears a noise and goes to check but Shiv-Shakti hide from him. Shiv and Shakti start looking around the factory. The guard is coming behind them so they run away.

Shiv and Shakti hide from the guard in the factory. Shiv protects Shakti’s head and bumps his head. Shakti starts tending to hsi head and massages it, they both share an eyelock.

Manorama tells Rimjhim that a person in love would protect their lover even if they get hurt.

Padma consoles Nandu, he says if anything happens to Shiv then I won’t be able to forgive myself. Padma says its not your fault, you can’t be beaten because of him. Nandu says he is my brother, I can get beaten anytime for him. Padma says I have raised you well, I hope Shiv is okay otherwise this family won’t spare Nandu.

Shiv and Shakti are going to the records room and hides from the guard. He is coming there but they hide just in time. Shakti clings to Shiv in a corner, they both get awkward and move away. Shakti hurts her foot and limps in pain so Shiv checks her foot and holds her hand.

Manorama tells Rimjhim that love is made by Lord, he can fill lives with love so don’t worry, marriages join not just a couple but families too. I feel like Ranjan is made for you, people taunted you but he stood by you, you will be very happy with him. Rimjhim recalls Keertan telling her that he will run away with her. Rimjhim thinks I feel like only Keertan is right for me, my heart is with him and I know Maa won’t listen. I have to trust Shiv and Shakti. Manorama hugs her and says everything will be fine. Rimjhim prays for Shiv and Shakti.

Shiv tells Shakti that he won’t let anything happen to her.

Gayatri is praying for Shiv’s safety and cries. Ragunath glares at her and says she destroyed everything and now praying for him, a mother isn’t like her. His brother says she is a mother afterall, let her pay. We can go and look for Shiv. Dadi says I am worried, we can’t even go to Chacha’s house but we have to go as its about Shiv’s safety. Ragunath says I am going there, he leaves with his brother. Nandu comes to Dadi and says I talked to Shakti, Shiv is with her, he reached there and is safe.

Dadi stops Ragunath and says Shiv went to Shakti’s house and is okay? she tells everyone that Shiv is okay, Shakti is with him so he is safe. All look on. Dadi says Shiv went to meet with Shakti, he is totally okay. Mandira is angry hearing that. Dadi says Shakti is right girl for him. Shiv went on a bike to meet with Shakti, he is totally okay. He did what he couldn’t do for years, if they are together then everything will be okay. All are happy hearing that. Mandira thinks to call Ranjan.

Mandira calls Ranjan but he is sleeping. She says I have to find where Shiv and Shakti are.

Shiv and Shakti enter the records room, they find a vault there. He says all documents are behind this. Shakti says why a vault for this? Shiv says my Dada liked keeping physical files saved. He puts in a code 010. Shakti asks if its someone’s birthday? Shiv recalls his incident and says its nothing. He opens the vault.

Mandira says once I find Shiv and Shakti then I won’t spare them. She turns to see Keertan there. Mandira says this Shakti keeps destroying my plan, I don’t know where they are.

Shiv and Shakti come the room. It’s all dark. Shakti sneezes. There are records everywhere in the room. Mandira tells Keertan Shiv and Shakti are in old factory record room. Keertan asks what will they get there? She says Shiv and our secret. What happened six years ago, this family, what we blamed Gaitri fall, everthing is in that red file. If that secret comes out everything will be over. All that I’ve built will be over. Shiv and Shakti look through multiple files. Shiv asks Shakti to look on the other side. Shakti walks past the red file. Mandira is scared. She sees on CCTV. She says oh God, we need to do something. Keertan says call the guard. Kick her out. She says Shiv is the owner and MD of thaat company. He would dare to kick him out? You never use your brain.

Think before speaking. She says I am going. Keertan says take me as well. She says I wanna fight my battle myself. I will need you tomorrow. Go and sleep. Mandira says I can’t even tell him what’s in that file.

Shiv and Shakti check multiple files. Shakti says there’s no numbering. We can’t find anything here. He says we have to take it as an assignment. Start numbering them. Mandira gets ready to leave. Bhagwati asks where are you going? Mandira says I can’t sit like this until we find shiv. Bhagwati says Shakti is with him. Mandira says how can I stay calm after what happened. I am worried for both Shiv and Shaktii. She’s also our responsibility now. Padma says dont’ worry amma iss right. Shakti is with Shiv. No one can harm him. She’s there for him. She’s his strength. Mandira says he’s my son. Any mother would you worried. You’re a mother too. You know how mother’s heart is. Gaitri and I can feel the same pain. I can’t leave my son like that. She says maa I’ve to go and look for them. Bhagwati asks where will you? Bhagwati says don’t go alone. Take Kamal with you. He says I will come with you. Mandira says I will handle everything. Don’t worry. She leaves.

Shakti says we can’t find anything here. There is nothing there. Shiv syas you taught me to never lose hope. We have 3 more hours. She says then how did you give up in that store room? When I came in you sat there all defeat? Like you lost all hope to live. Shiv recalls the past. She says I couldn’t ask you. What happened? Why were you in that condition? He says we’ve to look for Ranjan’s file right now.

Mandira is on her way. She is angry. She says it all happened because of Shakti. Shiv says we’ve to focus on the file. Shakti says I will ask you all the questions once we find this file. Shakti says for now focus on that file. Mandira says I can’t let them expose me. I want to expose Shiv. They shouldn’t get that file. Everything will be over for me otherwise.

Manorama thinks about Shiv. She says I had one responsibility. She says I said such bad things to Shakti. She says I need to talk to Shakti. Shakti and Shiv keep looking into the files. Manorama walks towards Rimjim’s room. she says I’ve few hours only. I will have to marry Ranjan otherwise. She hears Manorama coming there. Rimjim puts pillows on the bed. Manorama comes there and says they’re both sleeping peacefully. Shakti comes in front of the red file. She walks away. Shiv also looks around. Mandira comes to the factory. She tries to open the locker. Shakti walks towards the file. Mandira is scacred.

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