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Malika asks Hina to sign the property papers as a witness before Haider comes. Hina is about to sign them but Haider comes there and asks what’s going on? Hina signs them and hides. Haider comes there and asks what’s going on? Hina says the doctor is saying that Gazal needs a surgery, Gazal cries in pain and smirks.

Hina says this poor girl is in pain and you never loved her, Dua keeps creating problems for her and now she is in pain because of us. Haider thinks she is in this condition because of him. Malika says we need to do her surgery otherwise she won’t be able to walk for long. Haider says we will take her to the hospital right now, Hina says we need to talk to doctors first. Haider asks Malika to suggest them the best doctor, he doesn’t care about money but want the best treatment for Gazal.

Gazal smiles at him and recalls their moments together, Apna bana le piya plays as she keeps smiling at him. She thinks my Haider worries for me so much. Hina goes to her and whispers to keep acting like she is in pain. Gazal cries out, Haider says I will come back. Hina says we need you to sign some papers for the surgery. Haider says but we have to take her to the hospital first. Malika says I have prepared for her admission in the hospital so just sign the papers. Haider looks at the papers and Gazal gets scared that he might see the property papers. Haider starts signing the papers and Hina distracts him so he wouldn’t check the papers. Haider says there are so many papers, let me read them. Hina says these are just hospital papers so sign them fast.

Haider starts signing the papers without reading them. Hina and Gazal smirk. Haider is about to sign the last paper but the pen leaks in his hand. He says the ink is leaking on my hands. Hina cries and holds his hand, she takes his thumb print on the papers without him seeing that. Hina takes the papers from him. Haider tells Gazal that everything will be okay, we are all with you. Hina says you can go back to the office, he nods and leaves. Hina hugs Gazal and says we won.. our house is ours now. Gazal thinks once the registry is done then I will throw them all out of the house.

Scene 2

Gulnaz thinks about Hamida saying that they need to put the house in Dua’s name. She recalls Ruhaan’s words that Dua wanted him to sign some property papers. She says I don’t know what’s right or wrong. Dua can’t do this with us, she loves the family and must be doing all this to stop Gazal but why does she need this house in her name? I can’t let my kids go on the road. I won’t take Dua or Gazal’s side, I won’t be silent if someone tries to do injustice with my kids.

Haider is going back to office but Dua stops him and asks what was he doing in Gazal’s room? He teases her that she is jealous. Dua says that girl is danger, stay away from her. Haider says that poor girl is in pain. Dua says poor girl? Haider says the doctor said that she needs surgery otherwise she won’t be able to walk for long. Dua says don’t trust her words. He starts to leave but Dua asks him to stay back. Haider says really? do you wanna go on a date? Dua says just go back to the office.. I wanted you to stay back as I have cooked lunch for you. Haider asks if she is hiding something? she says nothing. Dua thinks what is Gazal and Hina trying to do?

Malika takes Gazal’s signatures on the property papers, she says Dua lost today and she will be doomed now.

Gazal tells Malika to get the registry done for the property papers, she asks her to be careful and not bump into Dua, Malika nods and leaves. Hina says lets throw Dua out of the house. Gazal says not right now, first let the house get registered in my name and then we will take action.

Haider sits with Dua and says I am hungry, she says okay just give me a minute. Malika is leaving the house but falls down and hides from Dua. Dua looks around but doesn’t see her. The property papers fall away from Malika, she is scared that Dua might see them. Dua goes to the kitchen so Malika takes the papers and start leaving. Dua comes to the kitchen, Hamida and Dadi come to her, Dadi says there is blue ink on your face, did Haider leave his mark on her? Dua is confused. Mailika is

leaving the house but Haider stops her. He says what happened with Gazal? Malika says what? Haider says you said that she needs surgery, Malika says yes so I will go to the hospital. She starts leaving but Haider says why do you look stressed? She says I am getting late. Haider asks where does she work? Malika says I have to leave and goes from there. Otherside Dua sees ink on her face and thinks what if Gazal took Haider’s signature? Dua comes to Haider and asks why does he have ink on his hand? Haider says I had to sign hospital papers for Gazal so the pen leaked in my hand.

A doctor came to check Gazal and asked me to sign the hospital papers. Dua is shocked and recalls Gazal’s claim to throw her out. Dua says we have to stop her. Haider says the doctor already left, what’s wrong? Dua says she was not a doctor. She cries and says everything is finished, Gazal succeeded and we couldn’t do anything. Gazal and Hina hear that, they smirk. Haider asks Dua what’s going on? Gazal tells Hina that this house has no place for Dua now. Malika already left with the property papers so we already won, no one can stop us now. Kaynaat and Hafeez drag Malika back in the house.

Gazal is shocked seeing that. Kaynaat says you thought you could run away? I won’t spare you. what were you doing here? Gazal panics and says they can’t find the truth. Hina comes there and says how dare you.. how can you misbehave with a doctor? Kaynaat says I am trying to save the house. Gulnaz comes there and asks what’s going on? Dadi says Gazal and Hina are getting exposed. Haider is exposed. Dua says Kaynaat didn’t do anything wrong, she saved our house today, she thanks and hugs her. Dua thanks Hafeez for being the best brother. Hina says stop your drama, she tells Kaynaat to not listen to Dua, don’t misbehave with the guest. She apologizes to Malika and says you are a doctor and might need to leave, she asks her to leave but Kaynaat says she is not a doctor, she is fraud. She came to rob us from the house. Haider asks what’s going on? Kaynaat says this girl planned to rob us with Gazal. I got the property papers and stopped her. The flashback shows how Dadi called Kaynaat and said you are outisde the house so catch a girl Malika, they caught her.

The flashback ends. Malika says I came to treat Gazal and you all are misbehaving with me, I will leave but Hamida stops her and says we will treat you now. She slaps her hard while all look on. Mailka says how dare you.. Hamida shouts at her to shut up otherwise I will break you legs, she slaps her again and says if you don’t start talking then I won’t spare you. Gazal says how dare you raise hand on her? Hamida shouts at her to stay in her limits, did you forget the old slap? She is about to slap her again but Hina stops her. She says don’t you dare touch my daughter in law. Hamida shouts if you both misbehave with me then I won’t spare you. She is about to slap Hina but Dua holds her hand and stands in front of Hina. All look on.

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