Force of attraction update Saturday 13 July 2024

Force of attraction 13 July 2024: Shakti tells Shiv that we should look for the file again. They start searching for it. Mandira hides from them and sees the file on top rack. She tries to grab it but Shakti feels she saw someone. She tells Shiv but he says there is no one here, just look for the file. Mandira’s saree gets stuck in a rack so she can’t reach Ranjan’s file. She frees her saree and hides from Shiv.

Shiv says I don’t know where the file is. Mandira tries grabbing the file but Shakti is coming there so she hides. Shakti sees a red file and says it looks important. Shiv says these are very old files. Shakti says they didn’t throw it so it means it can be important. Mandira thinks they can’t get it. Shiv agrees with Shakti and they start reaching for the red file. Shakti is limping but Shiv holds her. Shakti grabs the red file. Mandira thinks I can’t let them see that file. She throws Ranjan’s file towards them so they can’t check the red rile. Shiv takes the file and tells Shakti that we have Ranjan’s file now.

Manorama goes to Rimjhim’s room and sees them sleeping. She sits on Shakti’s bed but there are pillows under the blanket. She says I wanted to talk to Shakti. Rimjhim is awake and hears her. Manorama says whenever I scold Shakti, I feel bad, I feel like when you do a mistake then its my fault. She says my Rimjhim is going to be married tomorrow.. a mother has to prepare for this time. I will have Shakti with me though. She asks them to sleep peacefully. She starts leaving but says Shakti never sleeps with blanket on her head. She takes it off and is shocked to see pillows there. Rimjhim wakes up so Manoarama asks where is Shakti?

Shakti asks Shiv how did this file fall on you suddenly? we checked this rack so many times but didn’t get it. Shiv says it feels like the file was thrown to us and I know who did it. Mandira is scared. Shakti asks who threw it? Shiv says I was just joking, I know who did this, Lord Shiv helped us. Shakti smells a perfume and says its seems familiar. Shiv says forget that, lets take the file and leave. Shakti asks about the red file but Shiv puts it back and leaves with Shakti. Mandira runs and takes the red file. She says thank God they didn’t read the file otherwise they would know the truth about me. If this truth comes out then I will be jailed. Shakti can never find this. She takes the papers and is about to tear them but the guard comes there and says you here? She puts the papers back and says I just wanted to check some papers. The guard says I am protecting the vault and if anyone enters it then you and Shiv will be notified. Another guard comes outside the vault and says who opened it. He is about to close it. Mandira thinks he will know I am here if I try to open the vault then Shiv will be notified. She runs to the door before its locked and the red file is thrown inside the vault. She guard locks the vault before she could go back inside. She scolds them and they leave.

Shiv and Shakti are going back to Manorama’s house. Rimjhim calls her and Shakti says we found proof against Ranjan, we won. Manorama says we lost, why do you keep going against me? Shakti says I am fighting for Rimjhim’s life, I have found a proof against Ranjan. Manorama says just come home.

Mandira says Lord is with them but I will keep fighting like always. Shakti will try to break Ranjan and Rimjhim’s wedding but I will get her married to him.

Manorama tells Shakti to come back home, for at least Chacha, he was broken and if he finds out you are out then he will be totally broken, you broke his trust and he warned you to not leave, if he finds out you broke his trust again then I won’t forgive you if anything happens to him. Just come back home right now, she ends the call and cries. Rimjhim consoles him. Otherside Shakti cries so Shiv consoles her and says once Ranjan’s truth comes out then she will be happy, we have to hurt them a little to save them from a bigger pain. Chacha might be hurt a little today but if Rimjhim gets married to Ranjan then he will be in pain for life, lets go there and expose Ranjan, the truth will win then. Shakti smiles and nods.

Mandira comes to Ranjan’s house and

sees him sleeping. She starts beating him up. The family asks what happened? Ranjan cries in pain. Mandira says I will send you all to jail in a dowry case. Ranjan says what did I do? Mandira says you grabbed my hand and threatened to expose me to Shakti but now they are going to expose you, they found your file in the factory and now they will send you to jail for harrassing a girl. Ranjan begs him to save her. Mandira says if you want to be saved then go and find that girl you harrassed, make sure she doesn’t give a statement against you.

Ranjan says that girl is Jyoti, she could have sent me to jail. Mandira says we saved him that time but Shiv won’t spare him. Ranjan says you promised to save me and get me married to Shakti. His mother says what’s this? Mandira says I shouldn’t have offered you a deal but now make sure Jyoti doesn’t open her mouth against you. Ranjan says what about Shakti? She slaps him and says just go and control Jyoti then we will take care of Shakti. Ranjan leaves. Mandira tells Ranjan’s family that they have to do something.

Manorama slaps Rimjhim and says why didn’t you stop Shakti from leaving? Chacha can’t find out that she is not here. Go and check on him.

Ragunath is worried for Shiv and says I feel like tomorrow is going to be difficult for us. Dadi says Shiv and Shakti won’t let anything wrong happening with us.

Manorama cries and says the problems don’t end, Lord please have some mercy on us.

Mandira says to herself that Shakti never loses hope but she will lose hope tomorrow. Her life will be destroyed when she marries Ranjan tomorrow. She asks Ranjan’s mother to call Manorama. She calls her. Manorama panics and asks Rimjhim what do they want to talk about? she takes the call and asks if there is anything important? She says I talked to the priest and they want us to change the wedding time, they want us to do the wedding in the morning instead of the evening. Manorama says how will we arrange everything on such short notice. Mandira whispers to pressurize her. Ranjan’s mother says we have the priest onboard, if you don’t change the time then we will not do this wedding. Manorama says no no.. we will do the wedding in the morning, just come here with the groom. She ends the call and tells Rimjhim to get ready for the wedding, Chacha can’t find out that Shakti isn’t here. She leaves. Rimjhim cries for Keertan.

Shiv and Shakti come outside Jyoti’s house as per the address. Rimjhim calls her and cries. She says they want the marriage in the morning instead of the evening, please do something otherwise I will die, I don’t want to marry. Please do something. Shiv gets triggered. Shakti tells Rimjhim to not do anything, we have found a proof against Ranjan. Rimjhim says you have only 1 hour. Shakti says we will be there before that, just promise to not take any wrong step. She promises her and ends the call. Shiv panics and tells Shakti that I promised Rimjhim to save her, what will we do now? Shakti asks him to calm down and says we are together, I trust you to stop this marriage. Shiv says we don’t have enough time. Shakti says Lord is with us so don’t worry. Shiv nods and knocks on Jyoti’s door. She opens it and says Shiv Sir?

Ranjan and his brother in law are going to Jyoti’s house. He says they might have reached Jyoti already, I won’t spare Shiv if I don’t get Shakti today.

Mandira tells Ranjan’s family to prepare for the wedding. She says I hope Ranjan takes care of Jyoti and then I will be successful.

Jyoti welcomes Shiv and says you are like my Lord, you gave me another life. Shiv says I have something urgent to talk about. They sit with her. Jyoti starts crying and says I was so scared that day.. that Ranjan would have violated me but you saved me in time. Shakti thinks Shiv did such a big deed but he didn’t have any memory about that, how can’t that be possible? Shiv looks on.

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