Fire and Ice update Monday 12th August 2019


Leela thinks that i am sorry Twinkle to be harsh with you but i am proud of you now, Leela breaks down in tears and hugs Twinkle, they both cry, Leela kisses her forehead.

Fire and Ice teasers August 

Kunj informs family that Yuvi has run from Mumbai through boat, Babee says he had to run, now everything is fine, Cherry thinks that now its great, Yuvi has cleared my way towards Twinkle, i will eye Twinkle again. Usha and Manohar comes there, Usha hugs Kunj and asks if he is fine? he says yes, Manohar hugs Kunj.

Surjeet says to family that Yuvi didnt even leave his mother, he cheated her too, poo Anita, Babee says where is Anita? Twinkle says maybe Anita knows where is Yuvi thats why she is not coming back, Anita comes there and says now you will say that i have made Yuvi runaway, you never leave any chance to insult me so say it too, Surjeet says real thing is that Yuvi have cheated us all, Anita is so hurt with Yuvi, she didnt know anything, Twinkle says Yuvi told me that Anita informed him about our plan, Anita says Yuvi would have said anything to you but i didnt know anything about any plan,

i cannot believe that Yuvi made me fool and didnt even tell me about his fake illness, if you all dont believe me then send me to jail, i dont even know where is Yuvi, if he is alive or not, Surjeet says we all believe you, dont worry, you dont have explain yourself, go and take rest, Anita smirks at Twinkle and leaves.

Twinkle says to Babee that Anita is involved in Yuvi’s plan, she has helped Yuvi to leave from country, Babee says Yuvi have left our lives, we are not in danger, right? Twinkle agrees, Babee says you have proved to be good daughter in law, now you have to become good wife, take care of his small things then he will start taking care of you too, when husband and wife start taking care of each other then love increases too, Babee says what you understood? Twinkle says i have to fight less with him but he teases me alot, he calls me Sayappa queen, Babee says enough, now go to your room and spend time with your husband, Twinkle goes.

Twinkle comes in her room and finds room dark, she says Kunj knows that i get afraid of darkness, still he has done this, she finds date setup, the dinning table covered with roses, she likes it and says date setup, Kunj says this is sorry setup for me, Twinkle says thanks for clearing my doubt, i thought you have done this for me, i wont thank you now, Kunj says you are ungrateful, Twinkle says i saved your life but you didnt thank me, Kunj says even i saved your life, Twinkle says that was your duty as husband, Kunj makes her sit on dining chair and says dont pressurize your brain else i will go mad, he lights candle and says i didnt understand one thing, when Yuvi activated bomb, why did you ask me to leave that place?

Twinkle gets silent, Twinkle says i asked you to go because seeing you, Yuvi could have pressed button of bomb, i was saving my life, Kunj says i thought you were sacrificing your life for me, Twinkle says no i was saving your life, Kunj says you are lying, i know you, Twinkle says if you know me then tell me whats going on in my head? Kunj says whatever it is but be away from me, Twinkle says dont taunt me about it now, i was doing drama that day about getting close to you, Twinkle says i feel like dancing today, its so romantic weather and good setup, Kunj plays song Dil Dhakne do, Twinkle starts dancing and is about to fall but Kunj holds her and asks if she is fine? she nods, Kunj starts dancing with her, they both get lost in each others eyes, Sajna ve plays.

Manohar comes to Cherry and asks him to sign papers of office, Cherry insults him, Kunj says to Cherry how dare you talk like this with my dad? Cherry says you people dont have standards to talk with respect, i am seeing that you are talking way too much from the time, Babee has given share to you in property but real money is with me and my father, he signs on papers and ask them to be in limits, Kunj holds his collar, Manohar asks him to leave, Kunj starts leaving but finds Twinkle there, Twinkle looks at Kunj, Kunj leaves.

Kunj comes in his room and is angry, Twinkle comes there, Kunj says i feel helpless, i tried to find job but they need MBA degree, dont know what to do, if i dont get job then i wont be able to help my family, i cant see my family insulted, Twinkle says if you want to complete your MBA then you have to take step, you have to decide how to complete it else you will have to live like this only and keep cribbing about it, you have to decide what you wanna do.

Babee says to Usha that Twinkle proved that she is great daughter in law, she saved Kunj and whole family, Usha says but tWinkle puts Kunj in danger and then saves him, Yuvi did everything for Twinkle and Kunj fell in problem,Babee says when wil you open eyes? your elder daughter in law left this house and went to her home when we needed her but Twinkle bear all the pain, she was insulted but she never left us, dont know when you will understand her, Usha thinks.

Kunj is showing his Cv to university principal, Manager gets call from wife who orders him to brings veggies, Kunj laughs, principal says to Kunj that admission date for MBA is gone and they cant give him admission now, Kunj says i will work hard, principal says we cant give you chance as admissions are closed, Twinkle comes there and acts like pregnant lady, she has cushion tied on her belly, Twinkle says to Kunj that you dont do any work, i will have to do your admission, where is your principal, she looks at principal and asks him to give admission to her husband Kunj else whole country will be in problem, principal stands up and asks Twinkle to sit down, Twinkle stands on his chair and says give admission to my husband, we have 3 daughters and 4th one is coming, principal says i am surprised that you have 4children, Kunj says i am shocked, Twinkle says if you dont give admission to Kunj then he will not get job and we will remain poor then country will suffer, cushion from her belly is about to fall but TWinkle holds it, she says to principal that doesnt kunj get admission?

will you like it that i have to keep doing 3jobs like i am doing now, how will i inform my daughters that their father didnt get admission, principal says i will give admission to Kunj, he says to Kunj that you are lucky, your wife cares about you, your kids and about country, he asks Kunj to come tomorrow and complete formalities, you have got admission, he leaves, Twinkle says you are welcome Kunj, i saw this university pamphlets and i came here then i listened that you needed help so i helped you, Kunj says what was that? principal was mad thats why i got admission else he would have thrown me out, why you have to come inbetween everything? dont try to be mother India, Twinkle says fine and leaves.

Twinkle comes out, Kunj asks her to sit in car, she says i will go myself, dont create scene, Twinkle says i am creating scene? oh yes i always create scene to help you, Kunj says okay dont come with me, i am leaving, Twinkle says i am fool to help you, Kunj finds principal coming and asks Twinkle to become pregnant, she says what? he says principal is coming, he should see you pregnant, Twinkle says first request me humbly that please Twinkle help me, Kunj sweetly asks her to help him, Twinkle puts cushion on her belly before principal comes there, principal says to Kunj that you are lucky to get wife like her, you should do her aarti, he leaves, Twinkle says we got saved because of you, Kunj says now we will have to keep lying because of you, lets leave now, Twinkle says say please first, Kunj says should i touch your feet? i wont say please to you, Twinkle says i will call principal again, Kunj says please twinkle sit in car, Twinkle goes to sit in car, Kunj says lucky and me? not at all.

Leela is happy, she tells Raman that Kunj got admission in MBA college, Kunj has taken great step, you know how difficult it is to start studies again, Raman says its work, our son in law would be MBA now, Pinni says how you people can be happy listening this news? my friends would embarrass me, now Bubly will go with Kunj to college? Raman says there are other things then gossiping with your kitty party aunties, Pinni says when people will know that he is going to school, they will make fun of us, Leela says he is going in university and who are there five people who will embarrass us? Pinni gets afraid and says why you are scolding me? Leela leaves, Raman laughs on Pinni.

Twinkle is laughing to herself, Kunj says you are enjoying your jokes to yourself, Twinkle says i am thinking that how cool and funny i am, i can do anything, people must be jealous of me, you must be too, Kunj says i havent seen self-obsessed like girl you, Twinkle says i am talented and there is nothing less in me, Kunj says you are funny right, Twinkle says you are making fun of me? Kunj says no, you forgot to add beautiful, Twinkle says you are right, i am most beautiful, Kunj says i have seen many beautiful girls, Twinkle says dont lie, Kunj says you are jealous, Twinkle says to Kunj that he must have not seen any beautiful girl like her, Kunj says i have seen one lady, Twinkle asks her name, Kunj says its Leela Taneja, Twinkle smiles and agrees, Kunj asks Twinkle will you not make fun of my choice? Kunj says to Twinkle that Leela is more beautiful than you,

Twinkle says ofcourse she has elegance, grace but as they say baby adopts things from mother so here i am, Kunj says but she is more beautiful, dont fight with me as i win in end, Twinkle says lets go now, Kunj starts car, Twinkle thinks that i did so much for his admission and he is showing attitude to me, what kind of husband i have got.

Kunj comes home and tells about getting admission in MBA, Cherry asks about money, from where he will pay fees? Twinkle says he is using his savings, talk nicely to him, Anita comes there with money and gives it to Kunj, she says i understand you need, take this money, Kunj says i dont need it, Anita says i understand how difficult it is to study at this age and also if you get failed then we will be insulted, you should be taking care of family but you wanna study so what can we do, Twinkle says Kunj thinks about family first, there are no age to fulfill dreams and Kunj can study at any age, also he wanna complete his studies to take responsibility of family, he is very nice son and husband, he isnt like the one who will lie to his mom for his benefit, Anita says why you are taunting me about Yuvi?

Babee says Twinkle is right, Yuvi cheated you, why you are insulting Kunj? Kunj can do whatever he wants, Anita says whatever Yuvi did with me id between me and him, Twinkle says same is case with Kunj, its his matter if he wanna study, Anita leaves, Kunj leaves, Usha tries to go behind him but Babee stops him and says Kunj is not kid anymore, you dont have to go behind him, he is married and Twinkle can take care of him.
Kunj comes in room, Twinkle comes behind him and sees tears in his eyes, she thinks not to disturb him, she is about to leave, Kunj stops her, Twinkle says i came to put bag in cupboard, Kunj says something went in my eyes thats why tears,

Twinkle says i will take it out, she sits beside Kunj and says there is nothing in your eyes, i know you are hurt with Anita’s words, Kunj says it doesnt matter, Twinkle says thats what i am saying, she cups his face in her hands and says Anita can say anything, you dont feel hurt, she starts leaving, Kunj holds her hand, he says you must be thinking that i am weak but these tears dont show that i am weak, Twinkle says when did i say that tears make one weak? even strong people cry, Twinkle says look at me, i cry alot but that doesnt mean i am weak, you know how strong i am, Kunj says you get afraid of dark too,

Twinkle says there are ghosts in darkness, Kunj says you are 8th wonder of world, Twinkle says you should be proud that your wife is 8th wonder, Kunj says yes that much that i get tears, Twinkle says let me see if you have tears in eyes, he comes closer to Kunj, their head bangs, Kunj says you do this deliberately, Twinkle says you do this knowingly, they both laugh, Twinkle blushes and leaves, Sajna ve plays.

Usha talks to her friend, her friend says my son saw Kunj in college, Usha says Kunj got job of professor there, he is not there to study, she ends call, Manohar asks the matter, Usha tells him about Kunj’s MBA, Manohar says there is nothing wrong in Kunj doing MBA and also Surjeet and Cherry insult us so much, once Kunj completes his MBA then we will come out of financial mess.

Kunj comes out of house, Cherry is standing there with this friends, Cherry asks Kunj if he is going to buy school bag? will he take lunch too to school? Kunj says let me go, Cherry says to Kunj that there will be ragging in college so lets have some practice in house only, become cock now, Kunj says i am getting late, Cherry asks him to become cock, Kunj punches him hard and says you are elder brother so dont come interfere in my life, Kunj leaves, Cherry fumes in anger, Anita comes there and says you are a punjabi guy and you fell down with just one punch? Cherry sys no one can beat me, how dare he punch me, i will teach him lesson, Anita says if you wanna take revenge from Kunj then you have to use your mind efficiently, i will help you in taking revenge from Kunj but you have to help in destroying Twinkle’s life, so will you be with your mom? Cherry asks what they have to do? Anita says just wait for that.

Kunj is studying in his room, Twinkle comes there and says you all boys are same, you have messed up whole room, Twinkle starts cleaning room, Kunj says i like to study like this, why you are taking my books? go from my room, Twinkle says this is my room too, let me clean it, Kunj snatches book from her, book tears, Twinkle says i didnt do anything, i was just cleaning bed, you have torn it, Kunj says you cant let me study, he runs behind her, they both fall on bed, Kunj is on top of Twinkle, they share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, Babee comes there and smiles, she coughs, Kunj and Twinkle gets conscious, Kunj says she is not letting me study, Twinkle says i was just cleaning bed, i am not fighting with him, Kunj says she is disturbing me, Babee says Twinkle is right, you should respect books and Twinkle was just cleaning, she leaves, Kunj angrily looks at Twinkle, Twinkle makes weird faces and runs from there.

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