Family Secrets Update Wednesday 14 July 2021

Family Secrets 14 July 2021: The Episode starts with Anami saying police is after us. Adhiraj tricks the police. Anami praises him. He jokes. They reach home. Anami runs and knocks the door. Murari gets surprised. He hugs Anami and Laddoo. Madhu hears Anami. Anami and Laddoo tell about a mother. Madhu comes to see them and cries hearing their words. Anami and Laddoo ask her to hug them tight. Madhu hugs them and cries. Murari too hugs them. Adhiraj stands far and sees the happy family.

Murari asks Anami how is she. Madhu laughs on Laddoo. Laddoo says they turned me into a girl. Madhu hugs her. Anami introduces Adhiraj. She says he came here to drop me safely. Adhiraj removes his moustache. Madhu and Murari identify him. Madhu says I have no words to thank you, you risked your life and saved my kids, you got them here, I can never forget your favor, we have nothing to give you, I bless you, you always stay happy. Anami says enough now, I m hungry. Madhu says I have made your fav food, wash hands and come. Anami sees Adhiraj.

Satrupa comes to kitchen. Poonam asks her does she want something. Satrupa asks her did she give breakfast to Anami. Poonam says yes. Satrupa says she is not here, you are her confidant, did she not tell you about her escape plan. Poonam says she didn’t tell me anything. Satrupa says but it seems someone from the house has helped Anami to escape. Poonam says I don’t know anything. Satrupa holds her hand and dips in hot tea. She scolds Poonam.

Poonam says sorry, I didn’t assist Anami in running away, I m not lying. Satrupa goes. Poonam dips her hand in water. Narottam looks on. Laddoo says Lal Mahal is very big. He talks to Madhu. Anami tells Murari what Satrupa did with Laddoo. Murari cries. Anami hugs him. Anami says forget this as a bad dream, we won’t let anyone’s bad sight catch us. Madhu asks them to stop crying and have snacks. Laddoo jumps and eats the snacks. Madhu stops Anami and feeds her by her hands. Adhiraj looks on. Murari goes and feeds him the pakodas. Adhiraj smiles seeing Anami. Sher Singh looks for Kailash’s house. He tells the man that they will first ask Satrupa before doing anything. Satrupa gets a call. She gets shocked.

Madhu asks Anami to call Adhiraj by his name, its good. Anami says no, I will just call him Daroga. She asks Adhiraj did he had such pakodas ever. Anami and Laddoo joke on Madhu’s anger. Murari says everything got fine because of you. Adhiraj says it was my duty, we can’t stay here for long, we have to leave, Satrupa’s men can be around. Sher Singh reaches the house. He says Satrupa said we should wait here till Anami comes out. Anami says yes, he is right, maybe Satrupa’s men got to know this place, I won’t go alone this time, I will take you all along, I can’t leave you, I get peace in my mum’s lap, I can’t find it anywhere in the world. Madhu cries and says this time I will not let you go. They hug and cry. Daamo says we should go there when we got to know about Anami. Satrupa says no, I have played my cards. A van reaches there with explosives. Satrupa says Anami will come back to me herself.

Anami saying once I turn 18, Satrupa can’t do anything, she can’t force me to return to Lal Mahal. Madhu asks where will we go. Adhiraj says leave everything on me, we will leave tomorrow morning. A man comes there and signs the other one. He calls someone and says we reached the right place, this work will be done. Sher Singh drinks tea and sees Anami and Laddoo coming out. Adhiraj stops Anami and asks where are you doing. Anami says we are going for Ganga ji aarti.He says its dangerous, you won’t go.

She says I have to go, forget this, Madhu says its not right to interrupt devotion, I have to go in aarti, don’t know I get this opportunity again or not. He says I will come alone. She holds his hand and says you worry for me a lot, but I m worried for Madhu and Murari’s safety, I will feel better if you stay with them. He says fine, come soon. She goes with Laddoo, and attends the aarti at ghat. Main to tere pass me….plays…. A man digs up the ground. Satrupa gets restless. The man places bomb and pours kerosene on the walls.

Anami says I enjoyed doing aarti. Laddoo says I can still hear the aarti bells. They feel cold. She jokes on him. They argue. Sher Singh asks Anami to talk on phone. She takes the phone. Satrupa says come back to Lal Mahal, don’t force me to come there. Anami refuses to come. Satrupa threatens her of consequences. Anami says I m not scared. The man lights the house. The bomb explodes. Anami and Laddoo get shocked. Satrupa hears the sound on the phone. Anami and Laddoo run towards the house. They get shocked and cry. Anami runs inside the house. People hold Laddoo. Sher Singh tries to get the phone. Satrupa calls again. Anami looks for Madhu and Murari. Satrupa asks Sher Singh about the noise, make her talk to Anami. He says Anami is not with me. She asks where is she. She gets shocked. He says I tried to stop her, she went inside the house and… She says stop nonsense, nothing can happen to her. She cries.

Anami sees Adhiraj and holds him. She sees the goon. She asks are you okay Adhiraj. He says yes. She asks where are mum and dad. She sees them and runs to hug. Adhiraj asks goon who has sent him. Anami gets water for them. Madhu cries. Anami hugs her and cries. Madhu says we are fine, don’t cry. Murari asks where is Laddoo. Anami runs out. Adhiraj asks who asked you to do this, tell me. Goon says I don’t know, I won’t tell you. Adhiraj scares him. Goon says Lal Mahal’s madam. Adhiraj asks who. Daamo asks Satrupa what happened to Anami. Sudha looks on and goes. Daamo asks is Anami fine. Satrupa says yes, I will go to Banaras and get her back, if I fail, I will never return to Lal Mahal. She turns and sees Dadi. Adhiraj asks who. Goon says S….. Someone shoots the goon. Anami looks on shocked.

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