Family Secrets Update Thursday 15 July 2021

Family Secrets 15 July 2021: The Episode starts with Adhiraj asking where is Laddoo. Adhiraj takes Anami and her family with him. Dadi says no, nothing can happen to Anami. Baldev asks Satrupa how does she know this, did she send her men after Anami. Satrupa says yes, I was talking to Anami when this happened. Dadi says you can go to any extent to fulfill your wish. Satrupa says I just want to get Anami back. Dada ji gets a call. He says commissioner has called, he said that house got burnt to ashes, a few people have seen Anami and Laddoo going inside the house, but no one was seen coming out, everything got over. They all get shocked.

Pujan thinks the heir is gone, everything happens for a good reason, there is just one successor now, my son Avdhoot. Madhu cries. Anami hugs her and says I m with you, you don’t need to get scared of anyone. Murari says Lord has sent you as angels, you have saved our children’s lives first and now ours, how shall I thank you. Adhiraj says don’t burden yourself by thanking me, you don’t make me a stranger again. Anami cries. Adhiraj goes away and sees them. Anami comes to him.

He says I will get something to eat. She stops him and says I just had a thought that I should thank you, then I thought not to thank. He says its good. She says I can’t downgrade your help by a thanks. He says its not needed. Satrupa says Anami is fine, nothing can happen to her, I will have to find her. Dada ji says it won’t be good for you to go out alone, just pray Anami is fine. Satrupa says nothing can happen to Anami. Sudha records this. She tells Naina that she is making moments memorable, Satrupa is quivering, she can’t do anything, I will capture this moment in camera. Adhiraj wakes up and finds Anami missing. He calls her out. Anami does Shiv puja. She recalls everything done by Satrupa and does tandav. She falls down. Adhiraj runs to her and holds her.

He says I understand this anger and the storm within you, this anger is your strength, use this anger on right person and right place, all your enemies will lose to you. Satrupa does a puja. Everyone looks on. Sudha says Anami is dead. Narottam recalls Anami and cries.She says its a moment of joy, you know the meaning of her leaving, you are the only heir left now, you will get all their business and royal regime, if your tears are of happiness, let them flow, if you are mourning for someone’s death, then wipe it out, its just getting waste, Anami won’t come back if you cry. Narottam says I couldn’t know you maybe, I just hate you, Anami did a lot to get you here, to get you your rights, are you not ashamed, I feel shame to call you my mum. He goes.

Anami, Adhiraj, Madhu, Murari and Laddoo are on the way. Anami cries and says why did Satrupa do this, to prove me weak or to get my love, or to forcibly make me call her Maa, she has lost the right to be called a mum, I m ashamed to have her blood in my veins, it would have been better if I became an orphan. Madhu and Murari console her. Anami says she has hit on my biggest weakness, I m scared thinking if anything happened to you because of me, I would have not forgiven myself, I swear, I will make her pay for her deeds, I will punish her. Satrupa cries and thinks Anami is fine, nothing can happen to her, she will come back to me.

Anami regretting to risk her family’s life. Madhu and Murari guide her and ask her to become Shri Krishna, who has won by his Dharm and love. Dadi cries for Anami. Baldev asks her to calm down. She says Lord has snatched everything. He says nothing happened to Anami, she will come back. Dada ji comes and says commissioner has called again, he said he didn’t find anyone, neither Anami nor her family, maybe Anami has died, we have to inform Satrupa. They go to Satrupa. She does the puja and faints down. Baldev holds her.Adhiraj sees Anami and smiles. Murari says we will cross our journey from here, your family will be worried for you, we will find help in the village, don’t worry for us. He asks Anami to say, will it be right to go alone. She says as you feel right.

Adhiraj gets sad. Anami asks so? He says I will return, I have to do my job, Satrupa has doubt on me, I can’t be with you here, I can’t compromise on your safety. She asks won’t you meet me again. He says no, never. They get sad. He goes away.Doctor says Satrupa needs rest, she shouldn’t get tension. Dada ji says when will she get conscious. Doctor says she will get conscious in some time, give her medicines on time. Sudha laughs and says I have burnt Satrupa’s life colors, she will mourn all her life. She gets happy. Naina says Satrupa is really hurt, she is not acting. Sudha smiles. Adhiraj sees Anami. She asks shall I leave then. He nods and says take care.

She says I will try to take care of myself. She goes. Tu safar mera…..plays…. She sits in the car and leaves. Adhiraj looks on and runs after the car. Anami turns behind and asks driver to stop the car. She holds Adhiraj’s hand. She asks what happened. He hands over her dupatta stuck in the car’s door. She thanks him. They shake hands and cry. She leaves. He thinks of her and cries.Satrupa wakes up and goes out. Sudha comes to pray. She says poor Anami had to go far from us, I will always regret for this, I can’t get her back. Satrupa says nothing happened to Anami. She shouts and scolds Sudha. She says Anami will come back to lal Mahal. Sudha asks how can dead return to the world. Satrupa gets angry on her. Sudha says I was praying that Anami gets soul peace, at least she should get heaven. Satrupa throws away the dhoop pot and drags Sudha out.


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