My Identity Update Wednesday 14 July 2021


My Identity 14 July 2021: The Episode starts with Avni scolding Kamini. She says if I meet you again next time, I will teach you manners, I m in hurry. She scolds the inspector as well. He asks her to please leave. Avni leaves in her car. Kamini gets angry on the inspector. She asks him to save his job if he can. The goons car pass by. Saisha sees Avni and shouts. Goon shuts her mouth. Kamini asks what do you mean, KK isn’t him, you lost him. The man asks was KK not enough that his mum came here too.

Mitali comes and asks for Neil. Kamini says Mitali Sharma, you are KK’s security incharge, how dare you not informed us that he is missing, I will suspend you, I will send each of you to jail, idiots….Avni stops the car and says according to this tracker, Saisha has gone into the jungle. She goes to see. Neil comes there and sees her car. He thinks did KK go towards the jungle. Avni goes to some abandoned site. She gets Saisha’s phone. She goes inside.Neil reaches there. He tries to look around in darkness. Avni kicks him and beats.

Neil gets shocked. She beats him more, while covering her face by her hand. Neil holds her and pushes her on the ground. Lightning strikes. He sees Avni…… and gets shocked. Avni sees Neil. He gets his phone and puts the flash light. He stares at her. He holds her face….He thinks of her. He says I saw it myself, that fire, dead bodies, who are you. He shouts and gets away.He cries and says it means you cheated me, you didn’t die, you were alive, my Avni can never cheat me, tell me, who are you, you can’t be Avni.

She cries and says listen to me. He says tell me who are you. She says Nilanjana…. He gets shocked and recalls her. DD and police team reach there. Neil gets away from Avni. DD calls out Neil. Avni says Neil listen to me. Neil says my Avni can never cheat me. She says don’t tell this truth to anyone, please….. She runs and hides. DD asks what are you doing here. KK says I was finding KK, I was misguided. DD says KK is kidnapped and a girl is also with him. Avni says Saisha is with KK.Kamini comes and asks what do you mean, this is not possible. Manmohan says she is KK’s mum.

Neil says as far as I know, there was no girl with KK. Kamini says right. DD says kidnappers called and threw the sim card. Neil says that means they are smart kidnappers, they knew police will get involved, wait for their next call, they will ask for ransom, inform Mitali. Kamini says I want you to handle this case personally, I know you very well, ex IPS office Neil Khanna, my family’s dignity is at stake, so will you please handle it. Avni thinks please say yes Neil.

Neil says okay, don’t worry, I will be in touch with you. Kamini gives him money. She says its not the fees, but the expense amount to save KK, find my son, if you know there is some girl with KK, no one should know about it. Neil asks how did you know I won’t take this money as fees. She smiles and says the day KK got you with him, I have all your details, I know everything about you. She goes. Avni says Saisha is with KK. Neil asks are you sure about it, I m asking you something, is Saisha with KK. She says I don’t know but…. She gives him the letter. He reads it.

He asks who were troubling you. She says they wanted to take over the house, I don’t know whether they kidnapped KK and Saisha, they know we can’t give them money, they have sent a DVD too, you should see it. He says come with me….. They leave.Kidnapper says how much random shall we ask for them. The goon says 50 lakhs. Another goon says we will ask 5 crores. Saisha says you are an expert in Kung fu karate, beat them.

KKsays I don’t know it in real life, you should cooperate with the kidnappers, someone will come to save us, sorry you got kidnapped because of me. She says if Jaan didi knows this….He asks who. She says Nilanjana, my mum, everyone calls her jaan didi in orphanage. He says we should not worry, your dad works with police, he will rescue us, just sit quietly. Neil and Avni are on the way. They both cry. Kaisi ye judaai hai…..plays….. He thinks of Nilanjana avoiding her.

Neil asking hotel manager about two single beds. Manager says sorry, all rooms are booked for shooting crew. Neil says allot KK’s room to me. Manager says sorry, Kamini is using it. Neil says fine, you may leave. Manager goes. Avni asks Neil to listen. He says DVD…. She gives him the DVD. He plays and says Dayavanti…. She says I have seen this shadow closely but I m not sure about her. He says but she is dead. She says I know but…. He says but these days, people kill their identity to hide and live by a fake identity, right, Nilanjana.

She says I will not stay here, I will leave. He says who can this woman be. She says I don’t know.Kamini sees KK and Saisha’s pics and says who is this girl, I need all her details, a local gang must be behind this, KK was in wrong company at wrong time, good news is Neil is handling this case now, I just hope KK comes back without creating a scene, Manmohan be alert and stay in touch with Neil. He agrees. Mitali hears them. She comes to Neil’s room. Neil hides the things and sends Avni to washroom.

He opens the door and asks Mitali to come.He says good you are here, I had to some something, this letter and DVD. She asks who gave these to you. Avni thinks please Mitali don’t tell Neil I m alive and you know this, else he will get more angry. He says Sunehri gave this, after Saisha and KK’s kidnapping, do you think these things have any connection. She says no, I don’t think so, I was constantly in touch wit Nilanjana. He asks did you meet her.

She asks did you meet her. He says no, I haven’t met her, I wanted to interrogate the land grabbers first, but this kidnapping happened. She says I want to tell something. He thinks please tell me Avni is alive and you know this. He asks her to say. She says I don’t think this is the right time, maybe later.He holds her hand and says right time never comes, just say it now, one’s silence ruins the other person’s peace. Avni gets tensed. He says always speak the truth, its difficult but never bitter.


She says Neil, I have been your friend for ten years, I can understand, you have been living with this pain, I don’t know I can lessen it or not, you loved Avni a lot and will always do. He says no, I loved Avni, but I don’t love her anymore. Avni cries. He says I have learnt this, life doesn’t stop for anyone. Mitali says Neil, can we share our lives. He gets shocked. Avni gets shocked too.Neil asks what. Mitali says I mean, would you like to spend your life with your best friend, we can take our friendship to the next level, don’t I make you smile….

I mean I have been longing to tell this to you since many days, I can do anything for you Neil. She cries and turns to go. She stops and says look Neil, I know you will need some time to understand this and take a decision, even I m not in any hurry, you can take your time, as far as Saisha and KK are concerned, I will get them back. She goes.Neil cries and opens the washroom door.Avni comes out. He says so Mitali also knows you are alive, great, everyone except me knew this.

KK says excuse me, Mr. goon, useless man, listen, loosen this knot, I m feeling uncomfortable, please. Saisha recalls Avni teaching her self defence. She opens her hand ropes and gets a stick. She hits the goons. KK says help…. She asks him to be quiet. She frees KK and they run to hide. He says you have hit him. Goons look for them.Neil says you told Mitali about the goons, then you went to forest road where you saw a woman resembling Dayavanti, right, let me be very clear, Mitali knows that you are alive, that means this is Mitali’s plan. Avni asks why will Mitali do this.

Neil says because Dayavanti is dead, we saw her burning to death in Rang mahal. She says you have seen me burning too. He says that was your plan, the fire, dead bodies, it was all your plan, but Dayaben wasn’t smart like you, Mitali is using your fear, she knows you are alive, she doesn’t want to take any risk that we come close, when she realized I moved on, she immediately confessed her love to me. She says you are overreacting as I came in front of you suddenly today, maybe Dayaben got saved from fire that day.

He gets away and says you went to Vidyut and set fire in his Lanka, tell me, how did you escape Avni, I want to know. She says I have covered myself with a fire resistant dupatta.He says yes, you knew police didn’t get any evidence against Vidyut in Neela’s murder case, you did all this by yourself, you kept us in dark, well done Avni, its strange, one girl is lying to get me, and then another girl is lying to stay away from me, keep it up, we did a mistake by trusting Juhi, we can’t do the same mistake by trusting Mitali.

She says I agree Mitali loves you, but she won’t stoop this low. He says one can go to any extent to get love. She says you have seen me after ten years, why are you controlling your emotions, you aren’t crying, vent on anger, slap me. He says I m still the same Neil Khanna, who never hits any girl. She says you have all the right to get anger on me, I can understand. He says no, you won’t be able to understand what I went through. She sees her mangalsutra in his hand. He thinks of her and says that night you were present with me at that party right. She says yes, I was present there, I m sorry Neil.

He says I cursed myself everyday, I apologized to you, I just prayed that the time goes back, I used to think you will hug me and break my bad nightmare, I couldn’t reveal my pain, I thought you will see me upset and get sad, so I started smiling and pretended like everyone else in the family did, they tried to show they moved on, but they were also crying within, just because of you, our family shattered, in the last ten years, I haven’t slept peacefully, that day, after the holi party, I slept well, because I was in your arms, it was a miracle. She cries.

She says I m sorry. He gets away. He says you lived peacefully in your Sukoon house, you didn’t come to me, you lie so cleverly, you could have lied to me about your identity today, you could have said you lost your memory, were you punishing me for loving you. She says I didn’t wish to hurt you. He says were you trying to become great, you thought I will remarry and move on, didn’t you know me, how did you live without me for ten years, tell me. She cries. He pushes her. He says when you heard me talking to Mitali, you wanted me to say yes to Mitali right. She says sorry and hugs him. He holds her face and asks can you return me those ten years, I can’t forgive you ever, do you have any idea about our family’s grief, you have broken them, you can’t imagine my pain, I hate you Avni. They cry.



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