Family Secrets Update Tuesday 13 July 2021


Family Secrets 13 July 2021: Satrupa prays to the God to bring Anami back. Sudha comes there and tells her that she can’t maintain relationships. She used to lecture her and now how she feels when her daughter ran away? She never took Anami as daughter and just used her. Satrupa tells her that it’s her who used others to take control of the house. Sudha says it’s her destiny that she didn’t get anything but Satrupa lost everything after getting it. It’s good that Anami left her. At least she will stay happy wherever she goes. The pain that Sudha got of staying away from her child, same pain now Satrupa will get. She will pray for Anami that she never comes back to this house. Satrupa gets angry and almost slaps Sudha. Sudha says it feels good knowing their enemies can’t do anything.

She leaves. Satrupa cries.Police are checking bus in which Anami is. Adhiraj sees them coming in and gives something to Anami. Police is showing Laddu’s photo to everyone in bus. They ask Adhiraj. He says he didn’t see. Anami is in veil. Police ask her to show her face. Adhiraj says she can’t show her face, she is his wife. Police say they must see. Adhiraj asks if there is any female constable. Female constable comes and check. Laddu is in girls avatar and it’s someone else instead of Anami. Police leave. It’s shown Anami was hiding in the back.Satrupa is trying her best to find pandit, Anami. She refuses to eat until Anami is back. Satrupa says Anami has played very smart. She left from here and pandit left from Banares. She calls Adhiraj and his phone is off. She calls his office and she is informed that he hasn’t been there since yesterday morning. She says so many coincidences can’t happen. There is something for sure.

Anami tells Adhiraj if bus keeps stopping, then how they will reach Kaka’s house. Adhiraj says they don’t have a choice. Anami is worried for pandit and his wife. Adhiraj says right thing happens with right people. She will be with her people very son. They were holding each others hands. A waiter refers her as Bhabhi. Both laugh. They hear police siren. Adhiraj takes Anami with him and tells Laddu not to talk to anyone.

Police show photos to everyone in dhaba. Anami and Adhiraj hide. Laddu is frightened. Adhiraj says they will have to be very careful as they have taken a big danger. Half gov’t people are under Laal Mahel. Police leave and they are relieved. However, a man hears Anami and Adhiraj’s conversation or sees Anami and he follows them in bus. Sher Singh saying Adhiraj usually stays out for his work purpose. Satrupa says this time he has gone with Anami. Dadi says Adhiraj is Anami’s friend, you couldn’t become her friend. Dada ji says when Anami said she will stay with us, why did she do this. Dadi says yes, there has to be a reason. Satrupa says I have no answers, its imp that Anami comes back, I will get her back. Dada ji says I had a hope that Anami will save Lal Mahal and take it to new heights, which Vatsalya had dreamt. He cries. Baldev looks on.

Anami does shayari and smiles. She tells about the soil. Adhiraj smiles. She asks him to tell something, about his childhood memories. He gets sad. She says sorry, maybe I started a wrong topic, he says no, I don’t want to think of the past,I lost my mum in childhood. She asks where was your dad. He recalls Dheeru and says he also went somewhere. She says you hide a lot of pain, I don’t have a habit to scratch wounds, you can tell me anytime you want. He asks her to be along, his wounds will heal. She says don’t worry, I will always be there. He thanks her. She thanks him.

A man asks the bus driver to stop the bus, he got a nature’s call. Sudha asks Narottam why is he sad, Satrupa can’t keep any relation, its good Anami has gone, Satrupa didn’t get support from her husband and children, maybe her upbringing has some drawback. Baldev hears her. Narottam goes. Sudha says Vatsalya left you and today Anami has left, I believe Satrupa is the reason of your tears, children love their mum the most. She brainwashes him.He says thanks for concern, don’t worry for me, I can take care of myself. He goes. She says I do care, when you understand this, you will feel the same for me, we will get closer then. Satrupa tries to find about Murari. A man calls her and tries to strike a deal to give her info about Anami. She says you will get the amount you wish. Sudha hears their conversation. Madhu and Murari come home. She says I will arrange food. He says Kailash said he has arranged the ration. She says he is like elder brother.

Someone knocks the door. They smile thinking their children came. A man comes and hands over the vegs to them.Informer takes inspector and says they were just now here. Adhiraj, Anami and Laddoo run. They leave in an auto. He says I knew that man’s intentions when he asked the driver to stop the bus. Anami praises him. Inspector asks where did they go. He gets Satrupa’s call. He says the news is bad, those three has run away, informer said a little boy and a young guy were with Anami. Satrupa talks to informer and describes Adhiraj. Informer says yes. Inspector asks what shall we do now. Satrupa asks inspector to find them. She says Adhiraj was with Anami and laddoo, how dare he, this time he has to prove a big price. Adhiraj and Anami get worried hearing the police siren. He asks her not to worry.

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